Matt Tanguay-Carel, Knockout.js software engineer and devHire Now
Matt Tanguay-Carel4.9
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Berlin, Germany

Senior Web Developer

I have used Knockout to build single-page applications. I can help you organize your code, test it, write custom binding handlers, and optimize your page for speed.
Andy Maleh, Knockout.js freelance developerHire Now
Andy Maleh5.0
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Chicago, United States

Software Development, Architecture and Team Management Consultant

Build a network configuration system that connects to a Java backend at Grass Valley. Helped a client with connecting it to a Django API web service successfully (Nukern )
Dhaval Shah, Knockout.js freelance programmerHire Now
Dhaval Shah
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Houston, United States

SharePoint & .Net Consultant

Experience of more than 2 years developing Single Page Application using Knockout JS framework.
Anna Campbell, top Knockout.js developerHire Now
Anna Campbell5.0
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Rochester, United States

Fullstack .NET developer with a focus in front-end development

I've spent 2-3 years working with knockout.js using it build web MVVM web applications. Spent 2 of the 3 years working with knockout-kendo.js to integrate KendoUI controls with the knockout framework.
Dmitry Golubets, Knockout.js software engineerHire Now
Dmitry Golubets5.0
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Cork, Ireland
I like this framework very much along with MVVM pattern. I can share my experience in creating custom bindings and utilizing the power of computed observables. I made a chat widget utilizing KO and I'm very satisfied using it.
Alex Wei, freelance Knockout.js developerHire Now
Alex Wei
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Taipei, Taiwan
Have been using knockout.js on MVC and pure html with api. I use ko with require.js mostly.
Victoria French, Knockout.js software engineerHire Now
Victoria French5.0
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Curtis, United States

React / React Native / Node

While I currently focus on React, KO was my go-to MV* framework for years. I have built some extremely complicated binding systems and extensions over the years. There is nothing I don't know about KO.
Rémi, top Knockout.js developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Grenoble, France

Full stack web developer

Great framework, largely used in my first startup experience for all the back-office apps
Dániel Veres, Knockout.js freelance coderHire Now
Dániel Veres
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Budapest, Hungary

Front end developer

We are using knockout.js in most of the cases when 2 way binding is required. I have 4+ years experience with it.
Jovica Turcinovic , Knockout.js software engineer and devHire Now
Jovica Turcinovic
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Novi Sad, Serbia

Microsoft .NET Professional Developer

Implemented several client side web applications which deal with big amount of the entities. Designed complete solution including backend and the frontend development.
Kunal, senior Knockout.js developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Chicago, United States
Built a data visualization tool in knockout.js using a rails backend. Also the main site is built in knockout.
Stephen Gilboy, senior Knockout.js developerHire Now
Stephen Gilboy4.0
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Ashburn, United States

C# and JavaScript Developer

I've used Knockout in plenty of client projects to create a nicer application experience.
Matthieu Bacconnier, Knockout.js consultant and programmerHire Now
Matthieu Bacconnier5.0
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Dublin, Ireland

Co-founder & CTO

Simplest, cleanest web framework for data-binding.
Alex Brombal, Knockout.js freelance coderHire Now
Alex Brombal
Freelance Knockout.js developer in Windsor, Canada

Front end web developer with 10+ years experience

I've started using knockout.js relatively recently, but it is my go-to library for data binding in large web-apps. Unlike angular, ember, and other "frameworks", knockout is a library that does one thing and does it really well.
Michael Armes, top Knockout.js developerHire Now
Michael Armes

Web Application Developer Lead at Golden Goose Labs

I utilized Knockout.js on a enterprise-scale project for Microsoft as a contract developer.

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