satya prasanna, senior jQuery UI developerHire Now
satya prasanna4.9
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Bengaluru, India

Sr Front End Developer | HTML | CSS | Javascript | JQuery | Bootstrap | Accessibility | Photoshop | WordPress Theming | SASS | Flexbox

I am to handle bugs related to Jquery UI and can provide custom css Override to the look and feel.
Shubham Desale, senior jQuery UI developerHire Now
Shubham Desale5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Pune, India

Former Full-Stack, Google Summer of Code Participant

Schedule a session here - I am an experienced full stack developer with passion for sharing my learnings and insights. I love to work on large scale projects from ground up and have good experience of dealing with modularity, predictability, concurrency, scalability of an app throughout the dev cycle.
Niladri Sekhar Dutta, jQuery UI programmer and consultantHire Now
Niladri Sekhar Dutta5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Howrah, India

Full stack .NET/Classic ASP/Angularjs2 developer

I have more than 5 years experience working with jquery UI widgets
Humayun Shabbir, jQuery UI software engineerHire Now
Humayun Shabbir5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

I am an expert Visual Basic developer with over 15 years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem solving and understanding complex and large code base.
Michael Mayernick, jQuery UI freelancer and developerHire Now
Michael Mayernick5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in San Francisco, United States

Friendly, patient coach for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Go, Data Science, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Chatbots, React / Angular / Native. Technical co-founder of VC backed big data startup.

Hey all - I've been developing web applications for 12 years and love teaching, whether it is your first time, you're looking to pick up a new skill, or keep up on the latest technologies. I'm happy to advise also on the best courses to take, how to establish your career, what technologies to learn next, and how to get your first application or company started.
Tibor Fulop, jQuery UI freelance programmerHire Now
Tibor Fulop5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Budapest, Hungary

Coding can be an art!

I'm a full-stack developer with 15+ years of experience in web application development and code mentoring. Are you stuck? Let me help!
gkc  na, jQuery UI developer for hireHire Now
gkc na
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Vancouver, Canada

Senior Web Developer at ShareDesk

I've had my time with jQuery UI and similar jQuery X stuff. (such as jQuery Mobile or other plugins), although I'm not a fan of it but I had to use it for many, many projects when there was no better alternative back then.
Gopala Krishna, senior jQuery UI developerHire Now
Gopala Krishna
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Hyderabad, India

Workafrolic Engineer who worked at Microsoft and studied at IIT Bombay, India

Worked on 6 JQueryUI Projects Also,Developed my own website using jQuery
Khaja Minhajuddin, jQuery UI freelancer and developerHire Now
Khaja Minhajuddin5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Hyderabad, India

Passionate software developer

I am a very passionate programmer and have been building software for almost 10 years. I love building robust and easily usable software.
Ben Albaugh, jQuery UI freelance programmerHire Now
Ben Albaugh5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Lancaster, United States

WordPress / WooCommerce Expert

As a full-time freelance web developer since 2011 I've helped everyone from artists to universities to global corporations. I specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce and am ready to help with features, bug fixes and a fresh perspective to keep you moving forward.
David Brumbaugh, jQuery UI software engineerHire Now
David Brumbaugh5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Mobile, United States

WordPress Core Contributer - Full Stack Expert - PHP|MySQL|JS|jQuery|OOP

Currently David is available only for live sessions (not offline work) - pre-scheduled after 5PM Central Time and weekends. Please select "Message David" - "Schedule Session" to schedule a session. David has been a software engineer since 1986. He is a full stack web developer with a wide range of experience. He is *very* good at figuring out solutions that stump engineers with less experience. David has been a Web Engineer at 10 Up, where he had the honor of working with a world class WordPress development team. With the release of WordPress 4.5 he is proud to add "WordPress core Contributor" to his list of accomplishments. David has been the chief software architect and CTO of 3B Alliance, an SaaS provider focusing on eCommerce and business to business solutions. In this ro...
Adam Goldman, jQuery UI freelance coderHire Now
Adam Goldman5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Phuket, Thailand

Relax, it's just life ... Stack of choice: - View layer: React - State handling: Redux - Build: Webpack 2, HMR - Unit testing: Jest - E2E: Nightwatch (Node wrapper for selenium) - Backend: Node on Express - DB: MongoDB - CI: TravisCI - Server: Heroku - VCS: Git, Github
Michael Urvan, top jQuery UI developerHire Now
Michael Urvan5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Rutland, United States

C# .NET, Unity 3D, jQuery, AJAX, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SQL, Entity Framework,Code First developer with 10+ yrs exp

Being a software developer is more than just learning to program in a computer language. I have been a developer for nearly two decades. I have designed several larger web sites from concept to deployment, some high-profile projects. I have served as a Lead Developer or Senior Developer for many years, mentoring other developers and encouraging them to use the latest technologies and best practices. I focus on teaching patterns and reusable methods for designing applications, and reinforcing the need to stay current as new technologies are released. I can give advice on how to focus your learning efforts to target specific types of development positions, and interviewing advice for finding a position within a software company. I have programmed in C++ for about 10 years prior to using C# a...
Martin Foley, jQuery UI freelance coderHire Now
Martin Foley5.0
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Camberwell, United Kingdom

CTO at Draft AI | #1 CodeMentor for Python, JS, Node, React for now - still working on the others ;)

I'm a Scotsman living in London. I have over 10 years experience coding. I have a first in Computer Science, worked at one of the top cyber security consultancies and am doing some freelance work alongside my startup. Feel free to schedule a session with me:
Pritesh Modi, jQuery UI freelance coderHire Now
Pritesh Modi4.8
Freelance jQuery UI developer in Ahmedabad, India

Magento Certified Consultant

A Creative, Innovative, Smart working and of course hard working young professional from Ahmedabad-India focused on growing in the field of Information Technology. More than 7 year experience as Software Engineer gives me knowledge about each open source technologies and make me Passionate about Development. This experience shows me all phases of product development life cycle. Expertise in Magento, Ecommerce, Wordpress, Developing, Optimization, Security, Designing makes me Unique. Enthusiastic, Passionate and Vibrant learner who is always wants to learn something new from each person and technology. Always open for opportunities in leadership customer-facing roles (Professional Services, Project Management, etc) or a Technical Operation / Services / R&D lead position, in a world-wide...

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