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romain ensminger

romain ensminger

Javascript FullStack (NodeJS and AngularJS ) developer with 3+ years experience

Bangkok (+07:00)
French, German, English
Hello, I'm an agile Back and FrontEnd developper who worked on large scale projects. I can advise you the good technological and architectural choices early on so you save time. I'm precise and can figure problems out quickly. I love to have a deep understanding of the tools I use. I also enjoy writing simple, clean, efficient, maintainable and re-usable code. I wrote several AngularJS apps and designed REST API's. When I design a new service, I keep qualities like scalability, performance, responsiveness, user-experience, and SEO in mind. I love to streamline workflows with tools like Grunt, Git and PM2 to deploy new releases several times a day, making use of best practices and setting up both Unit and End to End tests. I also have skills in system administration, and can setup a server, different environments, databases, email servers, certificates and so on. In the past, I used to work with Php, JQuery and MySQL.
Build AngularJS services

Build AngularJS services

$70 - Delivery in 1 Day

I will help you refactor controller code in a nice shared service, where it should be. We can also create a service from scratch together.

I will help you implement ui-bootstrap or any other angular library's directives in your project. Also I will give you explanations about what I do and answer your questions add the script tags, wire it all together with a scope and make your data available to the directive, and finally customize and use the directive as you would like!

I will help you build functions that make use of the power of asynchronous modern javascript. promises and callback based functions will have no more secrets for you. learn how to intercept errors even in deep function "nesting" do local and global error handling to make your users happy and build services that dont break randomly. The async library for nodejs or the $q for angularjs will be your friends.

I would love to teach you master lodash/underscore javascript toolbelts as they are very powerful to make concise code. I will make up the examples or we will apply these amazing tools in your app.

17 JavaScript
16 AngularJS
7 Node.js
6 Nodejs
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
From building a browser game physics engine, to a ionic mobile app, a nodejs webServer, or an angularJS single page app, JavaScript is a very powerfull language. Understanding the different coding style allowed by JavaScript are a key. I do functional, callbacks, objects or promise based JavaScript. Through my expertise, i will help you write clearer more concise code that is easy to understand, fast, and easy to debug.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
I build complete AngularJS apps for desktop and mobile ( with Ionic). I use services and write modular code. I'm familiar with most of the concepts behind AngularJS (views, controller, bindings, dependency injection, scopes...) and can pass them to you. Often I use socket.io as a realtime engine in a service. I
No icon Nodejs - 2 years experience
i write complex backends, which are scalable, realtime and follow the 12 factor contract apps and rest principles. I will help you harden your installation with nginx and scale it to multiple server with simple commands. I'm familiar with MongoDB and MySQL as data sources. I write modular code, in MVC format, mainly with callbacks, but i'm also familiar with promises functional programming. I use template engines like express-handlebars. I saw allot of poorly written code and can easily help you to tackle all the difficulties you will encouter and make the right choices at the right time.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
I can write html and css with closed eyes. I focus on SEO and clarity. I also master less mixins and varialbes. I use Bootstrap to quickly put my ideas into shape. As a bonus if you ask me, I will show you some neat tricks if you use webstorm to write html faster with emmets 3*div#niceDiv>h1>p
No icon Grunt - 1 year experience
From writing code to testing in test environmnt in under 10 seconds?!? Yes! I use grunt extensively to make very complex release workflow possible with two commands only. My skill include using protractor, jasmine for tests, less compilation to css, constants, text replacing, javascript template generation, compression, minification, concatenation, copying, tagging, release and deployment of apps
angular-express-seed 0   0
A great starting point for writing AngularJS apps backed by an Express-powered node.js server.
CSS HTML JavaScript
express-handlebars 0   0
A Handlebars view engine for Express which doesn't suck.
Handlebars JavaScript
nexmo 0   0
nexmo client for nodejs
ngDraggable 0   0
Drag and drop module for Angular JS
HTML JavaScript
ngDroplet 0   0
Angular.js HTML5 file uploading with drag & drop and image/file preview.
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Allen Nov 22, 2016

Once again showed me exactly what I needed to do to finish my project!
Alex Nov 14, 2016

Once again, a very productive session
Alex Nov 08, 2016

Outstanding knowledge of Node and Angular. Was able to quickly understand the problem and showed me exactly how to fix it. Then took time to explain things to me. Would highly recommend.
Jennifer Oct 04, 2016

Romain is very professional. He creates an honest and friendly environment where you can feel relaxed. He is patient and persistent when it comes to dealing with the problem. He thinks logically, works methodically and comes up with creative solutions! He would also pause the session if he needs to look up something, which I though was quite sincere and honorable. I am glad I got serviced by him and would definitely seek his help again, if I have other issues. Thank you Romain!
Dag Domgarth Oct 03, 2016

