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36 days ago

Full-Stack Developer

Denver, Colorado
85k - 95k
Ruby on Rails
Html 5 / css 3

Maxwell is on a mission to transform the $8.5T residential mortgage market by reimagining how loan officers work together with borrowers to buy a home. Based in beautiful Denver, Colorado, Maxwell is a VC-funded, Techstars-backed company with a mission to empower mortgage lenders to be more connected, productive, and successful.

Development team 
We use source control.
We can make a build in one step.
We use an issue tracker.
We build our code at least daily.
We fix bugs before writing new code.
We have an up-to-date schedule.
The whole team understands product requirements and decisions.
Programmers have quiet working conditions.
We use the best tools money can buy.
We write unit tests for our own code.
Candidates write code during the interview.
We do hallway usability testing.

We optimize for developer happiness, so follow all the best practices for better code.

Job description


Maxwell was founded in 2015 by three friends who were fed up with the arduous process of getting a mortgage. We believe everyone who is buying a home deserves a delightful mortgage experience.

After speaking with hundreds of lenders, homebuyers and real estate agents, Maxwell was born as a solution to provide mortgage professionals a modern platform that transforms and enhances their workflow. Buying a home is one of the happiest, most fulfilling experiences of a person’s life. We help make the mortgage just as fun.

We also believe that doing well means also doing good: a portion of all of Maxwell’s revenues is dedicated to building homes for those who need them most in Haiti and El Salvador.


You are an experienced developer looking for a position where you’ll get to touch all levels of the stack. As a full-time member of the engineering team, you’ll help build software and contribute to decisions that will steer the product’s future.

You need to be comfortable with deployment environments, writing database queries, building out backend services, and implementing UI that enhances the user experience.

You’ll be part of our product team which is design, frontend and backend engineering combined. We believe that everyone who works on a product is both a product and a technical contributor. You’ll use your experience to inform our engineering process and decisions when building new features, enhancing existing functionality, and ensuring scalability and availability of the entire platform.


We are a typical Ruby on Rails stack with React on the frontend.

Back-end: Ruby on Rails (Rails 4.x) Front-end: React, Redux, Javascript, JQuery, SLIM, SCSS, HTML 5, CSS 3 Database: Postgres Infrastructure: Heroku, AWS


An opportunity to be a key part of an agile team of thinkers and doers collaborating to help people complete complex financial decisions simply. We offer meaningful equity at an early stage company, a competitive salary, top-tier medical, dental and vision insurance, and generous vacation time.

Rutul Davé
Hiring manager
Cofounder & CTO
At Maxwell, we aim for developer happiness. That means creating the best environment to enjoy building a delightful product and always assessing how we can make our day-to-day of work better.

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