Learning a new language

Published Jan 04, 2018

Learning a new language? That can sound scary, but, how do you actually learn a new language?

So, there are several ways of learning new languages, everyone has their favorite, if you feel like I missed something or miswrote something please tweet me @ @JustMaffie.

Ways of learning

So, of course there are thousands of tutorials on YouTube about how to learn, these people explain everything and that can help you learn a new language, there are also websites like Udemy etc.

Asking someone else to teach you
You may have some friends who are way better at programming then you are, why not just ask them for help? A lot of the time they can help you out really well, you could also ask someone else AND watch tutorials or something, maybe that guy doesn't know everything.

Teaching yourself
What? Teaching myself? How do I do this?
Well, there is also a site named GitHub, there is a lot of code on GitHub, if you already know 1 or more other languages, its easy to learn a new language by just looking at code, I learned Python by looking at Python code on GitHub, its a great way to learn.

Now you can get learning, go learn every language you want to 😃

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