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Josiah MacDonald

Josiah MacDonald

Technical Cofounder at soos

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
I have been involved in freelance web development and design since 7th grade. More recently I have taken on more advanced projects, and I am currently the CTO & Technical Cofounder of Lokil Apps and soos music LLC, both of which are preparing to leave Beta testing.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
I have used Javascript heavily in every project I have ever done. At the start, more with DOM manipulation, but more recently I have used it with Node.js to create simple yet powerful and reactive web applications.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 1 year experience
I have been following growing Node frameworks and environments, but Meteor was one that particularly caught my eye. I have since proto-typed every project with it, and have become fluent with its usage. I am also continually keeping up with the newest packages and updates, as it is rapidly changing while being developed.
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
I have used PHP is heavier projects as they leave the prototyping phase. I have used PHP to create entire projects from scratch, and I have also built ontop of plugins such as Laravel.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 6 years experience
I have used MySQL is all my heavier project, including those with PHP. I have built entire social networks on them.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
I have used jQuery almost as heavily as I have Javascript. All of my Meteor applications use it heavily, and with PHP it is absolutely necessary to modify the DOM.
No icon CSS - 8 years experience
No icon HTML5 - 8 years experience
I have been working with HTML and HTML5 for years, and I have been watching the transition as the web prepares itself for the welcome new features of HTML5.
Python expert help Python - 3 years experience
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 2 years experience
I mostly started using MongoDB when I started using Node, but I have fallen in love with it. All of my Meteor applications use it, and I am hoping to use it in my next PHP project.
Haskell expert help Haskell - 2 years experience
I have used Haskell highly in my school, including high complexity parsers, I/O programs, and I have even written natural language programming languages in Haskell.
Java expert help Java - 3 years experience
checkers_finalproject 0   0
Final project for an introductory Java course I took when I was a freshman.
jhmacdon.github.io 0   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
mobile-packages 0   0
Meteor packages that provide functionality on mobile and desktop via Cordova plugins.
CSS HTML JavaScript
MoneyManager 0   0
CSS HTML Python JavaScript
Projects 0   0
Just some projects because why not
C C++ CSS PHP HTML Java Assembly Makefile JavaScript CoffeeScript
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Solid. Even with a limited amount of time, Josiah used the time wisely and made sure he covered everything I was asking for. In addition to, we didn't get to the last problem, but he gave me advice on how to fix it, which allowed me to solve everything. THANK YOU!!!!
Tirso Gamboa May 06, 2015