How I learned Angular4

Published Oct 04, 2017

About me

My name is Joshua Marcus and I have been developing since I was very young, I started learning basic languages such as HTML, CSS when i was a child and then later moved on into higher skilled frameworks. In 2015 I completed my diploma in Web Development at TAFE SA

Why I wanted to learn Angular4

I wanted to learn Angular because I was frustrated with the restrictions that I found with PHP and MySQL when developing one of my projects. I came across the language by mistake and was intrigued my the flexibility and scaleability of the framework.

How I approached learning Angular4

I started learning this framework by watching videos on Youtube and reading blog posts of other developers. When learning I would try and really understand what the code was doing rather then just copying the code word for word until i got the end result

Challenges I faced

The biggest challenge I faced was encountering bugs. This was extremely time consuming as I would spend hours reading through stack overflow post to try and fix my issue and a lot of people have different answers and approaches for the same issue

Tips and advice

My advice would be to learn the basic fundamentals of the language and then to think of a basic idea, A simple web application and just try and build it. I would suggest using code mentor for any problems you encounter

Final thoughts and next steps

Overall I am happy in how far I have come as a developer by learning this framework. My next goal is to begin learning C# and to begin developing games within Unity

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