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Ionică Bizău (Johnny B.)

Ionică Bizău (Johnny B.)

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Full Stack Developer (Node.js & JavaScript), *nix user, Pianist, College Dropout, Vegetarian,

Bucharest (+02:00)
Romanian, English
Hi! My name is Ionică Bizău. If you're having problems pronouncing it, you can simply call me Johnny (that's how "Ionică" is translated in English). I work as full stack developer since 2012, with Node.js & JavaScript. Before that, I was creating WordPress sites and HTML/CSS apps. Currently I'm doing the best in Node.js (including command line tools), JavaScript, SVG (d3, svg.js). If I can help, I'll definitely do it, as long your app is not promoting things which tend to be potentially immoral. For example, I'm happy to help you build an e-shop, but I won't build an e-shop designed specifically for selling wine, since I'm against of using alcohol for drinking. ♦ Node.js: 4 years of experience, ~600 packages published on NPM ♦ JavaScript: 4 years of experience, lots of libraries you can download freely (https://goo.gl/ewoQsK) ♦ English good enough to talk with everybody and understand each other ♦ GitHub Enthusiast (follow me: https://github.com/IonicaBizau) ♦ Git & GitHub power user ♦ Comfortable with MongoDB (especially, the native driver for Node.js) ♦ I will not charge you if I can't fix your issue. Why you can trust me: ★ I am vegetarian. I have never eaten meat. ★ I don't drink wine, beer etc etc. Never did it. :-) ★ I work 6 days, and I rest on the 7th day. That's why I am *not* available on Saturdays (specifically between Friday's sunset and Saturday's sunset, Romania time). ★ I sleep between ~9:30PM and ~6:00AM. Depending on your timezone I can wake up earlier if you book a session with me. ★ I am a piano player. ★ I use Linux and VIM.

Do you want to enter in the Git(Hub) world? I'd love to make the process simpler. Git can be difficult to learn, but with a bit of help, that can be a smooth experience. I can provide introduction in Git & GitHub: - Setting up the account (authentication, configuration etc). - Basic Git commands - Connecting Git with GitHub - Branches, merging and pull requests Also I'm open for Git questions.

78 JavaScript
42 Node.js
31 jQuery
19 CSS
18 Git
14 Html
12 HTML5
9 MongoDB
7 jQuery UI
7 jQuery Ajax
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
I write everyday lot of JS code. I also build JavaScript libraries making the code reusable. Sometimes I use jQuery. I built lot of jQuery plugins as well.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
HTML without CSS would be nothing. They do a great work together.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
I do the best in Node.js. I created lots of NPM packages which are designed to work in Node.js environments simplifying the work of developers across the world.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 4 years experience
I have been working with jQuery since 2011–first in my little applications, and then in real world websites. It simplifies the life in many cases.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I cannot imagine programming without Git. Even if you don't have a team. I use Git & GitHub everyday. I use them a lot: https://github.com/IonicaBizau
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
I use MongoDB in some Node.js projects. It's simple to use and pretty happy with it.
No icon Html - 6 years experience
I was building HTML websites for a long time! I remember the days when I was playing with HTML and having fun.
No icon CSS - 6 years experience
CSS is gaining more and more power these days. I'm pretty comfortable with CSS. I even created a CSS framework named CaiuSS (https://github.com/IonicaBizau/CaiuSS)
No icon Security - 5 years experience
Back in 2010, I hacked our inspectorate website, making some of the people angry–I got in trouble, but I learned that security is important and it's not fine to abuse other apps in the bad way. I discovered lots security issues as of XSS, Missing Function Level Access Control, Sensitive Data Exposure, most of them on sites I use everyday such as bitbucket.org, github.com etc. https://bounty.github.com/researchers/IonicaBizau.html
No icon Shell - 3 years experience
I create Shell/Bash scripts to optimize my work and do my repetitive tasks.
No icon Vim - 2 years experience
I use VIM as default editor since I stay all day in a Linux terminal emulator. I do the best in VIM macros.
No icon Command line - 3 years experience
I stay all day in a Linux terminal emulator and do almost all the things there. Without command line access, I couldn't imagine how the world would look like.
No icon SVG - 2 years experience
I worked with SVG things for two years, especially using d3.js and svg.js. I like more svg.js because it's low level, small and it supports plugins. I wrote a bunch of svg.js plugins: https://github.com/jillix?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=svg
No icon Google api - 3 years experience
First time you use Google APIs is a little bit hard, but then things get simpler, as you understand them. I wrote a YouTube API wrapper in Node.js: https://github.com/IonicaBizau/youtube-api I also used Google Admin APIs and Google Maps.
No icon Firebase - 1 year experience
Used Firebase in small applications, using the CRUD methods and file upload.
No icon Cobol - 2 years experience
I learned COBOL for fun. I am the guy who wrote a COBOL bridge for Node.js (https://github.com/IonicaBizau/node-cobol).
git-stats 4095   94
:four_leaf_clover: Local git statistics including GitHub-like contributions calendars.
Shell JavaScript
scrape-it 2310   85
:crystal_ball: A Node.js scraper for humans.
HTML Shell JavaScript
github-contributions 1012   90
:octocat: A tool that generates a repository which being pushed into your GitHub account creates a nice contributions calendar.
CSS HTML JavaScript
gridly 874   52
:zap: The minimal (~100-170 bytes) grid system for modern browsers.
image-to-ascii 606   42
:floppy_disk: A Node.js module that converts images to ASCII art.
Shell JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
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Johnny impressed me again with his brilliance. He is a fabulous programmer, developer and friend to work with. We will turn to him instantly for any programming issue. YOU ROCK, JOHNNY!
Jane Jan 16, 2017

Ionică is an incredible mentor that will go far beyond your expectations to make sure you understand the concepts you're dealing with. His friendly attitude pairs well with his occasional jokes to make the session as pleasant as possible :)
Jesse Ramon Brown Jan 15, 2017

Ionică has great drive and vision. A joy to work with.
David Jan 10, 2017

Ionică was able to quickly understand my problem and, in just a few hours, make swift progess on helping me solve it. He communicated very clearly and worked very very fast. Great session.
Brad Flora Jan 10, 2017

Johnny's the best!
David Jan 09, 2017

Concise, clear and very helpful. He debugged my problem quickly and showed me a couple of helpful tricks to use in the future. Thanks!
Thor Agio Jan 09, 2017

always good
Derrick Jan 09, 2017

One of the things I appreciate most about Ionica is that he's there for the follow through. He's helping me build an awesome app and most of it's beyond me so I need his continued help to get to where I want to go. He's very focused and sharp. Highly recommend.
David Jan 08, 2017

Always the best!!
Derrick Jan 06, 2017

Awesome Mentor!
Tony Jan 05, 2017

Excellent job with the js debug. We managed to fix the issue very quickly and Ionica did a great job explaining the fixes to my other developers. Highly recommend. Thank you!
Charles Conti Jan 04, 2017

Best Mentor on Codementor
Tony Jan 04, 2017

Fantastic mentor. freaking awsome debugging Skills.
Venkat Dulipalli Jan 03, 2017

Ionica is an extremely expert and passion about what he does and reflects on everything he does.
helio Jan 01, 2017

I definitely recommend Ionica to anyone who needs a mentor with experience, able to work fast and explain what's done throughout the process.
helio Dec 30, 2016

Ionică quickly diagnosed a npm problem, and showed me a few tricks along the way. Highly recommended!
Matthew Weber Dec 30, 2016

Great fun focused work!
David Dec 28, 2016

JPay DN Dec 22, 2016

Another great session. My site is now pixel perfect on mobile. Thanks, Ionica!
Mike Weiksner Dec 20, 2016

He was very helpful and was extremely eager to help me with all my problems. He took his time to explain em certain stuff as well. He sure is an awesome mentor!
Kamran Farrukh Nagi Dec 17, 2016

Ionica is the BEST mentor! I learn so much at every session. He is so knowledgeable, smart, and patient. I always look forward to our sessions. Highly recommend!!
Lin Z Dec 14, 2016

Would definitely recommend Fast and efficient, completed the 8 Javascript solutions I needed in under an hour Very friendly and great communication, worked hard to provide me the solutions I needed, the way I needed them solved Great Javascript skills
Joanna Wheeler Dec 09, 2016

SO SO SO HELPFUL! Especially with YOUTUBE API's! Would definitely recommend. I have never met a mentor who is so great at answering questions and at quickly figuring out what is incorrect with certain code. I learned so much from this session.
Gabrielle Dec 08, 2016

The best mentor ever! Highly recommend. Super smart, explains really well, very professional, and really fun. I learn so much every time.
Lin Z Dec 07, 2016

Lin Z Dec 01, 2016

Super nice and very helpful
Victoria Barreras Nov 30, 2016

Always a pleasure to talk to and extremely helpful with JavaScript and Node.js problems.
Gill Nov 28, 2016

solved my problem and taught me some new things too :)
Tyler Hudson Crimi Nov 27, 2016

Ionica always has something new to offer!
David Nov 25, 2016

Ionica went above and beyond to help me. He was also very quick and didn't have to google anything So definitely an expert and knows what he's doing. I'm very happy I consulted with him. Also very clear that he loves what he does and passionate about sharing his knowledge.
Shi Li Li Nov 23, 2016

really helpful
amnah Nov 23, 2016

Great support ! simply step-by-step explanation. i'm loving it..
Jaydev Shiroya Nov 23, 2016

Another extremely productive session as always
Tony Nov 23, 2016

I really appreciate Mr. Ionica to gave me a little amount of time and solve my problem,He is a very knowledgeable person and helped me a lot where I was stuck. I inspired with him if any of you need any help without hesitate contact him
Frrank Nov 22, 2016

