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Jeffrey James

Jeffrey James

RHCSA/RHCE with strong knowledge on system programming and enterprise app development.

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
I have developed apps for companies like Pizza Hut, Neiman Marcus and others. Let me share what I have learned from those projects.
Script to Configure Remote Servers

Script to Configure Remote Servers

$50 - Delivery in 1 Day

I can give you a solution that will allow you to quickly configure and manage your remote systems...

Ruby expert help Ruby - 4 years experience
I have used Ruby in a lot of situations where I needed something short and to the point. In my opinion Ruby is a complete language. No need to install anything extra. It works perfectly out of the box, and means alot when security has every system on lockdown.
Python expert help Python - 4 years experience
I have used Python to help create tools that help me analyze E-Commerce Operations and Trouble shoot business issues
Mysql expert help MySQL - 3 years experience
I have support MySQL at most projects
No icon Linux - 9 years experience
I have over 9 years experience in Linux OS Support
No icon Bash - 10 years experience
I have used Shell Scripting to help me become more efficient in what I do. Being proficient can help you shorten the duration of a project.
No icon Powershell - 4 years experience
Automation of common tasks
No icon Ubuntu - 4 years experience
Support over 1000+ Servers with Ubuntu
No icon Chef - 2 years experience
Able to help customize a cookbook to automate any task on windows or linux environment
No icon Red hat - 9 years experience
I am Currently RHCSA/RHCE certified and have supported it for over 9 years
No icon Docker - 1 year experience
I have used to deploy customize environments for applications. I have also use with Test-Kitchen to test Chef Cookbooks and Ansible playbooks
No icon Juju - 1 year experience
Quick deployment of services
cloudformation 0   1
A Place to Store Cloudformation templates and info
add_to_sudo 0   0
ansible-sudoers 0   0
Simple sudoers role for Ansible
chef-cookbooks 0   0
Open source chef cookbooks.
HTML Ruby Shell
chef-ingredient 0   0
Primitives for managing Chef products and packages
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