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Josh David Miller

Josh David Miller

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Test-driven, ux-focused product manager and entrepreneur who helps startups create lovable apps. Oh, and I only use my powers for good.

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I spend my time working with startups as passionate as I am about building interesting products. I help distill a vision, wrap it in a memorable user experience, get it to market, and learn from it. I am a big fan of rapid iteration and hypothesis testing, and bring an intense desire for lovable interactions and a laser-sharp focus on measurement to every project. I believe creating a great product means embracing failure. If one has never had a bad idea, how would she know if she had a good one? If you'd like to schedule a time to chat on Codementor, you can book me here: https://calendly.com/joshdmiller.
7 React
5 JavaScript
3 Node.js
3 Ecmascript 6
No icon Lean startup - 2 years experience
As a lifelong proponent of hypothesis testing and rapid iteration, the lean startup model speaks very strongly to me. I have placed in Startup Weekend competitions, been a finalist in the Global Startup Battle, and mentored many early-stage startups on creating fantastic products. I can help outline the process to go from idea to paying customers to growth and scaling, while reducing risk and expense.
No icon Product management - 6 years experience
Helping define and build great products is my passion. I've helped many early- and mid-stage startups build stellar products. My focus is on memorable user experiences, delightful details, hypothesis generation and measurement, and rapid iteration. I'd love to hear about your product. Reach out if you'd like to discuss product management best practices, growth strategies, marketing, or user experience - or if you'd just like to bounce some product ideas.
No icon User experience - 5 years experience
The right user experience will spell the difference between a successful product and a flop. I help early-stage startups and established product teams alike understand their customers through testing and measurement, and I put a strong focus on experience with every product I touch.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
JavaScript is now ubiquitous and talented developers are in high demand. Yet despite the inherent power of the language and its vibrant and thriving culture of tools, JavaScript can be hard to "get right". Grokking a declarative, functional language and understanding how to structure both code and processes in that paradigm to scale can be challenging. I have many years of experience mentoring development teams in JavaScript best practices, both within and without popular frameworks like AngularJS and React and I'd love to help you set up your team and project for success.
Node js expert help Node.js - 6 years experience
Though I have experience with several backend languages, I always find myself returning to JavaScript on Node. With a dynamic, declarative language, many frameworks and tools, and a vibrant ecosystem with a strong package manager, it may just be the perfect all-purpose server platform. I am intimately familiar with the platform and its quirks and thoroughly enjoy writing tools for its ecosystem.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
React is one of my favourite view layers for modern web apps. Built in are all the components needed to have strong separation of concerns and clear data flow. With a model like Flux or a framework like Redux and a simple router, we suddenly have a powerful platform on which to create highly scalable yet easy-to-digest web applications. I'd love to help you get set up right with React.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 4 years experience
I have spent years training development teams in and developing open-source projects for AngularJS. I am the #2 answerer in the AngularJS tag on Stack Overflow and one of the top 10 most active posters in the Google Group. AngularJS requires a different way of thinking than most frameworks and I enjoy helping development teams grok its big ideas as well as how those best practices translate to tactical programming choices.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 11 years experience
The web is a platform and no app that sits on it can get very far without a strong knowledge of its markup and style. I've been working on consumer-facing websites and apps for more than a decade and can help with structure and style questions as well as with UX review.
No icon Testing - 8 years experience
I am a big fan of test-driven development and have years of experience helping product teams implement processes that ensure tests are meaningful to product marketing, design, leadership, and engineering teams equally.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Let me just say right off that I love Git. I worked in CVS and SVN before and Git blew my mind with its capabilities and the workflows it supports. I have a lot of experience helping product teams set up complex workflows in Git, involving various branching strategies, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. Reach out if you'd like some help grokking workflows in Git, getting set up with the right processes, or understanding how to accomplish a particular task. I'd love to help!
Amazon expert help AWS - 5 years experience
I've used Amazon Web Services for years and it is my infrastructure solution of choice, providing relatively low-cost pay-as-you-go services at competitive prices. AWS has many degrees of granularity and a confusing array of service names that can be overwhelming at first. I'd be happy help you or your team navigate the terrain to set up the services right for your project.
angular-placeholders 212   44
A set of placeholder directives & services for use during development of AngularJS apps.
ng-curtain 89   10
AngularJS directives that create multiple fixed panels that unroll with an amusing effect. Port of the now defunct victa/curtain.js.
dot-files 20   7
My computer configurations
Perl Shell Haskell
redux-live-class-recipe-app 6   9
An MVP of a React+Redux-based Recipe management app for a live class. https://www.codementor.io/classes/learn-reactjs-and-redux-live
react-redux-boilerplate 3   5
A minimalist boilerplate for modern React+Redux apps.
HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Great listener
Jake Tunney Sep 19, 2016

