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Humayun Shabbir, jQuery Mobile software engineerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Ashburn, United States

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

I am an expert Visual Basic developer with over 15 years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem solving and understanding complex and large code base.
Nestor Zepeda, top jQuery Mobile developerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in San Salvador, El Salvador
Desarrollo practico y rapido en app para android, con una interfaz atractiva. La cual consta en el desarrollo de una app para control de gastos, para tener un presupuesto mensual. Otra app, llevar el control de formularios para solicitudes de creditos a una Cooperativa. Una app para llevar el control de tarjetas pegables del mundial Brazil-2014
John Ryan, freelance jQuery Mobile programmerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Minot, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer & Hybrid Mobile Developer (Ionic 1 / 2 / 3 + Angular 1 / 2 / 4) | Previously: Senior Software Engineer @ SmartThings / Samsung

I have built many "mobile-first" web applications using the jQuery Mobile framework. jQuery mobile allows you to target different experiences for Desktop screens, tablets, & smartphones. I have also customized css themes from scratch that go on top of the existing jQuery Mobile theme out of the box. If you are looking to build single page applications for mobile devices using JQM, I would love to help you get going.
Lance Pioch, jQuery Mobile freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Ashburn, United States

Senior Web Developer

I do the whole stack! From backend to frontend I build solid applications that are tested and work years down the road.
Adrian, jQuery Mobile programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Rotherhithe, United Kingdom

►The best at Angular, Node, Meteor, Javascript

..:: Contact me for projects at ::.. a d r i a n . b e r i l a at g I am a full-stack web developer that loves solving problems using technology. There's very little about building websites that I don't understand at every layer. My confidence comes from building them professionally and always looking for the sustainable and solid solution and not the easiest or the fastest. I enjoy seeing my projects launched and delivering awesome results. I don't just spend time writing code, but I like to improve the process, to coach the people around me and lead by example when it comes to building reliable and maintainable systems. I know that reality never sticks to best-case scenarios but I am ready to handle that. Specialties: Web development, Web architecture, Software design methodo...
Daniel Trostli, senior jQuery Mobile developerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in San Francisco, United States

Full Stack Software Engineer based in San Francisco, CA. Specialized in Ruby, Javascript, Swift, and Obj-C.

Experienced Software Developer. Recognized for enthusiasm and self-motivation while solving problems. Experienced in a wide variety of skills ranging including web app development, iOS development, product management, and growth marketing.
Martin, jQuery Mobile programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Berlin, Germany

Full Stack JavaScript Developer / Designer

Making sure design & data tell the same story, create some pictures once a while.
Mudassar Majeed, jQuery Mobile software engineerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Linköping, Sweden

Full Stack Developer

I am an experienced full-stack software developer with over a decade in the field, primarily in back-end development for web applications. My specialties are debugging, software design, refactoring legacy code, adding automated tests, and problem solving. (Most of my biography matches with the default text)
Vladimir Novick, jQuery Mobile software engineerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Petah Tikva, Israel

Independent Consultant, worldwide speaker, published author (@VladimirNovick)

Software architect, consultant, mentor, worldwide speaker, published author, I like to be involved in innovative projects using the latest technologies available. I speak JavaScript whether it's on the server, on the client, on mobile or powering smart homes and robotic appliances. I'm always updated what's new in technology and where it will go in next couple of years. I write clean, tested, modular and maintainable code which is cross platform compatible and standards compliant. I love beautiful User Interface and I admire projects with great design. I believe in open source and JavaScript Community, so I am talking at various conferences worldwide as well as at local meetups. I'm co organizer of ReactJS Israel community and active ReactJS, React Native and ES6 expert in Israel. Apart ...
Oleg Batishchev, jQuery Mobile software engineerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Magento Jedi / Consultant / Web Developer

High experienced developer in ecommerce area in case of Magento. Cofounder in Instant Mage (SaaS project that provides Magento stores in 1 click) Be ready to my non fluent English (problems with audition)
Tommy Williams, senior jQuery Mobile developerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Boca Raton, United States

Front end Javascript/HTML/CSS developer with over 10 years of experience. Have worked in start-ups, mid-sized companies and have been part of corporate America. I'd love to help you learn what you need to know to succeed.

I have experience in several front end and back end languages, but feel I have mastered the front end. I love working with Javascript and the emerging technologies that surround it. I have been working with Javascript since it's infancy, and feel that it is the single best language for any programmer to understand and master.
Matteo Bellocchio, jQuery Mobile freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Web Developer at

I am a Web Developer, with 4 years of experience in Front-end development. Main Skills: - AngularJS - Javascript (Jquery, Underscore) - HTML5 - CSS3 (LESS) - Responsive Design (Bootstrap) - Wordpress (theme creation, plugin creation) - MYSQL - PHP - User Experience Design - Mobile App Development (Phonegap Cordova) - Versioning (GIT, SVN). - TDD (testing): Karma, Jasmine.
Valentine Zavadskiy, jQuery Mobile consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Minsk, Belarus

Web-developer with 7+ years of experience.

Start doing web-development at the age of 16. Since that launched a lot of projects, mostly using Ruby on Rails. CEO of consulting company with 15+ people.
Aleksandar Pavic, jQuery Mobile dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Web appication developer, PHP, CakePHP, Wordpress, Javascript, Jquery, Ruby on Rails, Redmine, C#, MySql, Microsoft Sql, Linux server administration,

I have 15 years of experience in IT with degrees: MsD in Product and Service development, (Industrial engineering), BsC in IT, (electrical engineering), computing and automation, computer sciences and information technology. Before contacting me, unless you have enormous budget, it would be good for you to get some formal degree in IT (3-5 years of education), which guarantees that you understand merely basics of: - computer hardware - domain names and hosting - client-server architecture - source control management - SQL/RDBMS systems - object oriented programming - MVC concepts (for web) Because otherwise you probably won't understand what am I talking about... Good place to start is my book on Redmine
Armando Pantoja, jQuery Mobile software engineerHire Now
Freelance jQuery Mobile developer in Clearwater, United States

Senior Software Engineer / Web Developer / Software Security Expert / Software Architect I am a nationwide published author, college instructor, software engineer and verified software security subject matter expert by CompTIA. Expert in Javascript, Javascript frameworks(Prototype, jQuery, Ext.js, Fabric.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js), Object Oriented Javascript, Javascript framework development, server side javascript (Node.js, V8). Expert knowledge of CSS/HTML, User interface and UI components, front- end performance optimizations, cross browser development, and mobile web development. Over 8 years of .net experience including and C#. Building software is an art. I don't stop until the job is done and I'm satisfied with the results. The results must look good, feel good and most importantly, making the end user successful at wh...

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