Romain was really helpful
Vincent HETRU Sep 29, 2016

Romain was great! Fixed my issue in minutes and very good at answering questions.
Richard Pham Sep 02, 2016

Romain is awesome and he knows his stuff!!! He took the time to explain the parts I didn’t understand and was able to answer my questions in a clear and concise way. I look forward to working with him again!
Brice Foster Sep 01, 2016

Romain was excellent. Helped me refactor my NodeJS code and introduced new tools for optimization. Highly recommend him and will hopefully be working with him in the future.
MC Aug 16, 2016

Great. Helped me with a simple question.
Kim Sarabia Jul 29, 2016

Romain is great! He is super knowledgeable and even gave me a money-back guarantee if he couldn't solve my problem. He explained very well and explained the different options for solving my issue, would definitely use him again!!
Hamzah Chaudhary Jul 25, 2016

Romain solved my issue very quickly :)
Gavriel Jul 22, 2016

Very great help! He is really patient and didatic! I recommend definitely!
DANIEL REIS Jun 14, 2016

Very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating.Easy to talk to and down to earth which is hard to find among programmers. Highly recommend!
Nicohle Burns Jun 09, 2016

Great guy!
Jon Nicolini Jun 09, 2016

Saved me from the pit of doom. 10/10 would recommend!
Austin Akers Jun 06, 2016

Clear explanations and help!! I'll address more!
etokareva Jun 04, 2016

Smart guy! Resolved my Angular 2 problem quickly!
Mitchell Cravens May 25, 2016

Pleasure to work with and got the job done.
Josh May 19, 2016

Great mentor, was very pacient with the issue and very fast thiking, very easy to communicate and for sure will work with him again. Romain solve a problem that many mentors in the portal couldnt find. Thanks a lot Romain.
Mauro Bonucci May 18, 2016

He understood the problem very well and gave me a few tips on how to leverage best what MongoDB has to offer
Serg Masís May 17, 2016

FANTASTIC! Very knowlegable on Angular 2
Jeff Ward May 15, 2016

Could not have solved the problem on my own
Nelson Ho May 14, 2016

Very knowledgeable debugger and knows JS, node.js and AngularJS very well
Jeff Ward May 14, 2016

helped with main issue but another issue rose that was out of his control. Helped me throughout the entire process. 5 star mentor.
Jerryking May 12, 2016

He is very good at understanding the problem and quick enough to provide the solutions.
TRIPATI May 12, 2016

Great contact with Romain ! Thank you for your time !
Laurent Kretz May 11, 2016

Very helpful and walked me through my issue perfectly. Highly Recommended
Jerryking May 10, 2016

loved working with Romain. Fast, smart and knowledgeable. A+++
Doug May 04, 2016

My 3rd time getting assist from Romain, he arranged a messy code to be more clear and working, my case was: many promises that related one to the others, and it worked from the first run :)
Karim Fanadka Apr 27, 2016

My second time asking Romain solving an issue with JS Promises issue, and again I am very satisfied, he doesn't waste time and give a very good solution, very recommended, professional service.
Karim Fanadka Apr 25, 2016

Knowledgeable mentor, was able to provide a solution right on spot
Nelson Ho Apr 23, 2016

Romain is great. This is the second time I've used him and he was incredibly helpful again.
Michael King Apr 20, 2016

Fantastic! Very helpful!
Joel Beasley Apr 16, 2016

Very helpful in explaining how things worked as we went along.
Jim McFarland Apr 14, 2016

Solved my issue in 15 min, very good skills, Thanks
Karim Fanadka Apr 09, 2016

Nnamdi Apr 09, 2016

Romain was super helpful and took his time to understand the core issue before moving up to a solution. I appreciated his teaching style and would hire him as a mentor again for sure!
Jacob E. Dawson Apr 07, 2016

He was very professional and explained as needed. He also was able to troubleshoot issues right away.
David Ryan Apr 04, 2016

He was patient and awesome. I'd definitely work with him again.
Michael King Apr 02, 2016

Well done job. Fixed in 10 minutes.
Ruben Zonenschein Mar 30, 2016

Romain has an excellent passion and dedication towards his work and is patient and experienced in programming. Offline work was well delivered along with adequate comments to explain the codes.
HK Mar 30, 2016

Romain was great. He helped me with a ton of useful information and was genuinely interested in helping me out. Definitely be talking with him in the future. And he also gave me some free time after so I didn't feel rushed to end the call. Great job. Thanks!
Chris Miller Mar 30, 2016

Solid mentor.
Edward Babbage Mar 28, 2016

Great session! Thank you for the ionic and angular help!
Greg Harrington Mar 28, 2016