Johnny is a very patient and gifted young man. Truly enjoy the time working with him a lot.
Jane Nov 21, 2016

Johnny is a rare talent in programming. He is not only a gifted programmer, but also a great teacher. :D
Jane Nov 20, 2016

It was a great success working with Johnny. Johnny brought our project to fruition with his intelligence, brilliance, patience and most importantly kindness. The program that Johnny built for us is rather complex, but he went above and beyond to build it for us with his amazing skill sets. We are looking forward to working with Johnny again next month to rebuilt our platform. THANK YOU, JOHNNY. You are so awesome.
Jane Nov 19, 2016

It has always been a pleasure working with Johnny. He is a young guy that you would want on your team. Quick, intelligent, energetic and kind-hearted.
Jane Nov 18, 2016

My colleagues are all amazed with the work that Johnny has done for us. THANK YOU JOHNNY. You are AMAZING.
Jane Nov 17, 2016

Johnny is the best developer that we have ever worked with. In each session, he pours in brilliant ideas to the project when he built the rather complex program for us. The trait that we love about Johnny is that he does not only ensure that the project is done, but PERFECTLY done. He is a young guy with great potential, and we thoroughly enjoy working with him. In each session, he shares a part of Romania and his interesting life with me, which makes me look forward to connect with him every day. He always makes my day with his life stories while building the program for us. He is a developer with a great mind and heart.
Jane Nov 17, 2016

Our project is on time because of Johhny. Johnny fixed a few complex issues for us today that we wouldn't be able to fix on our own. Thank you, Johnny! You are brilliant.
Jane Nov 16, 2016

Awesome JS skills!
Patrick Nov 16, 2016

great mentor!
John Nov 15, 2016

Always a pleasure to work with Johnny. Johnny is a programmer with great patience, brilliance and kindness. At times, we are afraid that Johnny will get irritated with our frequent changes to the brilliant program that he built for us. BUT NO, Johnny proves us wrong, he is willing to go above and beyond to help us with our project. Sincere thank you to Johnny all the way from USA. He is a perfect match for our project as he is VERY VERY STRONG in Javascript.
Jane Nov 15, 2016

He is always the first mentor I search when I arrive on this site!
Jesse Ramon Brown Nov 15, 2016

This young man hacked some complex scripts for us to make our data works beautifully. He is IMPRESSIVE. Thank you, Johnny!
Jane Nov 14, 2016

Johnny solved a very complex issue for us. He is very strong in Javascript, and can build almost anything. Johnny will continue to be our long term partner, and my mentor and programming friend. YOU ARE AMAZING, JOHNNY!
Jane Nov 13, 2016

I am a university lecturer, and continue to be inspired by Johnny's great learning spirit. He is an intelligent young man, but never stop learning. He goes out of his way to help us on a complex project with his brilliant mind.
Jane Nov 10, 2016

Such Willingness to help, it is inspiring !
Jesse Ramon Brown Nov 09, 2016

Best mentor on codementor. We would turn to Johnny right away for any development project
Jane Nov 09, 2016

All my colleagues who have been programming for years are all impressed with Johnny's skill sets. He built an impressive program that runs the data analysis for us. YOU ROCK, Johnny!
Jane Nov 09, 2016

Would like to express our sincere appreciation to Johnny's expertise, efforts and helpfulness. We are able to move on our projects because of Johnny. He is brilliant in what he is doing. Proud to have you as our partner. YOU ROCK, Johnny !
Jane Nov 08, 2016

He's a great hands on mentor. I especially recommend him when you want to get the job *done*, while watching and learning. In this latest session, we made my css shine. The service looks really good right now, thanks to Ionica, and I picked some great css tricks along the way. Ionica also goes above and beyond, with super ideas about how to improve whatever we are working on. Highly recommended, and I will definitely with him again in the future.
Mike Weiksner Nov 08, 2016

Jonny was soooo helpful! Very experienced at helping me with HTML and JQuery, very fast and efficient work! Thankyou!!
Sarah Smith Nov 08, 2016

Johnny makes the impossible POSSIBLE. He is our go to guy to build any program. He is very smart, and is the smartest person that I have ever met. He is very quick at coming out with solutions to the things that we want to get done. Not only that he is very humble and friendly. He is a gifted teacher and programmer.
Jane Nov 07, 2016

I've tried a number of Mentors and none come near to being as quick and knowledgable as Johnny.
Tony Nov 07, 2016

Best mentor you'll find
Tony Nov 02, 2016

Johnny is the most awesome developer that we have ever met. He is smart, professional and a young guy who never stop learning. He is quick at identifying problems, implement solutions and overall a very fast learner. He explained the problems that I have been struggling to understand for a few hours in just a few seconds. My colleagues who hold Phd in computer sciences are all impressed with Johnny's intelligence. I thoroughly enjoyed the time working with him, and learned A LOT from him along the way. He is the best professor on codementor.
Jane Oct 31, 2016

Awesome mentor, i was able to work through my problem in Javascript really efficiently thanks to Johnny.
Ganesh Oct 30, 2016

Ionica is a great problem-solver!
John Oct 27, 2016

Best Mentor you'll find
Tony Oct 27, 2016

Ionica is not only an expert coder, but also an expert at explaining concepts. Ionica is a great professor and a complete genius at codementor!
Jane Oct 26, 2016

Wonderful help from Johnny again. Will meet with him again!
Sarah Sareh Oct 26, 2016

Awesome Mentor
Tony Oct 26, 2016

Ionica is very detailed in his approach. Explains solutions very clearly.
John Oct 25, 2016

Johnny is brilliant! He helped us get done with a rather complicated project within a very short period of just a few weeks :D We are so happy to have found Johnny. This young guy has numerous potential in him.
Jane Oct 25, 2016

I would confidently say that Johnny is a rock star in what he does. He automate the task that our organization took one week to do in just a few minutes. This young guy continues to be my role model.
Jane Oct 24, 2016

Ionica's building a great application. He's great to work with and knows tons and tons of information.
David Oct 24, 2016

Truly blessed to have found Johnny to work with. Enjoy every session with him and always picking up great skills from him. He is gifted with a great heart and brilliant mind.
Jane Oct 24, 2016

Johnny is incredible! He was fast and explained exactly what he was doing as he was typing code. Will definitely meet again.
Sarah Sareh Oct 23, 2016

Johnny did a marvelous job in automating a large part of our project. He is truly a SMART programmer - Savvy, Marvelous, Awesome, Resilient, Trusting! Thank you, Johnny!
Jane Oct 23, 2016

The best mentor! I always learn so much from Ionica. He is super professional, smart, quick and explains everything clearly. Highly recommend.
Lin Z Oct 23, 2016

Continue to learn a lot from Johnny by watching him program for us. He is not only a FANTASTIC programmer, but THE BEST programming teacher that I have. Learned 10000000000 times more skills from Johnny than any other tutorial videos out there. YOU ROCK, JOHNNY!
Jane Oct 22, 2016

Today we worked on regular expressions using .replace() and the next one is new to me which is .trimLeft(). We applied this to an input field in order to enable adding spaces to city field. Thanks Johnny.
Tony Elam Oct 22, 2016

Seems Ionica really loves mentoring and coding. And he knows a ton about what I need.
David Oct 21, 2016

Another great session
Derrick Oct 21, 2016

We are truly impressed with Johnny's skills and expertise. Johnny went above and beyond to build the best program for us. He is a gifted programmer with a sweet heart. He is definitely the best developer that I have ever met. Learned a lot from Johnny along the way. Truly blessed to have met such a brilliant and humble developer like Johnny!
Jane Oct 21, 2016

Ionica is always very helpful!
John Oct 20, 2016

Solved bugs so quickly and explained everything so well. The best mentor!
Lin Z Oct 20, 2016

awesome Mentor. As always
Tony Oct 20, 2016

Johnny is the master of disaster. Whenever our team faces any issue, Johnny will come into play, and within seconds, everything is resolved. That's how great Johnny is !
Jane Oct 20, 2016

We have very high respect for Johnny's professionalism , expertise and commitment in software development. We are so lucky to have found Johnny! He is truly a star. Whenever we cannot find solution to the problem we are facing, Johnny is the first person we turn to for help. Thank you, Johnny!
Jane Oct 20, 2016

Johnny automated the process that we have been doing manually for decades! He is indeed a rock star programmer and a great friend. He makes things happen instantly. Watching Johnny program is like watching a magic show. In just a few minutes, everything will be up and running! Johnny, you rock!!!
Jane Oct 19, 2016

Great at explaining everything as he goes, as opposed to doing the work for you. Very knowledgable and straight to the point.
Jfrevert Oct 19, 2016

Johnny is always very knowledgable and helpful.
Tony Oct 19, 2016

Very helpful. Show different ways of solving an issue.
Rin Oct 19, 2016

Johnny not only has a brilliant mind, but he also has a great heart. He built the entire software program for us in a very short span of time. He is indeed a rock star programmer! I enjoy every second working with Johnny. Watching Johnny program is a pleasure on its own. My colleagues are also amazed by the program Johnny wrote for us. THANK YOU JOHNNY :)
Jane Oct 18, 2016

Ionica is great. He has helped me multiple times quickly and efficiently. I look forward to continuing to work with Ionica.
andrew cottell Oct 18, 2016

Johnny is a developer that I thoroughly enjoy working with. His brilliance 'wow' me every time. I am so excited that we have found Johnny to work with us. Looking forward to our future collaboration. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, JOHNNY
Jane Oct 17, 2016

Codementor has done it again. Another excellent mentor. I couldn't be happier with the service I got. Extremely informative, friendly, open environment for working through a piece of code. And I 100% got what I wanted.
Jade Oct 17, 2016

