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Justin Obney

Justin Obney

Front-end developer. Javascript, Angular, etc...

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
.Net background, but focusing on Single Page Apps for the last couple years. Primarily using AngularJS these days.

Provide sketch/wireframe of app UI with 2-3 "pages" and I will turn it into the foundation that your app can be built on. I will include a Gulp/Webpack setup that will have a dev & production build. Use ES6 transpiled via Babel and provide an example for structuring screens & components

Angular js expert help AngularJS - 4 years experience
At work, I was tasked with re-writing our main app on a very tight turn around. For many reasons, it needed to be a SPA. I convinced management to give Angular a try on the project and haven't looked back. I have since launched 5+ customer apps using AngularJS and won our other developers over as well.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
I started in .Net on a small team. There was no one to handle the front-end so I slid into the spot. I quickly realized how much I enjoy it. Give me an API and I am perfectly content.
No icon Html - 4 years experience
There was no one caring for the front-end at my pevious job. I decided to take on that roll, and have enjoyed it ever since.
jobney-angular-google-maps 12   2
This is the Angular Google Map service I have come up with. It works well for me. Uses InfoBox.js for custom map info windows.
CSS HTML JavaScript
PhoneGap-Video 6   5
Java JavaScript
CASM 5   5
C# ASP CSS HTML JavaScript
pg-plugin-screen-orientation 3   1
PhoneGap Plugin for Android that can lock/unlock the screen orientation.
Java JavaScript
ng-webpack-starter 2   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
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(38 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

this guy is an AngularJS rockstar. Solved my issue in 15 mins with very little background info.
Benjamin May 25, 2016

Justin is an amazing mentor. At this point I cannot count the number of sessions that I have had with him. During this time he has never fail to give me great advice.
Scott Mar 10, 2015

Justin was very thorough and did a great job of explaining every step of his approach and recapping the decisions made...very knowledgeable!
patrick iwanicki Nov 25, 2014

Justin was able to help me quickly diagnose a possible conflict with another 3rd party module which we are no longer using could have been creating an issue I was facing. I'm hoping that removing that 3rd party module could solve our problem.
Delip Andra Oct 08, 2014

Strong knowledge and presentation skills, was able to walk me through a lot of concepts and answer questions in between.
Hursh Prasad Sep 29, 2014

Very helpful session. I will use Justin again.
Will Lopez Aug 25, 2014

I have completed something like ten sessions with Justin. Each session has saved me a great deal of time. Justin is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Scott Aug 05, 2014

Working with Justin is always super helpful. I have left kind reviews for him in the past, but I honestly can't say enough of how helpful and easy to talk to he is. Highly recommend working with him!
Taylor Black Jul 16, 2014

Working with Justin is always great!
Taylor Black Jul 11, 2014

Super helpful.
Taylor Black Jul 01, 2014

Justin was super helpful, easy to talk with, explained things as we went along, and really just made the whole experience really pleasant and great.
Taylor Black Jun 20, 2014

We were super close to a solution in-house but needed a fresh pair of expert eyes to guide us to the solution.
Taylor Black Jun 13, 2014

Really helpful
Nate Hindman Jun 10, 2014

Justin was Awesome. He knew Angular for sure and the php I used, showed me other general programming tips and was in general is a swell dude.
Nic Nash May 27, 2014

Great feedback! Would consult with again.
Evan Johnson May 26, 2014

Justin was great to work with. He has a pleasant personality and knows his angularJS.
Scott May 24, 2014

Justin was able to solve my problem quickly while taking the time to help me understand the inner workings of Angular. I strongly recommend him as an AngularJS mentor.
Guy Jacks May 19, 2014