Chandraprakash Sharma, Jetty coder and developerView Profile
Chandraprakash Sharma5.0
Freelance Jetty developer in Jaipur, India

Technical Architect, Software Engineer/Developer, and a Roboticist with passion for Knowledge Flow

Lets connect and start discussing about your doubts/questions.. Intro: I am a Software Engineer/Developer with 6+ Years experience in Software Development. My experience and expertise make me a good Technical Architect along with an engineer. I have mostly worked on web/server softwares, middlewares and applications. I have acquired expertise and good experince with following - Specialties (Software/Programming): - Angular 2/4 - Java, Python, Javascript/Typescript, C++ - Messaging, REST, Network Programming(TCP/UDP), Netty, API/SPI Libraries. - RPC (Cross platform, cross language) - Serialization/Deserialization: XML, JSON, Messagepack, YAML - OrientDB, PostgreSQL - Web: NodeJS, Cordova/Phonegap, Canvas/WebGL programming in Javascript, HTML, CSS(Basic) - Designing Performant, Low latenc...
Shu Zhang, freelance Jetty programmerView Profile
Shu Zhang5.0
Freelance Jetty developer in Burlington, Canada

Fullstack Development Consultant and Entrepreneur

Full stack developer with 10+ years of experience. I have worked in a variety engineering roles (dev, lead, manager) at Zynga, Google and various startups. Currently co-founder of a web/mobile development consultancy: I focus on creating value through high quality products. When tackling new problems, I take the time to effectively communicate and understand potential users and other stakeholders, then clearly define objectives and metrics for success. I execute quickly by prioritizing and cutting features to perfectly align with business needs, while architecting solutions that are maintainable, extensible and scalable. Specialties: startup marketing and growth hacking, team building/hiring, API design, web development, service oriented architecture, dev-ops, d...
Mokanarangan Thayaparan, Jetty engineer and consultantView Profile
Mokanarangan Thayaparan5.0
Freelance Jetty developer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full Stack Developer

Make complex things simple. I am here to help you and in turn hopefully learn something from you.
Will R. Guevara, Jetty software engineerView Profile
Will R. Guevara4.8
Freelance Jetty developer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Web / Mobile developer @ CODE STORE

4+ years creating web applications. Love photography!
Ricardo Aravena, Jetty software engineerView Profile
Ricardo Aravena5.0
Freelance Jetty developer in San Mateo, United States

Devops fanatic with 18+ years of overall experience

DevOps hacker. Love to create infrastructure as automation.
Roman Gordeev, top Jetty developerView Profile
Roman Gordeev
Freelance Jetty developer in Tver, Russia

Researcher, IT entrepreneur & software engineer

Professional software engineer and computer scientist with over 9 years of hands-on experience developing enterprise applications using JVM based languages such as Java and Scala and a variety of databases, both relational and NoSQL. Experienced in working in agile environments, both Scrum or Kanban. Love using Ruby for quick prototyping and Python for scientific work. Supported local IT community. Ph.D. in mathematics.
Devendra Desale, Jetty software engineerView Profile
Devendra Desale4.9
Freelance Jetty developer in Singapore, Singapore

Data Science | Data Engineering | Architecture | Web Development | Python | Java "Scala| R

I have worked on the web and big data projects. Helped organisations to build ETL tools and data science pipelines using JVM based languages and Hadoop ecosystem. I have also worked on REST based architectures and build systems to handle thousands of requests.
Helin Shiah, Jetty freelance programmerView Profile
Helin Shiah4.8
Freelance Jetty developer in Portland, United States

Full Stack Explorer

I'm an experienced full-stack engineer who loves to talk and think about problems in code. I've switched between multiple stacks in my professional career, which has led me to adopt a language-agnostic attitude and a generalist approach (aka googling, often) when solving problems. It's also made me a believer in constant learning, so I'm always reading programming blogs or books and pursuing more formal theoretical education.
Johan Åhlén, Jetty freelance programmerView Profile
Johan Åhlén
Freelance Jetty developer in Naarden, Netherlands

Full-stack software engineer

In my world anything is possible and my goal is always to create an awesome user experience. With 20 years of experience in software engineering I’ve acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and execute most types of software projects. My specialities are: - Full-stack software development, primary in Java and JS - UX and UI engineering - Lean and Agile (Scrum, XP) - Collaboration and communication - Lead engineers and build strong teams My career in software development started with me creating web pages and building small applications for the local businesses while studying. From there I moved into consultancy, implementing software solutions as well as advising clients on how to increase business value through software improvements. I've since then consulted at small com...
Pablo Lalloni, top Jetty developerView Profile
Pablo Lalloni5.0
Freelance Jetty developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Versatile and experienced full-stack software developer. Lots of technologies.

Matthias Nüßler, Jetty software engineerView Profile
Matthias Nüßler
Freelance Jetty developer in Berlin, Germany

Experienced Java developer and DevOps specialist

I'm a Java developer with over 10 years experience. Familiar with other languages such as Python, Ruby, and Clojure. I can support also with DevOps topics, automation, build and deployment, cloud and containers.
Mohammed LOUKILI, Jetty dev and freelancerView Profile
Mohammed LOUKILI
Freelance Jetty developer in San Jose, United States
Felipe Forbeck, senior Jetty developerView Profile
Felipe Forbeck
Freelance Jetty developer in Guarapuava, Brazil

Senior Software Developer

Developed backend services in several domains such as Real-time Bidding, Web Crawling, Social Media Archiving, e-Commerce and Life & Health Insurance. A generalist with a deep knowledge of Java and its open source ecosystem. Focused on solutions with good design principles, clean and tested code. Highly committed to the product releases and its quality. Enjoy working with a dynamic, collaborative and energetic engineering team. Always willing to help and love to form and share opinions about technology based on practical work.
Maxim Novak, Jetty freelance programmerView Profile
Maxim Novak5.0
Freelance Jetty developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Senior Software Engineer at

Full of enthusiasm for innovation, and passionate about the way technology and creativity can provide a solution for complex business problems. Possess an extensive, in-depth knowledge and experience with proven achievements in developing, designing, managing, and leading large scale enterprise application software projects. Able to take any idea from a coffee shop napkin sketch to a product. * Energetic and out of the box thinker. * Capable of quick self-instruction in technologies, programming languages, and applications. Specialties: Proven experience in designing, implementing, and leading - robust, scalable, high-frequency, high-throughput, low-latency enterprise server applications. Skills ● Full stack web development. Familiarity with a variety of opensource framework...
Goran Jovic, Jetty freelance programmerView Profile
Goran Jovic
Freelance Jetty developer in Larnaca, Cyprus

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