Johnny is a rare talent. Not only a star in programming, but also a genius in problem solving. Johnny amazes me with his FANTASTIC TALENTS every session. I enjoy the time working with Johnny, Johnny is the type of programmer who turns the impossible to POSSSIBLE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH JOHNNY!
Jane Oct 16, 2016

Johnny is the most brilliant programmer that I can ever get. Johnny wrote a marvelous program for us, and also explained thoroughly how to use it. YOU ARE FANTASTIC, Johnny! I am so proud to call Johnny my mentor.
Jane Oct 15, 2016

Best Mentor! Explains everything clearly and is super knowledgeable!! A++++
Lin Z Oct 14, 2016

Nice to work with, happy to do so again
Huw Nichols Oct 13, 2016

Really great to have found Ionica as our long term partner and mentor. :) Ionica is not only brilliant at problem solving, but also a humble mentor.
Jane Oct 12, 2016

It is a GREAT PLEASURE to work with Ionica. We are facing some complex problems, and not only Ionica solved those, but also explained to me the thought process. Ionica is not only brilliant, but also great at conveying ideas. I would proudly recommend Ionica, my mentor and fantastic friend :)
Jane Oct 11, 2016

Ionica is the most passionate, brilliant and wonderful programmer that I have ever met. I am so happy to have found Ionica as my long term mentor in programming. Definitely enjoy every minute working with Ionica!
Jane Oct 10, 2016

Excellent session to adapt a JS carousel to my needs. Ionică explains everything very well and always looking for the best way to implement it all.
Mariana Godoy Garda Oct 10, 2016

Great to work with
jason humphrey Oct 10, 2016

Ionica is great and really knows his stuff
jason humphrey Oct 07, 2016

Excellent lesson with Ionică, last week for php and today for JS - very skilled and quick!
Mariana Godoy Garda Oct 06, 2016

He was very responsive, understood exactly what was needed to be done, answered all questions and was respectful. Would use for work again.
Jeff Green Oct 06, 2016

Great session! Thanks again.
John Oct 04, 2016

Johnny was very helpful in a problem that took me forever to fix in just 15 minutes! Would recommend him to anyone viewing this review now.
Yazeed Abalkhail Oct 04, 2016

Today we went over credit card expiration date validation and some associated ES6 features like destructuring, .lastIndex(), & .exec() methods. I was having trouble understanding ES6 destructuring and Johnny explained with several examples how it works. Thanks Johnny
Tony Elam Oct 04, 2016

Ionica is a pleasure to work with. I have a CS degree from Princeton University and have managed product and tech teams at multiple startups. He is very strong with JavaScript. I had one big issue, and a half-dozen smaller new features that I wanted. He just cranked through everything, fast. I liked the quick feedback and iteration. He understood my issues quickly, and was responsive to my feedback. It felt like true collaboration. Perhaps the best anecdote is the last 8 minutes. I had to run to a meeting, but I really wanted to complete a graphical query. I had 3 subparts to my idea, and he managed to write the whole thing before I had to hop off the session. I would highly recommend him, especially if you want to fix your code or help write new features.
Mike Weiksner Sep 30, 2016

Ionică helped me to make my website responsive. He's is a super kind guy and a superb developer who quickly finds his way around tricky problems. I can only recommend him!
Benny Hertach Sep 30, 2016

My favorite mentor! Highly recommend!!
Lin Z Sep 30, 2016

Amazing mentor!!!
Lin Z Sep 29, 2016

The best of the best! Explains everything clearly, super smart, patient. Highly recommend!
Lin Z Sep 29, 2016

Very helpful!
John Sep 28, 2016

Great session. Ionica moves at a good pace and is very informative. Thanks again.
John Sep 27, 2016

Great teacher and mentor
Yenier Sep 27, 2016

A++++ Most amazing mentor!! He is smart, clear, patient, and super knowledgeable. Highly highly recommend!!
Lin Z Sep 27, 2016

Very very bright quick mind
David Sep 27, 2016

Johnny is very good and explaining things quickly. He's teaching me a lot.
Adrian Sep 26, 2016

Johnny is very quick to identify problems in code - he helps me a lot in my project. Thanks!
Wim Olivier Sep 26, 2016

great Mentor!
Tony Sep 21, 2016

Awesome and very helpful Mentor
Tony Sep 20, 2016

Superb! I got my issue sorted in no time. Ionica explained what he did in each step in even added documentation to the code. It was super fast and super professional!. Thanks!!!
Rami Segal Sep 20, 2016

Ionică is a wonderful mentor and soul. He ensures his client understands the material as well as works at a great, efficient pace. I hope to work with him again!
Miguel Kern Sep 19, 2016

Ionică Bizău (Johnny) is not only a complete genius but fast, and professional. I am so very grateful to have had the chance to contact him. He fixed my website up completely. I'm really not sure what I could have done without his help! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Liz Oliner Sep 18, 2016

awesome Mentor. Very helpful and friendly
Tony Sep 16, 2016

Ionica helped me finish a task from scratch, with just wireframes and requirements. He's a genius and a thorough professional
Renu Sahukara Sep 16, 2016

He is the best he made command prompt very easy for me as a beginner.
Steve Sagert Sep 15, 2016

Absolutely awesome! He knows his stuff, inside and out. He helped me untangle some callback nastieness!
Jim OKelly Sep 13, 2016

Always good
Derrick Sep 12, 2016

I found Ionică to be very honest and wonderful to work with. He went far and beyond, was well prepared, taking the time to review detail notes in my request, prior to our session. I truly appreciated the cool tips and tricks he’d left me with. I look forward to working with this inspiring individual in the near future. Keep up the good job mate! 👍
Alie Hanani Sep 12, 2016

Very helpful Mentor
Tony Sep 12, 2016

Ionica was very help with my Javascript Issue - Recursive calling of HTTP Requests and Data Manipulation tasks.
skumo Sep 11, 2016

help me again with some .js and css! perfect mentor
Jordi V Sep 07, 2016

Excellent lesson by Johnny B. to make a dashboard with pure JS and ES6 instead of using complex frameworks when not needed. Thanks!
Mariana Godoy Garda Sep 05, 2016

VERY professional, remembers where you left off months ago..
HJ Gabrielsen Sep 04, 2016

Ionica is a great mentor. I really recomment him to anyone
david lasry Sep 04, 2016

This mentor is amazing, very good and honest :) I really recommend Ionica to everyone.
david lasry Sep 04, 2016

always the best
Derrick Sep 02, 2016

He helped me again with a some js and html/css problems, perfect and fast again!
Jordi V Sep 02, 2016

Johnny is a great teacher. He didn't assume anything and made sure I understood how the code worked. He started at a high level and then would dig deeper. He gladly answered any questions. His speed and knowledge have been unmatched so for. He will definitely become my go-to resource.
Adam Sep 01, 2016

Ionny was helpful and instructive as always. Fast problem solver and excellent teacher !
Evilolive Sep 01, 2016

The mentor was great... had a specific problem and it was fixed right away and they walked me through all the steps to do so.
Mark Howells Aug 31, 2016

Helped me very good with the problem i was struggling with for weeks! made it look so nice and easy. Will ask again for help if i need anything! would recommend!
Jordi V Aug 31, 2016

Today we handled javascript getters and setters, some regex, and angular 2 form validations for the date of birth field. I must say Johnny is really great at debugging code and solving problems programmatically as well as explaining the who what how why and when. Thanks again.
Tony Elam Aug 30, 2016

Ionica is such a treat to work with. I needed help writing a custom a Google script to use in Google Sheets and Ionica was able to help me with my problem quickly and directly all the while explaining how to do it. It was great !
Evilolive Aug 30, 2016

I don't even know how to start! Ionica is a great teacher and consequently an amazing communicator. His suburb knowledge is demonstrated from the time he opens his mouth - simply a genius! After the first paragraph, there is no need to say it but I will: Ionica is contagious and the kind of person you want to work with non-stop.
helio Aug 29, 2016

Highly Recommend. Will be teaching me more in the future
Austin Clowdus Aug 29, 2016

Today Johnny help me with Angular 2 form validation for the credit card cvv field which programmatically sets the digits to 3 or 4 based on the credit card type entered. This was very challenging for me and I could not figure out. Because Angular 2 logic is mostly javascript based Johnny although he stated he was not familiar with Angular2 he was able to navigate, debug, and resolve my issue. Thanks a lot Johnny.
Tony Elam Aug 28, 2016

Johnny was very knowledgeable in Javascript and Node. My issues were fixed very quickly and I learned a lot in the debugging process.
Michelle Munksgard Aug 26, 2016

Just awesome
Tony Aug 22, 2016

Very effective mentor! Easy to work with and ask for additional help concerning questions that arise :)
Matthew Slomski Aug 20, 2016

It was nice. I was given the correct solution on which I should work on to fix.
Moumita Aug 20, 2016

Problem was fixed!! Went above and beyond to ensure that I was learning too. I really appreciate the resources that were sent to me after the session too. Thanks again
Codementor Aug 18, 2016

Great session as always Johnny is the best!
Derrick Aug 17, 2016

Ionica has always been there when I needed help. I'd be repeating myself if I have to write about his expertise on Node or Mongo. Best mentor!
Renu Sahukara Aug 16, 2016

Awesome as usual!
Derrick Aug 15, 2016

Great as always :)
Derrick Aug 11, 2016

I had a great opportunity to work with him, i solved an issue cause me 1 week o search , It's the best guy here. If you have problems with any kind of code he is the right person. Trusted!
Robert Aug 10, 2016

