How I learned Python

Published Apr 03, 2018

About me

I originally started out as a grade school teacher.
I quickly realized this career path was not the right fit for me.
A friend of mine introduced me to coding in python and ever since I have taken my own initiative to learn more and more along with taking accredited courses to better my python learning and skills.
Today, I currently work using python daily as a data analyst.

Why I wanted to learn Python

I wanted to learn Python because not only was the language simple and easy to understand.
The possibilities with what you could do with Python was amazing.
Create games, create graphs.
Scrape the internet for data. Create a twitter bot and Facebook bot.
Collect data on excel and analyze that data then use matplot lib to visualize it.

The list goes on.

How I approached learning Python

At first I started out with using youtube videos and online resources.
Once I got my feet wet I moved on to an online certification course.

Challenges I faced

The difficulties and challenges I faced were pretty standard.
I always got discouraged as code I wrote did not always work right away and processes that seemed simple and easy enough ended up taking me a long time to understand and utilize. But I perceived through the challenges and came out the other side with a clear understanding on how programming works.

Key takeaways

The most important thing to understand is that programming is not as difficult as the general populace makes it out to believe.
With enough determination anyone is able to pick up and learning language and excel with it.

Tips and advice

My advice would be focus on projects that you are interested in.
The most important thing is to maintain your interest within a coding language.
The more cool and amazing things that you do, the more you learn and the more you achieve.

Final thoughts and next steps

My next learning goal would be to become a freelance programmer able to work anywhere and be my own boss.

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