Which project management tools do you prefer using and why?

Published Aug 09, 2017
Which project management tools do you prefer using and why?

No matter what role you’re in - developer, project manager, CTO - there’s always something you should be doing. 😅

What project management tools do you use to keep track of projects and deadlines? 🤔

Some of our favorite tools include Asana and Trello for assigning and following up on tasks. Let us know your favorite (and least favorite) tools in the comments.👇

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Divya Sethi
a month ago

I’d recommend ProofHub, the only project management tool that offers inbuilt proofing feature. With this, you can receive and share feedbacks instantly. ProofHub’s online proofing software streamlines the proofing and approval process to save your time and effort.
You can upload PDFs, images or designs & use markup tools to draw shapes, highlight errors, mark changes and suggest improvements with different colors.
Share the proofing link of your files with anyone added or not added to your projects to receive changes and feedback on them.
For more information Check out: Proofhub.com

Enterprising Josh
a month ago

Bitrix24 is excellent and free. Imagine Asana+Trello+Dropbox+Slack in one with basic client management, quotes and invoicing. That’s Bitrix24.

Boban Perović
a month ago

We’ve started to use Teodesk. Incredible easy to use and user-friendly in generally. There is an option to integrate your emails and manage your tasks and emails from one place. Also, there is an HR module to manage and handling with your employees and their competency and choose the best people (based on their competency) for your future works or projects. My recommendation for Teodesk. The best tool if you want to handle everything from one place.

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