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Experienced Developer, Teacher & Problem-Solver

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With 10+ years working in client-side development, I know the technology intimately. I've worked on enterprise applications, music portals and online games. I specialize in performance tweaking and architectural planning of large-scale applications, single-page apps & games. I pride myself in being a naturally talented problem solver, which lends itself well to development. When a typical solution doesn't solve a problem, I like to think outside normal development paradigms to find pragmatic solutions. Outside of development, I enjoy playing with my kids, playing guitar, jiujitsu, judo and pretty much any outdoors activity.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
Experience w. the following: - Angular JS - Restangular - UI.Bootstrap - Custom Angular Directives - Object-Oriented-based JavaScript - Prototype-based JavaScript - Common JS - Require JS - Grunt JS - Gulp JS - Webpack - AMD & Module/Dependency Loading
No icon Gulp.js - 4 years experience
No icon Game development - 10 years experience
I've worked for both big and small game development studios for MMORPG web-based games
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very helpful. know exactly how to debug and get to problem . most importantly got direction to how to solve the issue.
Nikhil Mahajan Jul 21, 2016

Justin is awesome! He's very knowledgeable and his teaching style worked really well for me. He provided in-depth explanations of concepts and the code. He explained things in a clear and simple way and was able to teach to my level of understanding/knowledge without being condescending. He also checked in to make sure that his teaching pace was OK (which was fantastic). One of the things I really enjoyed about our session is how he provided real world code examples that helped me understand the code and JavaScript concepts so much better. He covered everything I asked about and sent me the code we covered during our session. I definitely want to work with him again!
Joey Allen Jul 19, 2016

Justing was a great mentor, very patient and very easye to talk, he gived me great advices the best way building by Angularjs Custom directive and wich path to talk, giving me some code reviews and also helping to show me how to do it. Thanks a lot Justin and for sure wil be more of the many sessions we will have.
Mauro Bonucci Jul 14, 2016

Justin has an amazing knowledge of AS3 and Flex. He provided many programming insights and tips. He is a true Codementor!
Robert Lee Jul 23, 2014

Mentor was excellent!!
Robert Lee Jul 17, 2014