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Kees de Kooter

Kees de Kooter

Full stack solution developer

Amsterdam (+01:00)
Dutch, German, English
"Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Got stuck building your awesome web application? Wondering which tool to use, which library to pick? Let me help you out! I have been an independent software developer since 1997 specializing in open source Java enterprise and web technology since 2002. Currently focusing on "native web clients" with AngularJS. According to crystalknows.com: "a very quick learner with strong analytical, creative, and social skills, but may seem two steps ahead in some conversations." I always goes the extra mile to create solutions that are simple, easily maintainable and highly extensible. Kees is on a continuous quest for “the right tool for the job”. He is a broadminded professional that is able to come up with unexpected solutions. My extensive knowledge of both the web development ecosystem and related (internet) protocols and standards enables him to think outside the box and almost invariably come up with solutions that are agile and elegant. Key technologies: Spring Framework, ElasticSearch, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Gulp, MongoDB, nodejs, Neo4J
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
Have been using JavaScript in many incarnations. From simple animations (those were the days...), to flashy jQuery stuff to full fledged native web apps.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
Been coding HTML and CSS my entire career.
Java expert help Java - 15 years experience
Worked on a lot of large scale enterprise Java projects
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
Building Javascript backends as part of a MEAN stack.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 3 years experience
3 years near fulltime work on several large scale AngularJS projects for both mobile and desktop.
Devops expert help DevOps - 15 years experience
Always on the lookout for tools and tech to make Ops life simpler. Looking for advice on monitoring your stuff? Ping me!
No icon Neo4j - 1 year experience
Used Neo4j as database for a network visualization website.
No icon Elasticsearch - 1 year experience
Build full text search module for builder ranking site
joc-angular 2   6
PHP JavaScript
pynstagram 2   1
Python library that allows you to upload photos to instagram
xml-text-editor 1   3
xml text editor component
buildnumber-plugin 1   0
Maven Buildnumber Plugin
spring-social-dropbox 1   0
Dropbox for spring social.
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Awesome mentor!
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Kees was methodical in helping me identify my problem, and was able to suggest possible solutions
Brian Porter Jun 28, 2016

I would recommend Kees. He helped me solve some tricky Angular issues, so I'm very pleased.
Joe May 20, 2016

Great Support, Thanks Kees
Hans Steenkuyl Jul 07, 2015

Friendly and knowledgable
George Kolistasi Jun 22, 2015