Write on Codementor: Our Review Process

Published Jan 19, 2017Last updated Aug 03, 2017
Write on Codementor: Our Review Process

We’re excited that you’re interested in publishing your content on Codementor! We wanted to provide some transparency on what our post review process entails.

Publish Now

When you go to publish, you’ll find two options: “Publish Now” and “Submit for Review.” Your post will be made public immediately after choosing “Publish Now.” This means it will be discoverable on search engines, and it may also appear on our dashboard feed. We may also promote your post in our weekly newsletter and social media.

Submit for Review

When you choose the "Submit for Review" option, your draft will be sent to our lean and mean team of content editors. We’ll help increase your posts’s discoverability on search engines. We may also promote it in our weekly newsletter and on social media.

We will...

  • Edit for grammar, structure, spelling, and punctuation
  • Check your formatting and Markdown syntax

We might...

  • Make changes for SEO purposes (e.g. image alt tags, titles, URL, etc.)
  • Improve or add images and banners
  • Include relevant links

We won’t...

  • Do a technical and code review

It usually takes 5-7 business days for us to review and edit your post. We may get in touch during the process if we're unclear about anything in your post. 💪

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