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James Ellis-Jones

James Ellis-Jones

CTO and full stack/CMS developer on MS stack, 22 years experience

London (+00:00)
I've worked as a CTO, in agencies, and as a one man solutions shop for small businesses. I've used 2 commercial CMSs and built 2 of my own. Very experienced developer from hardcore search algorithms to building jQuery plugins for responsive design. Just started a project to market the second CMS I wrote commercially - currently converting it to ASP.Net Core. Currently tech mentoring startups at Microsoft Ventures London.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 16 years experience
I wrote a big AJAX application before jQuery even existed. I've written and hacked a number of jQuery plugins.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 16 years experience
Used to working with designers to produce professional pixel perfect front ends. Generally understand CSS better than the front end developers I've worked with. Done some interesting animation work including an scroll-animated site.
Csharp expert help C# - 12 years experience
C# is my 'native' programming language, I've used it since .Net 1.1. I love Linq particularly as it is a productivity marvel and mixed functional benefits with procedural code in an elegant way.
Sql expert help SQL - 16 years experience
I've used SQL for a long time and am highly experienced at database schema design. There are people who understand the technical aspects better than me but I have done some quite in depth query optimisation.
No icon .NET - 12 years experience
I've used .net in a lot of contexts and have worked with it for many years. Not familiar with some areas of it such as WCF, Workflow etc.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 7 years experience
I've used jQuery for years and think it's fantastic, partly from trying to write JS webapps before it was around. I've written plugins for it and hacked/fixed a few existing ones, so I know how to use it efficiently.
Amazon expert help AWS - 3 years experience
I moved a content site with a traffic in the low millions of pageviews per month onto AWS from Azure, so I'm quite familiar with it. However I haven't needed to use to many of its deeper features.
Server expert help Server - 8 years experience
While I have zero Linux experience, I'm very familiar with maintaining and troubleshooting sites with decent traffic on Windows server, dealing with high cpu and memory issues, some experience of hacking attacks etc.
Seo expert help SEO - 4 years experience
At my last job as CTO at a recipe publishing site, SEO was a core part of the business. I've worked with some of the best agencies in the UK, and know a lot of the most modern SEO practices, however my viewpoint is more in the publishing realm.
No icon Asp.net mvc - 6 years experience
I think ASP.Net MVC is a fantastic platform, although I appreciate it was heavily influenced by Ruby on Rails. I've built a number of sites with it (including the largest, www.greatbritishchefs.com) and have built a CMS on it, which I'm about to launch as a commercial product, so I know it very well indeed, to the level of digging about in the open source code.
No icon Entity framework - 6 years experience
I've done deep work with entity framework, including writing providers for it and extending it in a novel way
No icon Azure - 1 year experience
When we rebuilt the www.greatbritishchefs.com site, we put it on Azure so I have had a year's experience with it. Basic familiarity.
No icon Social media - 4 years experience
Social media were key to understand and work with from a technical point of view whether building Facebook logins, plugging in to the feed from Twitter, using the APIs and special markup and presenting sharing opportunities in the best way.
No icon Kentico - 3 years experience
For the first 3 years in my last CTO position (4 years in total), we were running the site on Kentico CMS, so I know it pretty well. We got to be one of their recommended sites.
No icon Cto - 4 years experience
I was the CTO at a startup for 4 years, so I have experience of the role in a small organisation, dealing with board and CEO, recruiting and running a team.
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excellent again, James is quick to grasp the requirements and just as quick with a fix. Top job, many thanks
David Gibson Jul 28, 2016

Very helpful and patience, has really good ability to think around tricky issues. top job!
David Gibson Jul 06, 2016

Very helpful and gave me something i could use. Top job.
David Gibson Jun 27, 2016

James is extremely helpful and has an in-depth knowledge of entity framework and MVC. Very fast at explaining what you don't understand and efficient!
Adam Ford Jun 16, 2016

Excellent, pleasure to deal, he was patient as i am a novice, which is important for my confidence and he dealt with the issue swiftly and efficiently. top job!
David Gibson Jun 14, 2016