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I'm a self-driven passionate full-stack engineer who loves working with big data and algorithms I've built APIs to support 130k rpm as we moved towards SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture ) and managed load/stress testing systems to ensure our latency never went above 30ms on ec2 instances. I'm currently working with Marionette, Node, CoffeeScript, Rails, Hamlc, Rspec, Cucumber, and Selenium, JavaScript is my strongest language though.
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 4 years experience
I've worked heavily with Backbone.js and Marionette. I work on Marionette and also am currently working on Marionette.Inspector which is a chrome extension that allows you to inspect your Backbone applications and navigate views, events, data and more via the chrome inspector. I've also written plugins for localStorage syncing and various other things with Backbone. I'm familiar with - event oriented architecture for large-scale apps - using react as a view layer on top of Backbone - view models - complex nested views - polymorphic inheritance with model classes and views
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
I love JavaScript and it's my strongest language. I know about global, private methods and using different design patterns like the module or facade pattern. I know how to spot different security flaws connected with client-side and and server-side. I know when you use this and when to create prototypes. I understand constructors, supers, and parasitic inheritence.
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I'm familiar with keeping forks up to date with remote upstream branches. I'm familiar with writing git aliases to shorten up longer commands. I know various workflows with git for working with larger teams such as rebasing, merging, resolving conflicts, and not force pushing to master :)
Sql expert help SQL - 5 years experience
I've worked with relational databases that contain 500k+ records where indexing and queries are crucial. As well as database pooling, horizontal scaling, and sharding. I've also stress tested systems with load testing tools and optimized bottlenecks within queries.
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
I've been building sites with PHP using various MVC patterns for the last 6 years. I've built clone sites of Groupon, Youtube, and Elance.
Node js expert help Node.js - 5 years experience
I have built SPA applications and ReSTful APIS using node along with Mongodb or Redis on top of varnish and nginx.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 3 years experience
I come from a strong JavaScript background and like to know what coffeescript is outputting so I've studied CoffeeScript very well to understand exactly what it's doing behind the scenes to avoid global pollution as well as other anti-patterns
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
I've built custom directives to display charts in real-time via websockets. I've also built custom directives for forms. I have heavy experience with Backbone/Marionette so i can bring a lot of that over to Angular.
Java expert help Java - 1 year experience
Mysql expert help MySQL - 5 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
I know jQuery pretty extensively and have also written my own library Select which allows you to grab all of the children elements of a parent if defined and then rename them and use other methods depending on the scenario. https://github.com/joshbedo/Select
Server expert help Server - 5 years experience
I've worked with MySQL for many years and have also use MariaDB which is a enhanced replacement for SQL which handles faster transactions. I also have used Redis, Mongodb, Couchdb for large scale applications
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
I'm very comfortable taking a PSD design and coding it into an HTML5 layout, i'm familiar with the differences between html5 and previous versions. I'm also very familiar with CSS3 properties and am a huge fan of SASS
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
I've worked with Mongodb and Redis instances on large scale applications supporting 550,000+ users I'm familiar with clusters, load balancing, data pooling, sharding, and different types of scaling.
JS-Design-Patterns 26   0
:book: JavaScript Design Patterns in ES 2015
drawingTutorial 4   2
Drawing tutorial source code using node.js, socket.io, express.js, HTML5 Canvas, and HTML5 WebSockets
browserify-playground 4   0
A playground for browserify modules
JavaScript CoffeeScript
Select 3   1
Select grabs all the elements of a parent on the page at once when you need them instead of having seperate jQuery selectors spread out
CSS JavaScript CoffeeScript
chat-app 3   0
Node.js and Socket.io app using Device.js to target mobile platform.
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Really appreciate all the information that Josh provided was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Lanesa Stubbs Mar 26, 2014

Josh was awesome and gave me a ton of useful side tips in addition to helping me answer my questions!
Mike Adeleke Mar 15, 2014