Great as always :)
Derrick Aug 10, 2016

Great work as always
Derrick Aug 08, 2016

Fantastic Mentor
Tony Aug 07, 2016

This was my first experience in codementor and it was great thanks to Ionică. He was really helpful! I'll work with him again.
Carlos Sánchez Aug 04, 2016

Great Mentor very helpful
Tony Aug 03, 2016

As always Ionica's the best, and generous and kind and passionate.. :) I can't ask for a better mentor than Ionica.
Renu Sahukara Jul 29, 2016

One of the most knowledgable and genuine tutors I've dealt with. Always a pleasure, and he's always quick. I tend to learn quite a bit from him, also.
Donavin Northrup Jul 29, 2016

Very Knowledgable
Tony Jul 28, 2016

Learnt writing clean javaScript and modularizing. Got exposed to some clean tools and techniques.. Ionica, the greatest JavaScript geek ever, according to me. Really inspired.
Renu Sahukara Jul 28, 2016

Passionate, knowledgeable, helpful, and quick. Learnt a few tricks in testing as well.
Nelson Ho Jul 28, 2016

This was my second time working with Ionică. He helped track down a tricky bug in my code, gave me some tips on error handling and showed great ES6 features. He also gave me a tour of node-debugger. I learned a huge amount just from seeing him wiz through my program setting breakpoints, inspecting outputs and think through various acync calls.
Reilly Sweetland Jul 27, 2016

Again, he just made the mobile part of my site - http://www.intelligentservers.co.uk - look amazing!! What a guy! I would highly recommend to anyone!
Andy Hughes Jul 27, 2016

Ionica is the best I have worked with. Had solved every problem I had, had been very patient, and was quite cooperative and passionate about mentoring.
Renu Sahukara Jul 27, 2016

Excellent Javascript debugging skills. Thanks Johnny!
JP Quiceno Jul 26, 2016

Very helpful and knowledgable mentor
Tony Jul 26, 2016

JohnnyB is very good at what he does and if the request is outside his area of expertise, he recommends you seek help with an expert. He assisted me by giving notes on what to look for.
Kenneth Swan Jul 26, 2016

Ionică was masterful in his creation of useful examples to illustrate various concepts and questions I had regarding Promises, debugging techniques and even the Node.js core. He "speaks" JavaScript fluently is an all around wiz regarding JavaScript and Node.js.
Reilly Sweetland Jul 25, 2016

Fantastic to work with
Tony Jul 25, 2016

The mentor was very valuable, competent and quick.
Alessandro De Marco Jul 25, 2016

The #1 JS expert on CodeMentor!
JP Quiceno Jul 24, 2016

THE MASTER OF JAVASCRIPT! No one is better. Thank you!
JP Quiceno Jul 23, 2016

Extremely helpful. Very knowledgeable, understand project requirements fast, and provides a plan of action that solves the problem at hand.
Yenier Jul 22, 2016

Schemas to solve world hunger soon to discovered by Johnny
Arjun Jul 22, 2016

Karate practice with VIM Ninja Johnny
Arjun Jul 21, 2016

Very knowledgeable - Worth the price! I'll be happy to retake more lessons!
Oren Yonash Jul 21, 2016

He is knowledgeable in JavaScript and front end technologies. Did learn a fair bit. His English is good but it takes a while to get used to it. In short, I would recommend him for front end.
Eng Guan Yeo Jul 20, 2016

Amazing!! Explains very clearly, smart, awesome
Lin Z Jul 19, 2016

Arisah Ijeoma Jul 18, 2016

Arisah Ijeoma Jul 18, 2016

This is my first time on Codementor and I was very fortunate to have JohnnyB contact me first. The man is a genius! After about about 10 minutes of investigation he had a rough idea of where to look and within an hour had my problem solved. Very impressed! I'll be back
Kenneth Swan Jul 18, 2016

As always, JohnnyB is a rockstar always helpful and solving the issues quickly. Thanks!
CYG Jul 18, 2016

he is great, I always come back and let him help me to solve the problems
jack Jul 17, 2016

Another excellent session with Johnny & Javascript
Arjun Jul 14, 2016

Perfect Mentor!! Highly Recommended
Michael Jul 13, 2016

WOW! just WOW! I learned so much from this mentor! It's such a fun session too, I would definitely choose this mentor again when I need to solve problem in the future.
jack Jul 13, 2016

Arisah Ijeoma Jul 13, 2016

Brilliant, insightful, direct, clear, and fast. Ionică diagnosed and solved my issue straight away and explained clearly along the way. Highly recommended, next-level js guru!
John Griffin Jul 13, 2016

today johnny helped me refactor my code. a large if/else block to a es6 static property and iterate over using .filter(). we also went over typescript interfaces which are really nice. thank you johnny b
Tony Elam Jul 12, 2016

Johnny was super helpful. Helped me figure out exactly what i needed. Provided great explanations. Showed me great tricks. Very enlightening!
Peter Jul 12, 2016

To the moon with Johnny with Javascript
Arjun Jul 12, 2016

Johnny was fantastic and for someone who was not familiar with Angular 2 code base he navigated his way around like he had been using it for years. I was really impressed with his debugging capabilities. Watching him debug the code really helped me understand what was happening within the code and to check the expected values. I look forward to a longterm mentorship with Johnny. Thank you
Tony Elam Jul 10, 2016

An alchemist with Javascript
Arjun Jul 08, 2016

Great troubleshooting session!
John Heeter Jul 07, 2016

Great Mentor
Tony Jul 06, 2016

By far the best mentor I've had the opportunity to work with! Very helpful in teaching how to properly debug issues and deeply knowledgeable on core concepts. Looking forward to the next session!
Nikesh Jul 05, 2016

Even without words, Johnny was a star and just took over my screen to help me write the necessary code to adapt my site. High five! :)
CYG Jul 04, 2016

Fantastic, very helpful mentor
Tony Jul 03, 2016

Again, excellent service!! Top class!
Andy Hughes Jul 01, 2016

Again, just did an amazing job and very quick! Not often in life you find the right person for what you need straight away but I've definitely found the right guy for the job and I'm sure you'll say the same thing after Ionica has helped you. Ionica also helped me learn more about code and explained everything that he was doing to help me understand. What a great guy! :) Thanks again! Andy
Andy Hughes Jul 01, 2016

Wow, amazingly efficient use of time while explaining exactly what he was doing in a very clear way. Thank you so so much Johnny, you saved me so many hours today! I look forward to working with you again in the future. Take care!
Quintin Henry Jun 30, 2016

I literally said "wow" out loud after ending the call due to the sheer number of questions Johnnyb was able to answer in our concise and productive session. Great at explaining how things work as well!
John Heeter Jun 30, 2016

Wow! What an amazing guy Ionica is! He helped me straight away, no messing around and didn't stop working even when my credits ran out! I would recommend Ionica to anyone needing some help with CSS and HTML. Amazing kid!
Andy Hughes Jun 29, 2016

What doesn't Jonny know how to do? Amazing! Expert developer!
JP Quiceno Jun 28, 2016

Excellent mentor, very knowledgable, I highly recommend it! Thank you so much!
Michael Jun 27, 2016

Fantastic! Brilliant! Amazing! These words are just a few to describe Johnny
Arjun Jun 27, 2016

Arisah Ijeoma Jun 27, 2016

Johnny was a big help - he gave me a nudge in the right direction.
Adrian Jun 27, 2016

Excellent!! Super helpful! Will request again :)
Lin Z Jun 27, 2016

Really knows his stuff. I also learned a few new ways to do things, am absolutely hiring again.
Alex Jun 26, 2016

Ionică is an awesome mentor - helped explain several confusing concepts of Javascript!
Benny Jun 24, 2016

Michael O Jun 24, 2016

Very proficient
Michael O Jun 24, 2016

Excellent! I highly recommend!
Dee Jun 22, 2016

Wow. Brilliant mentor and just great to work with. Very thorough. Very highly recommend.
David Jun 21, 2016

Excellent mentor! He is very knowlegable about MongoDB and Node.js and an avid open source contributor and pushes a lot for the perfect solution. He is also a great mentors and describes difficult concepts in a vivid way! +1!
D Wang Jun 21, 2016

Great as always!
CodeBeginner124 Jun 20, 2016

Johhny is superfast and great as always. The best mentor on the site probably.
CodeBeginner124 Jun 17, 2016

Great experience, the mentor is very knowledgeable and explained everything very well.
Alexander Grinkevich Jun 17, 2016

Probably the best mentor on Node/Javascript I ever worked with. Super friendly and helpful. Totally recommended and I would definitely work with him again.
Vlad Jun 17, 2016

Arisah Ijeoma Jun 16, 2016

Awesome mentor.
Arisah Ijeoma Jun 15, 2016

Great mentor, understood the issue and fixed it right away. Thanks Sophek
Sophek Jun 15, 2016

Johnny is truly gifted at what he does. I watched in awe as he artfully and swiftly constructed a beautiful dance of javascript and css. Johnny is definitely the best mentor I've worked with.
Andy Abelow Jun 13, 2016

Expert level knowledge, gets the job done, no matter what! Thank you!
JP Quiceno Jun 12, 2016

Johnny really knows alot! Super fast at understanding your problem and wont waste any time getting to the solution. Very helpful, nice person. Would definitely recommend!
CodeBeginner124 Jun 12, 2016

Fantastic Mentor
Tony Jun 10, 2016

Thank you so much for your help! Super helpful and patient
Cindy Jun 10, 2016

To be succinct: Johnny is the best mentor I've worked with. He was able to solve my issue and suggested solid improvements beyond the scope of my initial problem. Can't recommend him enough!
Joey Burzynski Jun 09, 2016

