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Joe Frambach

Joe Frambach

Front-end developer @Amazon. Previously @NerdWallet, @Trulia, @ShowClix, @USSteel.

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
My name is Joe. I am a professional web developer in the Bay Area. I'm active in local web development meetup groups and I spend a lot of time cultivating and answering questions on StackOverflow. Connect on AngelList: https://angel.co/joe-frambach
3 JavaScript
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
A rating of "10" is reserved for members of tc39. Javascript was the first scripting language I ever experienced, a decade ago. It's fascinating that the language itself did not change much at all for over a decade, while our usage of it has changed drastically. Now in a recent Cambrian explosion of concepts like Universal rendering, data binding, promises, pubsub, dozens of ideas about clean object-oriented implementations, Javascript is brought to the forefront of front-end web development, and to the back-end as well. I have a thorough understanding of the ECMAScript specification, which helps immensely when tracing the value of "this" through layers of callbacks and "apply/call" usage. I hope to use this understanding to provide the best possible solution to common and uncommon issues.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 12 years experience
A thorough knowledge of the past, present, and future of the language is incredibly useful for solving the most common and difficult issues. Various doctypes across different browsers require different processes for compliance and portability. I keep up with the most recent standards and standards proposals, so that I can provide the best understanding of today's issues.
Node js expert help Node.js - 6 years experience
Node sure has come a long way, hasn't it! From express to promises to server administration, I've done it all, and I can help you where you're stuck.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
In the jQuery world, "years experience" is a tricky thing to measure. With each iteration and extension of the library, there are so many details to re-learn. The version 2.0 re-write removes several compatibility features for older browsers. Version 1.7 included several event-delegation deprecations. I try to keep up to date with all of these details, as it leads to some of the most common jQuery issues I encounter. Although I do not purport to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the library, I am well-versed enough to quickly and reliably solve the issues at hand.
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
Whether you need help merging two branches that have split a long time ago, or if you need help understanding the basics of git workflows, I can help. I've resolved some ugly conflicts and have squashed quite a few commits in my day.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
As the senior member of a small frontend team at NerdWallet, I created a dozen reusable components for our shared component library, made front-end testing a possibility, and put it all together in two applications: a credit-card search tool, and an onboarding funnel for small business loan matching.
No icon Webservers - 6 years experience
When `nginx -t` says your configuration is wrong, I can help you figure out why. The `location` block has some strange precedence rules it follows in order to match a request to the right block. I can help explain what nginx is doing if your page is not routed correctly.
No icon Interviewing - 10 years experience
I volunteer at local interview-prep meetups in San Francisco, helping dozens of hopeful web developers brush up for their next interview. I create many of the questions from real CS fundamentals that every developer should be familiar with. Other questions from Codewars (2 kyu, over 250 kata completed) and from real interviews I've had in the past.
No icon Optimizely - 3 years experience
Did you know Optimizely bundles together *all* of your experiment and variation code into one big bundle, and loads it on *every* page on your site which uses Optimizely. Depending on how you write your experiment code and include it on your page, it could block the browser from loading your page for 100ms or more. That's a severe degradation of user happiness. I created a visualization tool called Optisizely to show how much your Optimizely test adds to page load time. I can help you write test code that is small and performant.
agendash 107   29
Agenda Dashboard
CSS HTML JavaScript
battleship-ai 5   5
Build your own Battleship AI
CSS HTML JavaScript
osgcc 3   1
OSGCC Node redux
jquery-couchsurfing-widget 2   2
Add a couchsurfing profile widget to your page with one tag.
optisizely 2   1
Optimizely Sizely, Visualizely
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Joe is a miracle worker! He was able to dig into source code he was unfamiliar with and identify the perfect remedy. Not sure how he does it, but I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to resolve Javascript/pure logic issues. I will ping Joe as often as possible. I can't describe enough how happy I am with him.
John Balladares Aug 15, 2016

Extremely helpful mentor. Definitely recommend for future help!
Jeremy Molayem Aug 12, 2016

great job, good production experience and advice
Ian Golden Aug 12, 2016

Joe was great! He really knows what he's doing and is patient in explaining the process, and thorough when it comes to testing. He was able to really get me out of a bind -- and did so in less than 30 minutes. I'd hope to work with him again in the future. Highly recommend!
John Balladares Aug 12, 2016