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Jon Tewksbury

Jon Tewksbury

Full-Stack Javascript Engineer.

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Full-Stack Software Engineer working in SF. Went through Hack Reactor's immersive Software Engineering Program and now spend time going back and teaching what I've learned to others while I went through that program and through my years of Software Engineering experience.
4 JavaScript
3 React
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
Spend time everyday writing JavaScript, even on the weekends. I work in SF as a Software Engineer and spend most of my work day writing Javascript.
Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
Use react daily at work in a production app and spent a lot of time moving over our legacy codebase from backbone to react.
No icon Redux - 2 years experience
Using redux in production applications on a daily basis.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
Also spend time in HTML and CSS each day. As a Software Engineer mainly for the web, I am tweaking existing HTML and CSS or adding new HTML and CSS every day.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
The company I work for uses node, so I work with it every day I'm at work. I have built out entirely new server routes along with the functions to query the database and return the request resources.
No icon Express - 3 years experience
Use express each day at work to build our our node infrastructure at a rapid pace.
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 3 years experience
Work daily with Backbone as all of our front-end code is written in Backbone and Marionette. I have a good understanding of how a Backbone application is structured and how the pieces fit together and work with one another.
No icon Marionette - 3 years experience
Using marionette in our production application that we are currently moving over to react/redux.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 3 years experience
Use jQuery on a daily basis. Since my company uses Backbone, jQuery is a dependency and as such I use it constantly. Have written many apps using jQuery, and have probably spent the most time using jQuery out of all JavaScript libraries.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
Work daily with Mongo as it's the main database for all our information. Also work with Mongoose on a daily basis.
No icon Mongoose - 3 years experience
Use mongoose at work whenever we interact with our Mongo database.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Use git on a daily basis. Well versed in the git workflow of a startup and best practices.
slack-bot 6   1
Simplifies sending bot messages to slack.
jontewks.github.io 3   0
poo 3   0
Comical poo based functionality
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SongBird 2   0
CSS Shell JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Jon was an awesome and very helpful mentor and teacher
Peter Nov 18, 2016

Jon completely taught me and helped me 110%. Would work with him again in a heartbeat!
Julia Sep 30, 2016

The best!
Julia Sep 28, 2016

Jon is awesome, literally super super professional.
Julia Sep 28, 2016

He's so accommodating and helpful and always is great at explaining things.
sara ines calderon Sep 22, 2016

Very helpful, good at explaining and agreeable.
sara ines calderon Aug 19, 2016

Great mentor,... not just solving problem, but also helping you understand how the code works.
newbie Jul 27, 2016

Jon was so helpful! He knew exactly where to look for the issues I had and solved my problem in minutes.
Katie Snediker Jun 07, 2016

Jon was so helpful, great at explaining things, super good at helping me understand the architecture of things and I learned stuff that can help me in future projects.
sara ines calderon May 15, 2016

Jon was very kind to pair with me in order to resolve an issue I was having with React, Redux and Redux-form. Highly recommend Jon as a code mentor
Diego Apr 20, 2016

Jon is the best he really took his time and walk me through how to connect Node js with mongo db. Was really quick and helpful. Thanks alot Jon
Reginald Bellas Apr 09, 2016

Helpful, experienced. Thanks!
Josh Flayhart Mar 28, 2016

Jon was very helpful in helping me solve the issue I was having and recommending where to go from there.
Kyle Doherty Mar 08, 2016

Really helpful with the specific issue and other issues that I was going to need to get moving faster. Thanks
Patrick Brothers Mar 05, 2016

Wow, I can't say enough good things about Jon. He's helping me learn Redux and find the way out of several difficult bugs. I know he's always there to answer my questions and lend me a hand.
David Ewers Feb 14, 2016

Jon is my go-to mentor for react with redux. He uses it every day and work. I like the way Jon takes the time to go through my code and understand what I am trying to do.
David Ewers Feb 05, 2016

Jon knows his stuff. He helped me find the problems with my code quickly. I also felt very comfortable working with him. I'll definitely look up Jon the next time I run into trouble!
David Ewers Jan 09, 2016

Thank you!
Lauren Mendoza Nov 30, 2015

Jon was an excellent teacher. I had been struggling with understanding callbacks and by the end of our session I really felt confident I understood them and now I'm off to go practice them with the resources he gave me. I highly recommend him as a mentor.
Devin Sep 13, 2015

Jon is an extremely helpful and capable mentor. He is very approachable and has a clear and concise way of helping you to grasp anything you don't understand. I can definitely recommend him.
Will May 15, 2015

Jon has a lot of wisdom to offer. Able to quickly solve my issues and walk me through some of the other points I wanted some perspective and information on.
Shaheen Mar 31, 2015

Jon is a great mentor, he did not waste any time getting started and picked up right where I was having trouble. He was very quick to see the gaps in my knowledge and fill me in on what I needed to know to proceed with my website. I would hire again!
Jacob AI Mar 18, 2015

Great mentor, patient and knows how to challenge you!
Fareez Ahmed Mar 05, 2015