Ionica has helped me again with some javascript form validation, he was very speedy and efficient, I worked with him in the past and I will work with him again in future.
Daniele Manca Jun 09, 2016

Knows how to listen and gives u an instant solution. Was a great lesson!
Oren Yonash Jun 08, 2016

Grand Wizard in the realm of computers, with gratitude I bear witness to the magic of johnny in action
Arjun Jun 06, 2016

So so so so helpful! Johnny was really amazing in helping me figure out what my problem was and fixing it. Really skilled debugger.
Mollie M Jun 05, 2016

Very helpful, friendly and expert level knowledge! Thank you!
JP Quiceno Jun 04, 2016

Amazing guy, worked with him frequently. Always extremely quick to assist, and doesn't waste time. Very useful for any NPM mods, or Node help.
Donavin Northrup Jun 03, 2016

Very professional developer, know perfect the github community and do a full support guide.
Federico May 30, 2016

Very professional developer with also a great support
Federico May 30, 2016

Awesome session
Arisah Ijeoma May 24, 2016

Jonny is a great developer. I asked him to review my side project work. He made a number of suggestions and improvements to the code base and explained in detail when he improved the performance of a particular code block or made it more readable.
Filype Pereira May 24, 2016

Very helpful, patient, and provided a clear explanation of the problem and solution. Recommended!
Yenier May 17, 2016

Ionică is always a great mentor and very thorough at explaining everything. I'm happy to always be able to work with him to solve my problems.
Kim Sarabia May 17, 2016

Johnny has been super helpful again, he helped me solve all of my javascript issues and pretty quickly as well.
Daniele Manca May 15, 2016

Another fantastic session with plenty of take aways. Super helpful. Highly recommended.
Joey Burzynski May 13, 2016

He was very fast and respected my time and money.
Nathan Cain May 12, 2016

Fantastic Mentor. Highly recommend
Tony May 12, 2016

Good :)
AK May 11, 2016

Great mentor :)
AK May 10, 2016

Very helpful work on things very fast. Make notes for you and tells you what goes wrong :D very nice considering having him for my longterm mentor
Steven Tang May 09, 2016

Very great mentor. Very helpful quick and provided good explanation
Peter May 06, 2016

First session, very happy. Will be back for more Thanks,
Christopher Scott May 02, 2016

Absolutely Brilliant!
Nnamdi Apr 28, 2016

Ionica is a very good mentor. I definitely recommend him
david lasry Apr 28, 2016

Johhny is a great mentor, who really knows his stuff, and has a package for everything! Will definitely work with again. A*
Kingsley Raspe Apr 27, 2016

Absolutely incredible mentor - knows his stuff, understands the issue immediately - would highly highly recommend!
Nnamdi Apr 27, 2016

Highly Recommend
Tony Apr 27, 2016

Brilliant Mentor. Highly Recommend
Tony Apr 24, 2016

I had a good session with him, he is very knowledgeable with node js.
Amri Apr 22, 2016

Amazing, debugged nodejs and reestablished a connection to MongoDB. After the problem was solved, took the time to explain what was done. Worth every penny! Thank you!
Ed Brooks Apr 21, 2016

Was very helpful
mj101 Apr 21, 2016

Extraordinarily knowledgeable. Very friendly, detailed and helpful. Provided several insights to improve our code base. Highly recommended.
Joey Burzynski Apr 20, 2016

Great Mentor
Tony Apr 20, 2016

Another awesome session with Ionică! Always fun to work with him.
Kim Sarabia Apr 19, 2016

Johnny was extremely quick, patient and helpful. Not only did he show his workings during the process, but also checked after that I fully understood what he had implemented. Highly recommended, would hire again.
Luke Kelly Apr 18, 2016

Highly recommended
Tony Apr 18, 2016

Great person to work with and easy to talk to! Thank for the help.
Paulo Pinzon-Iradian Apr 17, 2016

Johnny helped me to solve a production issue. He is very smart and has great attitude. I would highly recommend him. He will be my go to person for any of my JavaScript related issues.
Shankar Apr 15, 2016

I've used a lot of different services and hired many different developers and this was by far my best experience. Absolutely Superb support. Ionică even explained in detail how the problem was being solved. Bravo! I used to use a competitor service to codementor but Ionică has won me over to codementor!
Hugh Macken Apr 15, 2016

Very knowledgeable of various technologies. He likes a challenge and good at trouble shooting! :)
Brett Senna Apr 14, 2016

Very helpful and knowledgeable of different technologies. He is not afraid of a challenge, and willing to trouble shoot to solve.
Brett Senna Apr 14, 2016

Excellent! Very helpful and nice too
Jennifer Mutasa Apr 12, 2016

Awesome Mentor
Tony Apr 11, 2016

Outstanding mentor. His exceptional proficiency in Node.js is abundantly apparent. Helps resolve your issue, explains why the issues were occurring, and even provides a host of reference sources to go beef your understanding even further. His accent was just a touch difficult to understand for the first few moments, but by the end of your session you'll be able to fully and easily absorb all of the knowledge this man will lay down. Also, after the session he was super easy to get in touch with via chat to help instantly debug a smaller later issue that arose. Will use again. Worth every cent. Highly recommend!
Kendrick Apr 10, 2016

Thanks a lot for quickly finding the issue.
michael Apr 10, 2016

Ionica's a great Help as always. Helped with refactoring my scruffy javascript code. Will love to work with him again
Enoch Leonard Apr 07, 2016

Very well explained.
Yanick Moregola Apr 07, 2016

Very helpful, my issue was fixed pretty quickly. If I ever need more js assistance I know whom to reach!
Darren Bachan Apr 07, 2016

Ionica was amazing! He helped me refactor my code and provided many tips on tools to use. I learned quite a bit. Highly recommended and will definitively use again. Thanks Ionica!
Vera Zabeida Apr 06, 2016

Absolutely brilliant, blown away by his knowledge!
Nnamdi Apr 06, 2016

quick and knowledgeable
Daniel Apr 01, 2016

Very fast and great at teachning
David Ryan Apr 01, 2016

Johnny knows his material, I highly recommend him!
Omer Mar 31, 2016

Great session, highly recommend! Provided additional insight above what was required (which was much appreciated!) - professional and session was tailored to my specific request/questions. Enjoyable as well!
Trevor Jones Mar 31, 2016

fantastic mentor
Tony Mar 29, 2016

Ionică is awesome to work with. Very detailed and knows how to execute complex requests.
Francisco Mar 28, 2016

Really Awesome mentor. Highly recommend
Tony Mar 28, 2016

Solved my problem very fast didn't even take 5 minutes. Thank you :D
Nico Mar 27, 2016

I really enjoyed my session with Ionica he is very helpful and tries to share his insights as much as he can. I would definitely book a session with him again in order to solve with him any issues or challenges I face.
miltiadis bouchalakis Mar 25, 2016

Awesome Mentor - put me through with the twitter API and a little bit of server-side scripting in javascript.
Enoch Leonard Mar 23, 2016

Awesome, very helpful mentor
Tony Mar 23, 2016

This mentor really helped and explained all coding structures as he was doing them I will use this mentor again.
Francesca Mar 21, 2016

Remarkably patient and helpful as always!
Gill Mar 17, 2016

I love Ionica! He is teaching me all sorts of JS scripts and helping me a lot!
Todd Squitieri Mar 17, 2016

Really helpful as always
Tony Mar 15, 2016

He was a great mentor, He explained everything step by step a he was even going further with what was I askging for. A pleasure to work with him and I will going to contact him again when I'm in need
Alberto Jorge Serrano Peláez Mar 14, 2016

Johnny was an excellent mentor. He did a great job of solving the issue I faced with my code, and explained how he implemented the fixes each step of the way.
Josh Kneeland Mar 13, 2016

Excellent Mentor
Tony Mar 13, 2016

A+++ Awesome mentor!
Lin Z Mar 11, 2016

Ionica is an amazing mentor. There have been times when I needed help on the spot and he just dropped everything that he was doing to help me figure out a problem. Last week, we worked on GitHub and made pages. He's amazing!
Todd Squitieri Mar 10, 2016

Awesome as always
Tony Mar 10, 2016

Great again - Followed up with resolving my issue.
Donavin Northrup Mar 09, 2016

Very awesome guy - Extremely knowledgable, very friendly. Was able to completely fix my issue, no problem.
Donavin Northrup Mar 09, 2016

This guy is Awesome, super fast and has a lot of javascript knowledge. Will hire him again in future for sure!
Haider Ali Khan Mar 08, 2016

Great as always
Derrick Mar 08, 2016

Ionica was super helpful and stayed on until the problem was solved in the best way possible!
tess Mar 07, 2016

Easy Fix Thank you very much
Tony Mar 07, 2016

I tried my first mentoring session and Ionică left a very positive impression. He is knowledgeable, articulate, and provides detailed explanations. Highly recommended!
Gill Mar 06, 2016

Amazing, thanks so much.
Thomas Chambrier Mar 05, 2016

Very excellent. My problem was solved quick fashion and fully explained.
Noel Sagaille Mar 04, 2016

Ionică is super nice and funny and an insanely talented programmer. I learn a lot from my sessions with him. If you're lucky, he'll even play the piano for you.
Kim Sarabia Mar 03, 2016

Amazing tutor. Very Highly recommended!
Thomas Chambrier Mar 02, 2016

Johnny is always fantastic help
Tony Mar 01, 2016

Very diligent mentor
Tony Feb 29, 2016

Thank you again mate for the quick and fast support! :)
daniel Feb 28, 2016

He is an excellent and thorough mentor, provides step by step explanation and works to set up your environment to your needs.
Solomon Feb 28, 2016

