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Camilo Aguilar

Camilo Aguilar

Agile full stack software developer with ios, .net, angular, and nodejs experience

Central America (-06:00)
Spanish, English
I'm a developer with around +7 years of work experience working with different technologies like .NET, Angular, NodeJS, Obj-C. I have been involved in all the software development life cycle using Scrum as agile methodology.
3 JavaScript
3 Html
No icon .NET - 5 years experience
I teach this topics in the university and this is our main technology for normal projects in the company (Acklen Avenue). Have done from small projects to mid size projects. Most of this projects are webapps and simple console apps that serves as integrations for other apis.
Ios expert help iOS - 2 years experience
Did one project for self learning this technology and this got me a 6 month contract to develop to apps related to pregnancy. My role was from deciding the user interface, the user experience and developing this application until it was deployed to the app store.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
In the company (Acklen Avenue) we mostly work with Angular for wrapping up the front-end of all our web applications. Several projects from small to mid size projects have work there. Having create own directives for a project to even overloading a http client to have better api calls and error catching to those method.
Node js expert help Node.js - 1 year experience
Mostly my experience with NodeJs is very tied to the stack framework http://mean.io, my master tesis was developed using that stack and we manage to create a very nice mvp of a software for lawyers. Also, I was the lead developer of a project for the US Embassy were we develope a simple web and mobile app that serves as a guide for a person interested in getting a US Visa. State Deparment decided to make this app opensource so it can bee used in another countries.
Csharp expert help C# - 6 years experience
I've been playing with c# from my very first job before I finished my bachelor degree. Even today I teach students to learn this excellent programming language and how to get the benefits of it.
No icon Parse.com - 2 years experience
I have been doing ios and web apps using parse for the past 2 years. I feel very comfortable working un structuring the architecture for a parse app and also working with the cloud code and events handled before a object is saved.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
I'm very comfortable working in the front-end stack of any web application. I manage to use Bootstrap for working and building responsive htmls.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
Most of the projects worked using angular and also nodejs. Before this technology existed I managed to use javascript for webservice consuming.
No icon Scrum - 1 year experience
I'm a scrum master certified by the Scrum Alliance. In the company I currently work I've been holding this position for more almost a year now and we have got some bad experiences and a lot of very good experience using scrum as our main software development process.
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Great help from Camilo, I understood everything, and it helped me a lot with networking for iOS.
Joao Paulo Dec 06, 2016

Great help from Camilo, I understood everything, and it helped me a lot with networking for iOS.
Joao Paulo Dec 06, 2016

Great session with Camilo, he has helped me a lot in understanding everything I needed.
Joao Paulo Dec 04, 2016

Camilo is great. I have been doing sessions with him for one year or more, and he is always a great teacher for me. I have been learning a lot with him.
Joao Paulo Dec 01, 2016

He is the Truth!
Invincive Labs Nov 10, 2016

Camilo is awesome!
Invincive Labs Nov 08, 2016

Awesome experience as usual
Darryl Jun 17, 2016

Awesome as usual
Darryl Jan 24, 2016

Every time Camilo comes through! Love this guy!
Robert Nederhorst Jan 04, 2016

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Sam Dec 30, 2015

The prior implementation Camilo helped me with to load images with getDataInBackgroundWithBlock also had issues with some images not loading properly. During my debug with Camilo this appears to be an issue with the Parse SDK itself never returning properly or giving an error message. Camilo showed me a different approach that requires doing the thread management manually instead of rely on Parse's SDK and so far that seems to be working. Obviously further testing is required but I'm still happy with Camilo's mentoring both during debugging and giving me yet another implementation path.
Stewart Dec 28, 2015

Camilo was very knowledgeable about Parse and he helped come up with a different implementation that seems to workaround an issue caused by a bug PFImageView's loadInBackground function. On to more thorough testing but initial testing is looking good!
Stewart Dec 27, 2015

Great mentorship! Very insightful help with every problem I came across.
Chike Dec 24, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor, I have worked with him a couple of times, and definitely recommend him. Very helpful and explains what he is doing step by step.
Joao Paulo Dec 22, 2015

Camilo is great as always!
Yury Yakubchyk Nov 24, 2015

Camilo is so very helpful and is able to explain what he is thinking in a clear manner. I absolutely love working with him.
Robert Nederhorst Nov 21, 2015

Provided a great understanding of the challenge and presented a new approach based off of my requirements.
Liam Shalon Nov 03, 2015

Firs session with Camilo. He put me on the right path with some Angular structure and suggested some things for CSS. Thank YOu!
Alex A Oct 31, 2015