Romain is awesome. He is super helpful and really makes an effort to solve your issue.
Gaurav Bathija Mar 28, 2016

Romain was fantastic. He helped me solve a Mongoose problem that had been nagging me for too long to admit, and he was friendly, methodical, and collaborative. The bug itself was definitely a bad behavior by Mongoose, but he efficiently remembered a way to override that behavior, which solved the problem.
Rick Rafey Mar 22, 2016

amazing mentor! very very recomended!!
ofir ozery Mar 22, 2016

Awesome Session - He was able to put me through my work perfectly
Enoch Leonard Mar 19, 2016

Excellent! Romain has helped me a lot. I'm new to Angular and there was a lot of stuff I was doing wrong. He was clear with his explanations and very comprehensive with my questions.
Lucas Engel Mar 18, 2016

We had just a starting presentation and I had to quit but he seemed very helpful and understanding. I'd recommend Romain.
Lucas Engel Mar 18, 2016

Patient, knowledgeable, helpful. I look forward to more sessions with Romaine.
Alan Millar Mar 03, 2016

Foysal helped me through my issues with the google-maps-api. He paused the session when it took longer as expected. The issue was solved and I'm happy to hear him again.
360Disrupt Jan 05, 2016

Great advice, mentor knows his stuff.
Michael Jan 04, 2016

Romain is very skilled at Angular. Even though I was using an outdated version of UI-Bootstrap, he was able to come up with a solution and recommend what I should do moving ahead. He's a great help as always.
James Jan 04, 2016

Great Mentor, very polite and helpful.
Nick Joyce Jan 03, 2016

Second Session in a month and learning a ton each time
Alex Jan 01, 2016

Fast and reliable :) A++
Jul Mass Dec 30, 2015

Great at debugging the issue and creating a solution.
vijay goel Dec 19, 2015

Definitely knows his stuff, will be doing a followup session
Alex Dec 18, 2015

Fantastic - really helpful!
Elie Schoppik Nov 30, 2015

Definitely knows his stuff. We went over some Express.js concepts and basic jQuery.
Derek Oct 17, 2015

Romain is very knowledgeable , patient and took the time. suggested we stop the session and let me do some things so we can use his time efficiently. plan to use him throughout. Thank Romain.
sanjay Oct 12, 2015

He was very helpful and spent more time to fix my problem,
Mehrnoosh Oct 08, 2015

Awesome mentor!!!! Helped me understand Angular services. And gave me some reading sources. Also cleaned up my code. Definitely will contact him again.
Claudia Calzadillas Oct 03, 2015

Romain is great. He has a talent for thinking through difficult problems in a structured, organized way.
Anthony Oct 02, 2015

A++ super knowledge on angular!
newbie Sep 30, 2015

Nice and patient mentor, although my problems looks like relative to certain secret trips of bootstrap. Romain help me at least fix the bsic problem and figure out the trap inside.
Kelvin Lin Sep 30, 2015

Darion Miller Sep 29, 2015

Really helpful/picks up things quick and got me headed in the right direction with APi components and Meteor.js + best practices. Thank you!!! :)
Nuvi Sep 26, 2015

Very knowledgeable and friendly - patiently helped me troubleshoot and fix my code. Thanks a ton!
Akin Bilgic Sep 23, 2015

james Sep 16, 2015

Was really great about teasing out the problem and offering more than one solution.
Kay Sep 16, 2015

Helpful with great tips and notes along with addressing the issues!
Wahiba Sep 09, 2015

Clearly very knowledgable in JS and Angular. Wasted no time in identifying and rectifying the issues with my code.
Ben Sep 06, 2015

Amazing guy, he helped me understand a really complex logic. Thumbs up for Romain!
naufal Sep 06, 2015

Great mentor. not just solving the problem. he realy help you to understand how the code works.
Ofir Sep 02, 2015

Very helpful and really knows his stuff!
Hannah Kim Aug 31, 2015

Helped resolve the issue quickly and helped me understand a better approach
James Isilay Aug 31, 2015

very helpful
don mclamb Aug 30, 2015

Romain was a quick and huge help in guiding me through my issues successfully. Thanks again!
Gawain Bracy II Aug 29, 2015

Awesome , effective and efficient simply describes him ... Thanks a ton :)
Diwesh Saxena Aug 29, 2015

Romain was able to review my strange code and make sense of it enough to get me straightened out and on a better path using UI-Router.
Christopher Smith Aug 28, 2015

He's efficient in figuring out what the issue is and gets to work immediately to figure out a solution.
James Aug 28, 2015

Very helpful and easy to work with
Martin Aug 25, 2015