@LeLong37, freelance Kendo programmerView Profile
Freelance Kendo developer in Garland, United States

Telerik Kendo UI & Angular Developer Expert, MSDN Author, MCPD, Coder, Hacker, App/Dev Principal Architect @ Pioneer Natural Resources, Blogger, Dad, 💚 TypeScript, MEAN Stack, .NET Core, URF.NET, URF.Core

Telerik Kendo UI MVP - http://goo.gl/uTq9Zv Kendo UI Publications - http://goo.gl/8rXwUp MSDN Magazine: SPA w/ ASP.NET, Kendo UI & RequireJS - http://goo.gl/JkBGlL
Eugen Istoc, Kendo freelance programmerView Profile
Eugen Istoc5.0
Freelance Kendo developer in Lithonia, United States

Full stack application developer

Have used the kendo ui widget library extensively and am very familiar with the component APIs
Qaiser Mehmood, senior Kendo developerView Profile
Qaiser Mehmood5.0
Freelance Kendo developer in Lahore, Pakistan

Senior C# ASP.Net MVC AngularJS Developer | JQuery SQL Reports Guru

I have designed few mvc apps using kendo ui for almost 2 years.
Anna Campbell, top Kendo developerView Profile
Anna Campbell5.0
Freelance Kendo developer in Rochester, United States

Fullstack .NET developer with a focus in front-end development

Over the last 4 years many of the web applications that I've built have been constructed with Telerik and KendoUI. Heavy use with the kendo grid among other common UI controls. This year I've started working with its angularjs functionality as well
Andrew Hardy, Kendo freelance coderView Profile
Andrew Hardy5.0
Freelance Kendo developer in Toronto, Canada

Full-stack, jack of all trades developer. Games, Websites, Apps, Business software, I've done it all!

I've created many websites and web applications using Kendo UI. One was a large financial software suite that used Kendo UI for the front end and asp.net mvc for the backend. Another was a data collection system for daily task monitoring and automation that communicated to a windows service via signalR.
Sultan B. Shakir, Kendo dev and freelancerView Profile
Sultan B. Shakir4.7
Freelance Kendo developer in Eatonton, United States

Software Developer with 15+ years of experience

I recently helped with an integration and customization of the Kendo UI Scheduler component. The client needed to have it pull schedule data from a remote Salesforce backend. We then had to display the schedule information asynchronously using pure JavaScript and AngularJS.
Tom Morton, Kendo freelance developerView Profile
Tom Morton4.0
Freelance Kendo developer in Coral Gables, United States
KendoUI was chosen by a project manager in a large-scale application for a private enterprise. I was able to learn how to utilize it and execute on the work that was required.
Faisal Pathan, top Kendo developerView Profile
Faisal Pathan
Freelance Kendo developer in Anand, India

Full Stack Senior Software Engineer (DotNet + AngularJS + MS SqlServer)

With over 2 years of experience of working with Kendo UI Controls, it is always fun but sometimes achieving desired requirement you need to challenge your limits and go beyond. Almost implemented every control in the list. Also combined multiple controls to create 1 single control to fit the requirement.
Alex Lubinsky, top Kendo developerView Profile
Alex Lubinsky5.0
Freelance Kendo developer in Kiev, Ukraine

10+ years in Front End Development

KendoUi library contains many useful tools. I use Kendo Ui for two years.
James Finnigan, senior Kendo developerView Profile
James Finnigan
Freelance Kendo developer in Boise, United States

Front End Connoisseur

KendoUI can be daunting but that's where I come in. I have experience building many complex applications with the KendoUI framework including the angularjs compatible directives.
Toni Thenhausen, Kendo software engineerView Profile
Toni Thenhausen
Freelance Kendo developer in Garbsen, Germany
Used Kendo UI components on three web projects (contractor management portal, course management portal, velocity.pm). Extended the Kendo data grid with a filter bar, fixed headers and support for Microsoft ASp.NET OData.
oguz, top Kendo developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Kendo developer in Jersey City, United States

MCP , Full stack software engineer, over 15 years of experience, simplifying complicated for you!!

I am a senior software engineer with 15 years of experience mostly on Microsoft stack and Asp.net Asp.net, C#, Javascript, Jquery ,Kendo,Extjs, SQL Server, PL/SQL Entity Framework and other ORMS, Java JSP I have MCP certificate on ASP.NET and SCJP on Java I am also an experienced tutor and can simplify most complex subject for you.
Burke Holland, top Kendo developerView Profile
Burke Holland5.0
Freelance Kendo developer in San Jose, United States
I have been working on the Kendo UI project since before it was released. Kendo UI is my primary area of expertise and the JavaScript framework that I am most comfortable with.
Harrison Schaen, Kendo software engineerView Profile
Harrison Schaen
Freelance Kendo developer in Oceanside, United States
Built an ecommerce page for Mogl using the Kendo UI, http://www.harrisonschaen.com/mogl
Petur Subev, Kendo freelance programmerView Profile
Petur Subev4.9
Freelance Kendo developer in Sofia, Bulgaria

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