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James Qualls

James Qualls

JavaScript and Node.js Ninja, Python Enthusiast, and Distributed Systems Architect.

Arizona (-07:00)
I love working with amazon web service's cloud-based infrastructure and engineering distributed systems. I go by the philosophy of automate early and automate often. I am a full stack developer and I build systems that take advantage of TDD, BDD, and continuous integration. Node.js is my go-to language when I am writing API's and web services. Python is my language of choice when I need to build something that is more computationally expensive or easier to express in a synchronous way. I use tools like Ansible for configuration management and deployment. This offers a more flexible solution for software like chef, puppet, or salt stack because the remote machine only needs to have ssh and python, no remote daemon and because Ansible uses ssh you get battle-tested security. Finally, I also have experience with NoSQL systems like MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and RethinkDB.
No icon Docker - 2 years experience
I have built, maintained and scaled applications on docker on most major cloud providers.
No icon Cloud - 4 years experience
I have deployed many applications on top of these major cloud providers. I have a very good grounding in distributed systems architecture and using cloud computing platforms to design and deploy fault tolerant systems.
Node js expert help Node.js - 4 years experience
I started using node in its infancy and quickly saw its potential. My bet turned out to be correct and node is now one of the largest and most used open source projects on GitHub today. I've developed projects big and small in node from next generation web applications on top of AWS to small command line tools.
Python expert help Python - 3 years experience
I primarily use python as a tool for doing things that Node.js isn't very good at or where it doesn't make sense to use javascript. I've use python for a range of use cases which include data mining, data normalization, image binarization, image processing and data pipelines.
No icon Vue.js - 1 year experience
I have been using vue since before 1.0. I've used it to build a large modular production SPA.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 3 years experience
MySQL is my database of choice when it comes to building data driven applications. I believe that noSQL databases have their place but when it comes to data that is inherently relational you can't find a better solution. I prefer to focus on developing data models and schemas for storage and leave the scaling to the hardcore dev ops guys.
Amazon expert help AWS - 4 years experience
I have in no way used EVERY aws service, but I have used all the components of AWS that are required for architecting scalable resilient solutions on the AWS cloud.
No icon Linux - 5 years experience
I have experience with many linux distributions and each of them have strengths and weaknesses. When I choose an OS for infrastructure I always choose for security, stability and support. In this case, I go with something like CentOS or Fedora. When it comes to development environment I think its a matter of personal preference. I want to lean more toward Fedora, but Ubuntu takes the cake with official packages from Spotify, Sublime Text and Slack it makes my life easier when choosing something other than OSX.
No icon Rest - 4 years experience
Every web application I have built has followed REST principals. There are very few cases where it doesn't fit.
No icon Nginx - 4 years experience
I've used Nginx for designing caching layers and serving static assets.
No icon Continuous integration - 3 years experience
I believe this is the most crucial skill to have today. This is my first line of defense in the dev ops war. It allows you to continuously build new features and ship them as quickly as possible with a tight feedback look. Allowing you to build new features and deploy in the middle of the day in just a few minutes rather than deploying on friday and working all weekend to put out fires that were caused by a new feature that was not tested.
No icon Bdd - 2 years experience
This is actually my preferred method of testing. Anyone can test that their functions are returning variables, but writing tests to ensure that when a user performs a certain action is the best way of ensuring that when you commit a change that you are not bringing the system to its knees.
No icon Expressjs - 4 years experience
Probably the most crucial tool in my Node.js toolbox. I have written all my node.js web services using express, and I am always up to date on the latest features and releases.
No icon Api development - 2 years experience
I have experience designing elegant, intuitive, and useful consumer facing and internal API's. Bridging the gap between legacy and bleeding edge technology.
No icon Jwt - less than 1 year experience
JSON web tokens or JWT are my new favorite cookie. I have written my own JWT npm module and use it for single page, and mobile applications.
No icon Designing cli tools - less than 1 year experience
I go by the motto "Automate All The Things". If I have any kind of repetitive task that needs to be completed I always write a script for it. I have written replacements for the mongodb import and export tools, they are 10 times faster and relieve you of the 16mb limitation of the OEM tools. I write CLI interfaces for most API's that I design. Especially those who were developed for handling bulk data. I have also written an in house CLI for manage our elasticsearch cluster.
airpair-notify 5   0
Track airpair notifications from twitter, and make OSX or Linux growl at you!
ng-evaporate 5   0
a demo using angular, nodejs, evaporatjs
CSS JavaScript
nexus 3   0
a realtime app framework built on nodejs
CSS JavaScript
async 1   0
Async utilities for node and the browser
coffee-script-tmbundle 1   0
A TextMate Bundle for CoffeeScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Always great.
Tanner Jones Sep 30, 2016

