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27 days ago

iOS developer (Objective-C, Reactive)

New York City
90k - 120k
Reactive programming
Swift and obj c

We believe that great products emerge at the intersection of great technology, design, and data science. We love crafting experiences that will connect people in more meaningful ways. If you do to, come apply.

Development team 
We use source control.
We build our code at least daily.
We use an issue tracker.
The whole team understands product requirements and decisions.
We use the best tools money can buy.
We do hallway usability testing.
We can make a build in one step.
We fix bugs before writing new code.
We have an up-to-date schedule.
Programmers have quiet working conditions.
We write unit tests for our own code.
Candidates write code during the interview.

We develop fast, but, want to temper that by bringing on the team people develop with good practices.

Job description

We're looking for someone to lead the iOS development for our existing app in the app store. We're looking for self starters who have a good development process for releasing iOS builds, care about a good codebase, detail oriented in crafting great UIs, and love learning.

Daily responsibilities include:

  • Coding against user stories/github issues/marked up UI designs in Zeplin
  • Managing builds in iTunes and in github
  • Submitting for AppStore and working through Approval feedback
  • Debugging & testing issues that get reported from users.
  • Work with backend developers to maintain a good API
  • Research/test new SDKs and integrations
  • Maintain codebase

Product introduction

We have launched in the app store a new kind of dating app called Friended.

Hiring manager
co-founder @Friended. early social gaming pioneer, medical tech inventor, award winning product designer.