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Johnathan Martin is a freelance web developer from Milwaukee, WI. Johnathan has worked on many projects (including: Social Media Networks, CryptoCurrency, Online Wallets, API, and more) Samples of his work can be found in his portfolio online at http://johnathanmartin.com or http://github.com/johnathanmartin
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 5 years experience
I first started learning HTML about 5 years ago. If you want to make a website, HTML is the first thing to learn. I have created many websites in the past five years and all of them use html and some css.
Php expert help PHP - 3 years experience
I have created and invested large amounts of time in numerous PHP projects. I created and released to the opensource community, the very first online bitcoin wallet that uses PHP. This project is still being developed today. Other projects I have made with PHP include; Balance Notifications, Checking Account Ledgers and even an anonymous social media network.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 3 years experience
The majority of the PHP apps that I have created rely on mySQL databases. I have noticed that mySQL is the best way to store large amounts of data. One summer, I created a python and mySQL project where the price of baseball tickets compared to amount of time until game were all entered in to my database. These statistics were then used for price predictions of next years games.
Wordpress WordPress - 8 years experience
I have been using wordpress for as long as I can remember. The first website that I "made" was using wordpress. I signed up for some Web Hosting, downloaded wordpress, and then had a fully functional site up and running. Throughout the years of me using wordpress I have learned a few ins and outs of it to make it much simpler to use and understand.
No icon Bitcoin - 3 years experience
- Created the first OpenSource PHP Online Bitcoin Wallet - Remembers every RPC call by heart
piWallet 19   39
piWallet is a secure opensource online altcoin (BitCoin) wallet that works with practically any altcoin including Bitcoin.
RandomQuoteDisplay 1   3
An HTML page that displays a new random quote upon refresh using mySQL
mysqlledger 1   1
A simple balance checking program using a mysql database.
scrollingnews 1   1
A php, MySQL and HTML controlled scrolling news feed that can be embed in any website with a convenient admin dashboard.
hhslunchbalance 1   0
HHS Lunch Balance provides lunch balance notifications for Hamilton School District Students & Staff
PHP Python Makefile