Woop woop! Super duper, helped me again again, with fixing some bugs and adding some nice neat features to my site! Thank you so much for the help again! :) Honestly recommend him for everyone!! :D
daniel Feb 25, 2016

Excellent !
Jonathan Weizman Feb 25, 2016

Helpful, patient, and very FAST!! Great mentor!
Andrew Hill Feb 25, 2016

Awesome again. Thanks Johnny
Tony Feb 25, 2016

BEST MENTOR EVER! Johnny B is my go-to guy for all my Javascript, HTML, CSS needs. He gives you his full 100% attention and 200% effort in helping you complete your task, which is an A+ in my book :D He always delivers amazing results and makes sure you are happy/satisfied because he loves to help. He has such a kind heart & soul, plus he is really nice, friendly, funny, cool, & SUPER talented in many other things. After Johnny has made sure he delivered quality service, he will show you his awesome open source projects he's contributed to the developer world and you will be amazed! He may even play you some cool piano tracks in between sessions to calm the mood from the stress coding can sometimes bring. Johnny B is the coolest guy on the Internet that I have met and my best friend for LIFE <3 He is the BEST!!! You will not find any better than him. There is a reason he is a featured star code mentor on the front page. Trust ;)
Nuvi Feb 24, 2016

very kind and professional!
Omer Feb 24, 2016

good linux troubleshooting
Jacques Fu Feb 24, 2016

Super friendly as always, and super intelligent guy to work with, As always :P
daniel Feb 23, 2016

Again, excellent! Debugging beast right here :p
Flavio Carvalho Feb 23, 2016

Derrick Feb 23, 2016

Really great guy, fixed my bug in no time! Recommend *****
Flavio Carvalho Feb 21, 2016

fantastic as always troubleshooting node
Jacques Fu Feb 19, 2016

Great help, thank you for your time.
metalmonkey Feb 19, 2016

Great mentor, Ionica helped me fix a hard to solve issue with Mongoose and MongoDB
Reinard van der Leij Feb 19, 2016

Very Knowledgeable
Renan Max Hamoy Feb 17, 2016

Johnny was really patient and dug into my bug until he found the solution. Thanks Johnny once again.
metalmonkey Feb 17, 2016

Very quick and helpful
Roshan Feb 17, 2016

Johnny > IBM Watson
Arjun Feb 16, 2016

Tony Feb 16, 2016

Solved it again.
Tony Feb 16, 2016

Thanks Johnny! You helped me solve a problem I've been having for 2 weeks now. Now I'll need to study your code to understand it better! :-) Wim
Wim Olivier Feb 16, 2016

The best
Derrick Feb 16, 2016

one of the best nodejs experiences I've had, great assistance in solving your problem while sharing best practices as you go along, even finding a security bug on the fly and fixed it with explanations!
Jacques Fu Feb 15, 2016

He was super helpful and solved my problem and taught me something...very cool!!
James Duffy Feb 12, 2016

Awesome. Best mentor I've had to date.
Kim Sarabia Feb 11, 2016

great mentor
Sylvain Feb 10, 2016

As always! Super nice, and super fast and super friendly!! Thank you so much! :)
daniel Feb 10, 2016

Very helpful and great mentor !
Sylvain Feb 10, 2016

Great the best ever!
Derrick Feb 09, 2016

Great Mentor
Tony Feb 09, 2016

Good work again
Derrick Feb 09, 2016

One of the best mentors available out there!!! Thank you so much again for doing an awesome job mate! :)
daniel Feb 07, 2016

It was well late for Ionica (time zone difference) but he graciously agreed to start a session to see if he could help me debug an issue. And debug it we did. Quick and efficient. Thanks again!
Evilolive Feb 04, 2016

Solved Again.
Tony Feb 04, 2016

We learned SO MUCH tonight! So much awesome information I would have never received anywhere else: Debugging tips, how to use .gitignore, Zen Coding and using Emmet, using grep commands in the terminal. Beyond doubt, this mentor is the only one who is actually turning me into a professional developer. Thank you so much Ionica! You're the best!
Todd Squitieri Feb 04, 2016

Super friendly and nice guy to work with as usual! solved my issue in matter of minutes. :)
daniel Feb 04, 2016

Easy Quick fix as always
Tony Feb 04, 2016

Very Good.
metalmonkey Feb 03, 2016

Best on Codementor when he is not online I wait for him!
Derrick Feb 03, 2016

Johnny B is my favorite person in the world :) I have been his mentee for months now and I wouldn't go to anyone else. He is the best mentor you will find on Codementor! I seriously mean it. He makes sure your issue is solved and helps you do it with good quality and swiftness. He is so smart and fast! Johnny B has a heart of gold <3 with a great personality and sense of humor & he is equipped with many amazing talents! He will make you smile just from talking to him :D He is the sweetest, funniest, friendliest, smartest, coolest, bestest person ever <3 <3 <3 He is constantly building and contributing open-source projects to help make the Internet a better & fun place for developers. Check out his awesome projects at https://github.com/IonicaBizau/ Truly amazing guy with tons of talent! Highly recommend him! 5 STARS, if I could give more I would!
Nuvi Feb 02, 2016

Again a great session with Johnny! VERY knowledgeable and he knows his stuff well.A great pleasure to work with.
metalmonkey Feb 01, 2016

Very Happy after our session was able to fix the issue fast.
Renan Max Hamoy Jan 31, 2016

Ionica helped me with a flexbox issue and he was really knowledgeable and speedy
Daniele Manca Jan 31, 2016

Very knowledgeable about Github, friendly and helpful!
Renan Max Hamoy Jan 31, 2016

Thanks for your help. I would ask for his help again.
sam q Jan 30, 2016

very good session; useful info and tutorials
bns Jan 29, 2016

Johnny has been very helpful and supportive and went above and beyond to understand my requirement completely and shared his professional experience he had to solve the issue in a quick time. Very Knowledgeable, talented and he knows his stuff. Definitely contacting him again.
metalmonkey Jan 28, 2016

We are learning NPM packages right now! Really informative!
Todd Squitieri Jan 28, 2016

Your talent is awesome and very patience in explaining the things with more explanation and examples.
Jeevi Jan 27, 2016

Great codementor session as always!
HK Jan 26, 2016

As always, Ionică has delivered an absolutely excellent and enjoyable coding session! Really appreciate the productive discussion.
HK Jan 20, 2016

Extremely Knowledgeable. You won't know till you book a session.
Dave Skye Jan 19, 2016

Johnny is honestly a wonder to work with.
Tony Jan 19, 2016

Once again Johnny saved my day.. He is a true code warrior.
metalmonkey Jan 18, 2016

Awesome Mentor.
Tony Jan 18, 2016

Johnny is very quick to identify the problem. I will be working with him again in the near future. Has a great workflow. Long Live Bro.You are the best !!
metalmonkey Jan 17, 2016

This guy is a genius. This will be my first and last stop when I get on this site. Unbelievable. He didn't waste my time to gauge up funds or any such thing like that, and he was extremely helpful. Will use him again without reservations!
Dave Skye Jan 17, 2016

Always best
Derrick Jan 17, 2016

Derrick Jan 17, 2016

Very good the best guy on codementor
Derrick Jan 17, 2016

Fantastic Mentor.
Tony Jan 15, 2016

Had a great codementor session with Johnny as he is not only very patient and friendly but also very helpful and dedicated in answering my questions and clearly gives his best in making sure the session is a good and productive one.
HK Jan 15, 2016

Fantastic very helpful mentor.
Tony Jan 15, 2016

Is helping me use modules! A+++
Todd Squitieri Jan 14, 2016

Extremely complex problem. Johnny as always helped out perfectly!
Aarush Gupta Jan 13, 2016

Always great working with Johnny! Like always, problem solved! Thanks! Perfect!
Aarush Gupta Jan 13, 2016

Life saver
Allie Jones Jan 13, 2016

Johnny is a great mentor! Helped me out a couple of times now! Always precise, to the point. Thanks a ton again!
Aarush Gupta Jan 11, 2016

Had a really productive session with Ionica and were able to get many things accomplished!
Amy McKnight Jan 10, 2016

Great fast help once again
Tony Jan 10, 2016

Fantastic Mentor. Always incredibly helpful
Tony Jan 09, 2016

Extremely fast. Problem solved, thank you
George Jan 08, 2016

Mentor was really easy to speak to and had a positive attitude while helping me. Was patient when I was struggling to understand things, took time to explain what I was doing wrong and also gave tips on how to remember things. I would definitely use Ionica again and would recommend him to everyone :)
Daniel Clabby Jan 08, 2016

Amazing mentor, solved my issue very easily. Great to work with! Thanks again!
Aarush Gupta Jan 07, 2016

Johnny was very quick to identify the problems. He also helped with suggestions for improving the code quality. I would definitely recommend Johnny to others.
Tom Trahan Jan 07, 2016

Ionica is a brilliant coder and knows a lot of information about Js. He addresses my issues and then provides me with assignments to solidify the material. Great mentor!
Todd Squitieri Jan 07, 2016

Johnny B good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFo8-JqzSCM Go Johnny, Go!!! Wow! He is so awesome ♥ My favorite person on the Internet, hands down! Such great skills with Javascript & teaching me all the things! He is so cool, smart, funny, sweet, and helpful! :D I really love our sessions together and always look forward to them. I have been working with Johnny for about 2 months now and he knows my project inside and out. We have greatly improved the performance of it as well as fixed so many bugs! Soon it will be perfect with his help :)
Nuvi Jan 07, 2016

Awesome Mentor.
Tony Jan 06, 2016

Really helped me solve something I was stuck on. Sometimes it really helps to have someone else look at your code for you. So thankful
Allie Jones Jan 06, 2016

