How I learned ReactJS + Meteor

Published Nov 10, 2017
How I learned ReactJS + Meteor

About me

I consider myself being a full stack developer. I love it, to have the whole picture of a software. To understand it fully and thoroughly is key for me to create good software.

Why I wanted to learn ReactJS + Meteor

I already knew several other programming languages. They are to me my tools to solve Real world problems.
Take this metaphor: A hammer is a great tool. But to use a hammer on a screw is not a good idea. You may eventually get the screw into the wood. But damage is for sure.

How I approached learning ReactJS + Meteor

I had prior knowledge of Javascript. So to get into learning React+Meteor I watched tutorials (written and video) and I also spent a lot of time discussing with fellow developers. We worked hands on on practical practical issues and solved problems I faced. I was also able to ask for problems specifically and could reflect the learnings directly onto my assignment.

Challenges I faced

I had many roadblocks ahead. Some of which forced me to redo a lot of code. But that also helped me to get a deeper and better understanding of React

Key takeaways

I love the speed of creating fabulous results.

Tips and advice

Do not be afraid to ask for help. It saves you more time than sitting in front of a problem and trying to solve it yourself. You may get passed a roadblock. But the frustration until then and the wasted time are not worth it.

Final thoughts and next steps

My next project will be a Java project. I am going to rewrite an old Java project using Spring Boot with Angular as Frontend to get it to look state of the art.
Spring Boot is the tool of choice because it looks very promising and being a Java framework eases the rewriting quite a bit.

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