Very friendly and knowledgable!
James Shul Aug 04, 2016

Josh was helpful and provide solid guidance to help me find a solution, would definitely hire again.
Jacob E. Dawson Jul 25, 2016

Fantastic - clearly knew his material and helped me come up with a plan for moving forward.
Justin Handley Jul 23, 2016

Josh knows his stuff
Arup Dey Jun 24, 2016

He's awesome.
Arup Dey Jun 23, 2016

Finding a bug can be a hard job, but Josh helped me fix it in minutes. Thanks so much.
Vlad Jun 21, 2016

Good stuff - patient and knowledgeable.
michael Mar 10, 2016

Very knowledgeable about React architecture, how to design your components, and manage state! Knows exactly how to address your questions. I would recommend him!
Richard Aday Mar 05, 2016

Super friendly, and nice guy to work with :) Helped me out in matter of no time, and helped me see and fix my issue. :)
daniel Feb 25, 2016

Thank you Josh, You're great!
Chris Lewis Feb 24, 2016

Josh was really great. He was very patient and helped me understand where the errors were and what he was fixing and why. Will definitely work with him again.
Teresa Therrien Feb 24, 2016

Very knowledgeable and helpful. If you get the chance to work with Josh jump at it, you won't regret it. Thanks for all your help Josh!!!
Jay Wilson Jr. Feb 18, 2016

Wow, Josh is a great teacher and had so much to show me about doing React and Immutable better. I highly recommend him.
David Ewers Feb 18, 2016

Excellent call. It was quick and packed with super helpful tips! Will definitely keep him in mind for future questions!
Cameron Roe Feb 16, 2016

Very friendly, knowledgable and efficient. Wasted no time in getting straight down to the task at hand and answered all questions. Went above and beyond.
Rhys Yorke Feb 16, 2016

Josh is a fabulous teacher. He explains difficult concepts extremely well. I will definitely use him again.
David Handel Feb 16, 2016

As evidenced by this growing list of positive 5-star reviews for Josh, I _still_ think he's awesome!
Seth Atwood Feb 10, 2016

excellent knowledge and clear communication as always. Every hour you spend with Josh will earn you fifty hours of bonus experience without the pain of mistakes and banging your head against the wall.
Jacques Fu Feb 10, 2016

If I keep coming here every day singing high praises for Josh I'm going to start to sound like a shill... but hey, the dude's legit! If you're shopping around, shop no further - you've found your man.
Seth Atwood Feb 09, 2016

Josh does it again! They say time is money; the value of Josh's contribution thus far already transcends both. :)
Seth Atwood Feb 09, 2016

I'm so thrilled to have discovered Josh here on Codementor. He is clearly very talented, and I look forward to working together more in the future!
Seth Atwood Feb 06, 2016

Wonderfully knowledgable and gave great exaples of multiple solutions.
Timothy Caraballo Feb 04, 2016

Incredible! I plan on working with him in the future. Very informative and fun to work with.
John Curry Feb 03, 2016

Josh is very friendly and helpful. Talks fast too which is nice when you're paying. ;-)
Chris Lewis Jan 27, 2016

He knew his stuff.
Sam Corcos Jan 26, 2016

Very helpfull. And very comunicative.
Pedro Nieto Sanchez Jan 23, 2016

Josh was extremely helpful in helping me come up with some strategies for the UX of my Android app. He pointed out a lot of things I was doing wrong (coming from an iOS background). I have no doubt I will be using his services again when it comes time to iterate again. Thanks Josh!
Travis Maxwell Jan 23, 2016

Extremely well versed in the ways of end to end and unit testing. Helped us weigh different libraries and choose what was best for us. Within an hour we got basic end 2 end coverage on our app.
Jacques Fu (FM) Jan 21, 2016

Josh might be.. too legit to quit
Steve Jan 16, 2016