Very helpful and thorough
Allie Jones Jan 05, 2016

Excellent support from him and its been great to work with him.
Jeevi Jan 04, 2016

greg Jan 04, 2016

Ionică Bizău was very helpful and was able to quickly guide me to a solution to my problem. Great mentor.
Michael Jan 03, 2016

Really good
Derrick Jan 03, 2016

Tony Jan 03, 2016

Derrick Jan 03, 2016

Ionica was great! He was patient and was able to pinpoint the problem accurately by just overlooking the code. He helped us fix a bug that would make our application crash. Will definitely book him again.
Cyrus Gorjipour Jan 01, 2016

Excellent work.
Jim Maybee Dec 31, 2015

Very good explaining skills and explained each and every question with more clarity and patienace.
Jeevi Dec 31, 2015

Awesome Mentor
Tony Dec 31, 2015

Ionica solved some difficult git issues very quickly. WOW!
Lauren Mendoza Dec 30, 2015

Good guy
Seth Aikens Dec 30, 2015

Best Mentor you'll find.
Tony Dec 30, 2015

Fantastic Mentor
Tony Dec 29, 2015

Great Mentor
Tony Dec 29, 2015

Awesome Mentor.
Tony Dec 28, 2015

Ionica is awesome at regex and came up with an elegant solution!
Lauren Mendoza Dec 26, 2015

JPay DN Dec 24, 2015

JPay DN Dec 24, 2015

Simply AMAZING! Every single time. I am always left overjoyed after I finish a session with Johnny B. He spends all the time needed to help me fix my issues and is always there as a helping hand :D Super fast in debugging, working on features, and just coding in Javascript in general. I could not ask for a better code mentor and words cannot describe my happiness! Seriously. I love working together with Johnny B & he is really nice, patient, and kind. He is also really funny and smart <3 The best qualities of a person in my opinion :) Hehe. Keep doing what you are doing Johnny B, you make me really happy!!! I appreciate you very much and glad I found you because I know I would be super lost without ya ;) Thanks again <3 <3 <3
Nuvi Dec 24, 2015

I have so much fun coding and learning with Johnny B every session :D He is the ultimate bug killer and extremely fast at figuring out where the problem lies. I don't go to anyone else for help because we have been working really closely together on my app & he already knows where all the files are by memory! He is really dependable and reliable, which is why I can always count on him for help when I need it. This is the best code mentor you will find, especially for all Javascript needs :) ~ A true mad scientist with a sweet heart <3 Thank you for everything Johnny B. I appreciate you so much!!!
Nuvi Dec 23, 2015

Very helpful!!
Thierry Dec 23, 2015

Ionica solved another 6 issues in using the svg.js library - very effectively, saving me hours, and explaining his work as he implemented solutions.
Jim Maybee Dec 23, 2015

Johnny did a great job of showing me the basic git commands and how to push/commit through a repo. Looking forward to pair programming with him again!
Yama Noorstani Dec 22, 2015

An excellent session... working with svg.js ... solved 5 problems in 45 minutes... saving me hours!
Jim Maybee Dec 22, 2015

OMG 100th REVIEW!!!! :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.... the greatest mentor of all time RIGHT HERE! I love ending my nights before I go to bed by coding together with Johnny B and filling my brain with the bountiful amounts of knowledge that Johnny B supplies me. My eyes are always in for a show with his magical programming capabilities that I get to witness :D He's truly an amazing human being. Really glad I found him and I am so overjoyed with every session we have together.
Nuvi Dec 22, 2015

Johnny B is my favorite person to be mentored by and code with on Codementor!!! He is absolutely amazing at the craft of programming. He is insanely fast at figuring out the issue associated with the bug problems and tasks I have. Johnny is always there for me when I need help and assists me with whatever he can. I really love our sessions together because I learn so much from him rather than if I tried it by myself. Whenever I have a question about something, he presents me with simplified examples to understand the foundation which is really great. Sometimes he plays piano for me on pause breaks and shows me all his new awesome modules on Github. I am always so impressed by his work and passion! Also, he has some really cool chemistry experiments he does on Youtube as a side hobby. How cool is that? He has many amazing talents! Love this guy <3
Nuvi Dec 21, 2015

:) Amazing
JPay DN Dec 21, 2015

Another excellent session.
Jim Maybee Dec 20, 2015

Most excellent Mentor
Tony Dec 18, 2015

We covered quite a few topics within a 30 minute session. Excellent advice & guidance delivered very quickly.
Jim Maybee Dec 17, 2015

Excellent work... developing svg drawing capabilities... Saving me many hours.
Jim Maybee Dec 17, 2015

Another helpful session in learning git and command line
Amy McKnight Dec 17, 2015

Sessions with Johnny make me so happy and every time we finish, I am left overjoyed with happiness! He not only helped solve my issue, but he taught me more than I asked for and he shows me really amazing software related things like cool packages he made or VIM video to ASCII Art players, etc :) He is really generous in sharing his knowledge with me to help me learn and to become a better coder, plus he is really patient and kind. I really like his voice too, you can hear the sweetness :) If I can be as half as good as him in coding someday, I will be content. Thank you for everything, Johnny B -- you're the best person/mentor ever <3
Nuvi Dec 17, 2015

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Words cannot express my happiness right now :D I just learned how internet famous Johnny B is and I am really impressed & honored that he helps me <3 :) He has these amazing projects that he does for fun that are very innovative & useful to other users of all ages. I love learning more and more about him because he is such a cool and amazing person. I just love our coding sessions together because I really am learning so much than from when I first started since I am relatively new to programming still. I don't turn to anyone else for help in my Javascript needs. Johnny B is hands down the smartest, nicest, and best mentor ever.
Nuvi Dec 16, 2015

Once again... excellent work.
Jim Maybee Dec 15, 2015

I had trouble finding a line of code in my CSS that was keeping my image from loading. Ionică had it sorted out in record time. So glad that I was able the get connected with him on here.
Amy McKnight Dec 15, 2015

Excellent Mentor. Very helpful and patient. Always tries to get the best possible solution. Nothing too much trouble
Tony Dec 15, 2015

Featured mentor for Monthly Plan : Helped user fix the problem with good ranking.
Codementor Dec 14, 2015

Ionica is great! Super duper helpful and provides me with much needed feedback to move forward in my life! :)
Todd Squitieri Dec 14, 2015

Ionica is super fantastic! He's been a true mentor, monitoring my progress and offering me help both in our sessions and out! I think he really cares about me! :)
Todd Squitieri Dec 14, 2015

Johnny B makes me want to become a better coder. Just from doing sessions with him, I learn so much from watching his lightning fast abilities in using VIM & Javascript. He actually got me to use VIM as well and I felt like a pro :D After he codes something, he explains the concept to me and makes sure I understand the foundation, which is a really great mentor quality! :) He is really patient if I don't know something about working with the code and we figure it out together as a team <3 I love doing coding sessions with him. Best mentor ever, right here.
Nuvi Dec 13, 2015

Very good
Derrick Dec 12, 2015

Excellent mentor... Resolved a Javascript problem that I have been struggling with for some time... within a 30 minute session! I will be doing many more sessions.
Jim Maybee Dec 10, 2015

I am the 100th rating of Johnny B! Yay!!! So basically, Johnny B = happiness. Johnny B is an extremely capable and passionate programmer that picks up things quickly. He is so quick with his thinking and lighting fast fingers with the keyboard, I am always left amazed at his coding abilities. He has tremendously helped me improve my app and cleaned up the code for faster performance. After he codes something, he makes sure to test that it works and then teaches me why he did it. I would be lost without Johnny B, as mentioned multiple times -- because I mean it! He has a dedication to internalize the concepts and make sure I understand them. He brings a level of enthusiasm and commitment to his mentees that keeps them wanting his help forever :) He is always dependable and there for me when I need him, which is the best kind of mentor anyone can have <3 Follow him on Github! He has a lot of great examples on there and is an inspiration to create side projects for improving coding skills. He is a really cool guy also!!! He plays the piano really well and likes to play around with chemicals/fire, which is awesome :D
Nuvi Dec 10, 2015

Ionica did a great job once again fixing some D3 and CSS issues I had.
Taj Carson Dec 09, 2015

He really knows how to see problems and is able to transfer that knowledge as he help you to get it worked out!
Amy McKnight Dec 09, 2015

Johnny B truly cares about his mentees. He inspires you to want to be a better coder and explains everything he is doing. Johnny B is really dependable and reliable, he is always there when I need him and goes the extra mile to help me! He is also so patient and has such a great attitude. Can't say enough good things about him :)
Nuvi Dec 09, 2015

Really happy that I found Ionică. Here really knows his stuff and he is inspiring me to learn things I never thought of. Looking forward to working with him!
Amy McKnight Dec 08, 2015

Great session. Super helpful and friendly focused on what matter in programming.
Vlad Dec 08, 2015

Johnny is super smart & fast at everything he does! My most favorite mentor ever!!! :) <3
Nuvi Dec 08, 2015

Ionica is my go-to mentor when I need help with a problem and once he proved to be extremely thorough in helping me getting unstuck! A++
Evilolive Dec 07, 2015

Best Mentor available by far!
Tony Dec 07, 2015

Wow!!! Amazing job again again! I had a meeting with him this morning, and he was there! perfect in time, and he fixed, and explained everything he did to make it work, and he did it in super fast time!!! I will never use another front end bug fixer then him xD Wow!!! Thank you so much !!
daniel Dec 07, 2015

Just another bonus, i honestly cant thank him enough!
daniel Dec 06, 2015

Wow! He knew exactly what he was doing, and how to fix it, he didnt even needed the files!! Will deffenently use him for future bugfixes!! Wow!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP!!!!
daniel Dec 06, 2015