Camilo is awesome. He listened to what I said and provided actionable feedback for how I can improve my product. I'll definitely work with him again soon.
Peter Haymond Jul 17, 2015

Camilo did a great job!
Paula Payne Jul 14, 2015

Great first session.
Darren Alfonso Jun 30, 2015

Thanks. Will work with him again!
Allen Jun 16, 2015

Camillo is very clear and specific in his suggestions. He was able to get me on the right track for building some good foundation for the app I am working on.
Robert Nederhorst May 29, 2015

very helpful in explaining what needed to be done
Jamie Apr 22, 2015

I really appreciate all help Camilo is providing me. Great Mentor.
Joao Paulo Mar 23, 2015

Camilo helped me through this project and I am really grateful for all knowledge that I acquired during all sessions.
Joao Paulo Mar 21, 2015

Camilo did a great job and quickly worked out my problem and also explained why I was having the issue. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a mentor
Craig Cocker Mar 20, 2015

Camilo was very methodical and understood the task at hand. I highly recommend him! He's very polite to. Very knowledgable.
Bill DeSmet Mar 19, 2015

Very helpful and fully knowledgeble
Sachin Mar 15, 2015

Camilo is being very helpful, and helped me a lot in this project.
Joao Paulo Mar 12, 2015

very helpful and knowledgeable
Sachin Mar 08, 2015

I've had a couple of sessions with Camilo, and I have to say he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. If there was something that he was unfamiliar with, he would do some experimenting to try and familiarize himself so he could help me. This was my first time using this site and he almost immediately made my fears go away. I will definitely ask him for help in the future!
Geoff Miller Mar 06, 2015

Great Mentor, definitely recommend Camilo.
Joao Paulo Feb 28, 2015

Great Session with Camilo, I really appreciate his help on my learning path.
Joao Paulo Feb 24, 2015

Camilo knows his stuff. Will book again for the future.
Victor Adu Feb 17, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor, really recommend him.
Joao Paulo Feb 13, 2015

Great Mentor, definitely recommend Camilo.
Joao Paulo Feb 10, 2015

With Camilo's help I pretty much finished one of my first apps. I really appreciate his help, which contributed a lot to my learning path.
Joao Paulo Feb 08, 2015

He's one of the few mentors on here knowledgeable about parse.com.
Rashad Feb 07, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor, definitely recommend him.
Joao Paulo Feb 07, 2015

Super knowledgeable and approachable! I look forward to working with him!
Josh Feb 04, 2015

Awesome Coder Really Knows His Stuff! Highly Recommended!
Mike Feb 04, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor, he has been helping me a lot with my learning path. I am really grateful.
Joao Paulo Feb 03, 2015

great mentor. I will always use him
Tim Taylor Jan 31, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor and I have learned a lot with him. I definitely recommend Camilo.
Joao Paulo Jan 30, 2015

Another Great session with Camilo, I am learning a lot, definitely recommend him.
Joao Paulo Jan 29, 2015

Great Mentor, I definitely recommend Camilo.
Joao Paulo Jan 24, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor, helped me a lot in my learning path.
Joao Paulo Jan 22, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor, I have done my third session with him, and learning a lot. Very friendly and taught me in an easy and clear way. I'm really thankful for the knowledge.
Joao Paulo Jan 21, 2015

Camilo helped me a lot, and taught everything step by step. It is my second session with him, and knowledge he is passing is great.
Joao Paulo Jan 21, 2015

Camilo is a great mentor, he is very friendly, and explained every step he was doing in an easy way to understand. I definitely recommend him, and will for sure contact him if I have any other issues in the future. I really appreciate his help.
Joao Paulo Jan 10, 2015

Great developer
ben assad Jan 08, 2015

Everything was Great ! Great with Parse and IOS Developer. I would hire him full time..
ben assad Dec 17, 2014

Great guy, goes above and beyond...
Simon Dec 13, 2014

he does an excellent job of explaining the content
Tim Taylor Dec 13, 2014

Great, was able to help me out and show me a better way to do things.
Nick Gheorghita Dec 13, 2014

Camilo was an smart, patient mentor who expertly guided me though my Node.js/Angular.js questions. He was able to link me to several great resources that will help me moving forward. Totally recommend him for your JavaScript issues!
John Asumang Dec 12, 2014

Camilo helped me track down and solve a jQuery issue. He demonstrated expert knowledge of jQuery, css and the Visual Studio IDE. I found my session with Camilo to be extremely helpful.
David Sopko Dec 11, 2014

Camilio was excellent. He helped me solve my problem promptly. Walked me through each step to get up and running with angualr and webapi Also provide useful tips and recommendations in further learning. I would work with him again.
Tiffany Dec 11, 2014