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32 days ago

Full-Stack Developer

Danang, Vietnam

Bitmark Inc. is a blockchain startup defining property for the digital environment by enabling issuance of property titles for digital assets. As the facilitating network for ownership and stewardship of personal digital ecologies, Bitmark embraces creators and digital environmentalists vying for a healthy internet and Internet of Things.

Development team 
We have one-on-one mentorship.
Candidates write code during the interview.
We contribute to open source projects.
We regularly pair program.
We have regularly dev shares.
Junior developers are assigned a real task the first week.
We have a well-designed onboarding program for new hires.
We know what the career path looks like for this position.
We use the best tools money can buy.
Programmers have quiet working conditions.

Our development team members work closely together. We encourage people to stay true to themselves and raise their hands when they have questions, and we encourage the team members to help each other.

Job description

Bitmark Inc. – a venture-backed software company – is looking for candidates to join our team and accelerate development of our blockchain and related services. You'll get to work in an environment that deeply values design and engineering, alongside a talented team with industry-proven open source (we are ex-Openmoko people) and design experience.

Profiles that are important to us:

  • Basic English communication skills
  • Strong coding skills and computer science fundamentals
  • We don't discriminate by language, but having coded in NodeJS, Go, Ruby, Python, Java, Erlang, … is a plus
  • Knowledge of database (PostgreSQL, LevelDB, Redis, …) backed applications as used in REST APIs
  • Knowledge of communication methods to interact with frontend applications (WebSockets, RPC, …)
  • Knowledge of configuration management (git, Vagrant, Ansible, …) in a development environment.
  • Knowledge of cryptocurrencies is a plus
  • You are creative and analytical, and like to be appreciated for both
  • You are passionate about contributing to open-source codebases


  • Salary range: USD 1200 to 2000
  • Child care benefits: USD 100 per child per month
  • Stock options
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