Ionică was super helpful and very knowledgeable. He helped to solve my problem and persisted until it was fixed.
Braeden Norris Dec 06, 2015

Ionica was very helpful. He knows D3 and Javascript well and was able to quickly debug and solve my problem.
Taj Carson Dec 05, 2015

Ionica is very helpful and can figure out things very quickly, even if it's a new problem or something he's never done before.
Diego Zimet Dec 04, 2015

I super-love Ionica!! So far we have been working on GitHub and Node.JS together. I am a super-slow learner, but Ionica has so much patience with me and let's me mess up all sorts of things on my own computer! It's wonderful! Although we are at the beginning stages of our work together, we have accomplished a lot in such a short period of time and I'm starting to become more autonomous with my programming work, thanks in no small part to Ionica! I will write another review in the future to let you all know if the work continues to be awesome!! =D
Todd Squitieri Dec 04, 2015

One of the best online, and actually getting better and better. An enlightened programmer truly
Arjun Dec 02, 2015

Johnny B is the ultimate exterminator/mad scientist/detective for helping me with my app :) He has been working closely with me for the past weeks and we have a great growing Mentor-Mentee bond now. I am always excited to come home and learn coding from Johnny. He makes life so much easier :D I am so grateful that I found him. He is so fast! Anything you want done, Johnny can and will do it. He puts in a lot of effort to help out and improve the production of the code/app. He has a great heart. Bless his soul <3
Nuvi Dec 02, 2015

I always have a great experience with Johnny B! He truly loves to help people and guide them in the right direction to understanding why he does certain things for debugging and coding. I have learned so much from him compared to if I tried to learn it all myself. I would be lost without Johnny B, seriously!!! He is such a calm, sweet, and smart person which is why he is my favorite mentor on Codementor and I always turn to him for any help. I am always so amazed by all his side projects he does online -- he is a Github power user/rock star & always contributing to the community. Gotta love it. Keep it up mad scientist! :) <3
Nuvi Dec 01, 2015

Very helpful, went above and beyond to help fix my issue in Git as well as issues around final deployment on Heroku. App is now up and running!
Kyle Hunt Nov 30, 2015

The best!
Derrick Nov 28, 2015

No need to go anywhere else....on the summit of codementor
Arjun Nov 28, 2015

I've been coding with Johnny B a lot lately and he has really become my favorite person ever :D He is very knowledgeable in many areas and subjects about Javascript/HTML/CSS, Git/Github, JS libraries and VIM. He certainty is a jack of all trades when it comes to being an all star coding ninja & 'mad scientist' with his logic. I really love the way things are explained/taught to me through coding with Johnny. It was in a fun and engaging way & he plays the piano like a PRO! :D He is so kind and patient also, especially with teaching me VIM. I will now have VIM dreams ('black magic') :P
Nuvi Nov 26, 2015

Helped me one more time to fix some critical bugs.I am Happy :)
metalmonkey Nov 25, 2015

I think I found the coolest guy on the Internet :) Johnny is lightning fast at figuring out the solution to my bugs and also makes sure I understand what is going on. He played piano for me during our session after he fixes the bug and lets me test it out. *^_^* How awesome is that?! The best of the best on Codementor, seriously. I wouldn't go to anyone else!
Nuvi Nov 25, 2015

This session was very helpful and i, definitely, recommend this mentor. He has a lot of patience :)
Mirela Chiriac Nov 25, 2015

Where would I be without Johnny B? I would seriously be lost. He is a God send :) I admire him and his skills so much. He is the best mentor ever. He has the willingness to share his skills, knowledge, and expertise with me and taught me about VIM & debugging skills -- plus he is so FAST! He is like a "mad scientist" with his problem solving skills also. He is always so positive and never exhibits frustration when tackling tricky tasks. He provides a lot of guidance to me and motivates me to be a good coder like him someday :D Johnny B is amazing <3
Nuvi Nov 25, 2015

Wanted to work again.Super.
metalmonkey Nov 24, 2015

one of the best on codementor again
Arjun Nov 24, 2015

As always Ionica provided me with quality, in-depth tutelage and I learned a lot during our pairing session!
Evilolive Nov 24, 2015

Johnny B is awesome! Seriously. He is beyond helpful to me whenever I need him and he accommodates me despite our time zone difference. He has quick deductive reasoning skills and is really good at helping me debug things I need help with on my app. I am so blessed to have found him and always turn to him because I trust him & his expertise :) <3
Nuvi Nov 24, 2015

Awesome mentor. The best I have worked with
Tony Nov 23, 2015

Amazing experience and very helpful! :)
Yury Yakubchyk Nov 22, 2015

Tyler Nov 22, 2015

Tyler Nov 22, 2015

Excellent knowledgeable guy,solved my problem, will like to work again.
metalmonkey Nov 22, 2015

good again :)
Derrick Nov 22, 2015

Always a pleasure :)
Tyler Nov 21, 2015

Excellent Problem Solving Skill.He is like a God to me.Any Rating should not be enough for him.Anyway A++++.
metalmonkey Nov 21, 2015

excellent job as always
Arjun Nov 20, 2015

(Johnny) was extremely helpful in finding an alternative solution for something I was trying to do. His tip will probably save me about $300 annually. Highly recommended.
Alan Houser Nov 19, 2015

Ionicâ is brilliant. Very quick and efficient, friendly, and fun to code with. Thank you!
Tyler Nov 19, 2015

Awesome Mentor...Super problem Solving Skill. Will like to work again.
metalmonkey Nov 17, 2015

Outstanding performance ! solved it !! I strongly recommend !!
William Nov 16, 2015

Awesome Mentor
Tony Nov 16, 2015

Arjun Nov 16, 2015

Johnny B has such an amazing heart and he is always so helpful & resourceful. He taught me a lot of things about debugging, git, stack overflow, and Javascript. He has written some really impressive libraries and contributed to many open source things online. He's like a rockstar and my go-to guy! :D
Nuvi Nov 16, 2015

Great job helping, very impressed
Justin Robinson Nov 15, 2015

He helped me understand my code pretty well. Thanks a ton... A++
Kenneth Hammond Nov 15, 2015

Great & quick help!
Tarek Nov 13, 2015

Super awesome and very professional
Jean-Michel Nov 13, 2015

Derrick Nov 13, 2015

This guy is great! He helpped me even though i haven't got enough budget to have a long session. But his main point is to help you get your things done! Thanks for teaching me some of the things to take note too! My script errors has also been solved!
Darren Nov 12, 2015

Johnny B is such an amazing person with a great heart inside and out :D He is SO helpful and knowledgeable, always willing to tackle any problem with me. Johnny went out of his way to solve my problems and taught me really cool things along the way about debugging and using the terminal command line. He also has some awesome Github contributions he showed me and personal projects made by him I was impressed by. Follow him on Github! 5 stars :)
Nuvi Nov 12, 2015

Awesome. Very helpful
Tony Nov 12, 2015

So helpful!!
Elisabeth Nov 11, 2015

such a great codementor!!! 5 Stars!!!!
jack Nov 11, 2015

Best Mentor I have used.
Tony Nov 11, 2015

Fast and good
Derrick Nov 10, 2015

Great guy knows his stuff will use again.
Derrick Nov 10, 2015

Before starting a session he looks if he can solve the problem. Very friendly person. 5 stars
Caspar Nov 09, 2015

Awesome person. very knowledgeable .
Niraj Nov 08, 2015

Once again Ionica saved the day and really came through to aid me with my project. Two thumbs up!
Evilolive Nov 06, 2015

Ionica was a *tremendous* help; he went above and beyond my expectations. I needed some assistance with the logic of my algorithm and we went from there to deploying my app on Openshift! He put in a lot of effort and I greatly appreciated it! Recommend!
Evilolive Nov 05, 2015

Johnny is skilled and very quick on picking up complexities, he is witty and does not comment on my lack of coding skills :_D - A+++ from here . (Tip : If he's not readily available - book a session later, its totally worth it.)
HJ Gabrielsen Nov 05, 2015

one of the best out here
Arjun Nov 05, 2015

Ionica was extremely helpful, pleasant and efficient. I'd recommend him.
Julian Misell Nov 04, 2015

Awesome Mentor...Excellent Problem solving ability..would like meet again.
metalmonkey Nov 03, 2015

Very informative, knowledgeable, and helpful.
Marlea Nov 03, 2015

knowledgeable. knows his front end very well
Francis Chang Oct 29, 2015

Brilliant Mentor.
Tony Oct 26, 2015

Mentor was proficient in the topic, explained the details applied creativity to solve the problem.
Aten Oct 24, 2015

Helped me solve my issue very quickly :)
Tom Clarkson Oct 24, 2015

great work.
Aisha Oct 22, 2015

Fantastic help! I had a list of CSS/HTML problems with styling my online store. Media queries, hidden elements, screen positioning... Responded within 30min, started the session and we found solutions to everything right away! Couldn't be happier.
Stephen Sauer Oct 22, 2015

Really Really good mentor
Codementor Oct 22, 2015

Worked very quickly to resolve my problem with d3.js. He rocks!
Aisha Oct 21, 2015

Great Mentor, the best i had, i recommend higlly, very fast programmer and smart. Will work again for sure
Mauro Bonucci Oct 21, 2015

Great to work with. Extremely helpful and conscientious.
Tony Oct 21, 2015

Very good english and friendly. Knowledgeable
JAMES Oct 20, 2015

Johnny was extremely helpful - I had a problem with Node.js and Heroku that stumped me for several hours. Johnny worked through the problem with me, explained everything that was being done, and it was solved in a matter of minutes.
Brett Oct 18, 2015