James is an awesome teacher. Helped me get setup on Docker and run through Kubernetes architecture. Very patient and provides clear answers. Highly recommend.
MC Sep 22, 2016

James was great. very friendly and helpful and most importantly he solved the problem and explained the reasons why.
Anthony Cambeiro Sep 17, 2016

James quickly got down to the problem at hand and had a few helpful tips for me along the way.
Patrick Campbell Sep 17, 2016

Cleared all my doubts and infused confidence that I am on the right track. Thanks a ton and would highly recommend to all
Siddharth Srivastava Nov 03, 2015

awesome work!
rob Oct 08, 2015

very helpful
Tom Molyneux Feb 21, 2015

James is awesome.
Joshua Weaver Feb 14, 2015

Amazing mentor!
Dhruv Patel Jan 27, 2015

Dhruv Patel Jan 25, 2015

Super helpful and very patient. Love James!
Joshua Weaver Jan 24, 2015

Great mentor. Would definitely need more help soon from him. Seems to know his way around Node.JS pretty well
Dhruv Patel Jan 24, 2015

Super great session, really great insight on setting up a project structure, using text editors, and other time saving tips and tricks. James is awesome!
Joshua Weaver Jan 13, 2015

James was very helpful and went the extra mile to help me resolve the issue. I had issues with setting up a RDS instance on Amazon Web Services, and then connect it to mysql. James helped me troubleshoot and configure everything properly. Will definitely reach out to him in the future and highly recommend
tkazi Jan 07, 2015

James was great. He was clear and to the point to ensure my issues were addressed immediately. I'm glad he was open to answer my additional questions, which will help guide me through the start of my AWS journey. I HIGHLY recommend him to all!
N Douglas Nov 30, 2014

He was definitely the best mentor I have worked with thus far, the problem was pretty deep into the weeds and he was able to solve and explain the issue very well.
GP Nov 25, 2014

Shaheen Nov 23, 2014

Shaheen Nov 22, 2014

Very knowledgeable
Ruben Nov 22, 2014

James was very knowledgeable about Elasticsearch and spent the right amount of time teaching me what I needed to know to solve my problem.
Rahil Sondhi Nov 16, 2014

James continues to hit it out of the park!
Dave Nov 14, 2014

James is an expert mentor that delivered on everything we discussed. He offers deep knowledge based on his real world experience with great communication skills. I highly recommend him!
Dave Nov 14, 2014

Incredibly knowledgable of the full stack including dev ops! He's very methodical in the way he debugs and doesn't waste time. James explains what he's doing while he's doing it - which is a huge plus.
Igor Nov 09, 2014

Incredibly knowledgeable
Igor Nov 06, 2014

I inquired about javascript and James understood and carried out all requests without problem. Hope to work with James again
Ruben Nov 06, 2014

Exceptional job. I needed rapid help with a deep twilio area, and James was on-point. Flawless... awesome help.
Shawn Livermore Oct 29, 2014

Nice job troubleshooting a crashed site and getting continuous integration up and running!
Craig Oct 28, 2014

He was very responsive via chat to try to solve the problem and seemed to know alot about the specific problem with openssl although we couldn't resolve it. He was able to go through the angularJS stuff really quickly.
Tim Fong Oct 22, 2014

James is a great mentor who is very knowledgeable and with attention to detail. He is definitely on top of his game. He has solid understanding of how to best get a Node app up and running with the most efficient tools.
Bera Oct 16, 2014

I have three words for James. Excellent, excellent, and excellent! He is quick at grasping the problem at hand and is very thorough with explaining the concepts. I decided to work with him on a long-term basis to complete my project.
Bera Oct 09, 2014

James is literally awe inspiring. Definitely someone worth studying from.
Shaheen Oct 05, 2014

James is a programming ninja... and a good teacher. I mean what good is exceptional knowledge, if you can't share it? And on top of that, he's cool too! Can't go wrong here.
Tyler Waitt Oct 05, 2014

He sat through a five hour session with me and helped me through tons of holes in my code and got me up to speed on the proper way to do everything. I've got to commend the patience and ability he displayed throughout. Love the platform generally, picked up on a few tips/tricks I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise.
Shaheen Oct 04, 2014

Great mentor. Got my issues resolved after sticking with me on the line for a long time and trying various things out.
Karthick Oct 01, 2014

James is highly knowledgeable, and helpful. My connection cut out and he patiently waited for me. I will be using him as a resource to help me overcome obstacles and complete projects.
David Oct 01, 2014

Very helpful and knowledgeable!
EC Oct 01, 2014

Great! Took his time and helped me work through all my questions!
Daryl Sep 28, 2014