Developing a PHP Composer Package

Published Jan 13, 2018Last updated Jan 16, 2018
Developing a PHP Composer Package

Continuing from the previous post Developing a Command Bus in PHP, we will look into how to get started in setting up our composer library project. Although my PHP software development workflow does vary slightly from project to project, most steps are more or less the same. Whether your project is the result of a successful proposal or you want to build an open source composer package like we’re doing here, this post will guide you in working with PHP the right way. If you are learning PHP from scratch and find that I am missing some intermediary steps or making assumptions, please feel welcome to comment below and I’ll be more than happy to explain in more detail.

How to get started on a new PHP project
First things first, let’s get organised.

As with every project, we obviously have some sort of list of features or requirements. Instead of having to remember a bunch of things and having a number of resources spread everywhere; in emails, message threads, Skype conversations and numerous attachments, I start by putting everything related to the project in one place. I use the Kanban board on to list everything that I know needs doing. This way I don’t have to remember anything and I can find everything that I need in one place, including conversing with the project stakeholders.

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