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I am an experienced full-stack software developer with over a decade in the field, primarily in back-end development for web applications. My specialties are debugging, software design, refactoring legacy code, adding automated tests, and automating builds and deployments. I am a licensed professional engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering. I am passionate about access to technology for all people, and I delight in improving that access through mentoring. I was recently Interim CTO at ziversity.com, a diversity recruiting platform. I am a frequent mentor and occasional instructor at Ladies Learning Code. ** If you belong to a group that is underrepresented in tech, and money is an issue, please ask me about reduced rates. **
50 Python
30 JavaScript
19 Git
15 AngularJS
14 Django
12 jQuery
12 Node.js
11 Html
4 Postgresql
4 Github
4 Heroku
Django expert help Django - 4 years experience
I've worked in Django on a daily basis for the last four years, and I've been responsible for architecting multiple Django apps in that time.
Sql expert help SQL - 13 years experience
I worked in SQL daily for much of my career, and while these days I interact more often through the ORM, I drop into the CLI regularly to check data.
Python expert help Python - 10 years experience
I did my personal coding projects in Python for years, and have worked in Python daily for 4 years.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 3 years experience
I use jQuery for all my front-end development, primarily for AJAX and formatting but occasionally for visual effects.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 13 years experience
I've worked in JavaScript regularly throughout my career. I much prefer the excellent libraries of modern JavaScript to how much work we had to do in the early 2000s. Lately I have been experimenting with node/express/angular, via the Ionic mobile framework.
No icon Shell - 15 years experience
I have put together many shell scripts to achieve small tasks over the years, and am a contributor to virtualenvwrapper. I am highly proficient in using command line utilities to achieve desired results.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
I've used git on a daily basis for 5 years now, and mentored others as they learn git.
No icon Html - 16 years experience
I can make functional and well-designed HTML. I am not a designer.
No icon CSS - 6 years experience
I can make functional and well-designed CSS. I am not a designer.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 7 years experience
MySQL has been the primary database at most of my jobs, and I've been heavily involved in database design and optimization.
No icon Postgresql - 4 years experience
I use PostgreSQL for many of my personal projects, and have used it at my last three workplaces. I wrote a small tool, paragres, to simplify synchronizing databases between localhost and Heroku.
Amazon expert help AWS - 2 years experience
I use AWS S3 to host static files. I have some experience with setting up linux servers on AWS
No icon Cron - 10 years experience
I've set up crons on a variety of linux servers, and on my mac for local development.
No icon Ionicframework - 1 year experience
I just picked up Ionic this past year, and I am very impressed so far. I have written one app professionally (Power of Peace Project on the app and play stores) and a variety of personal interest apps.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
I picked up angular in the past year as part of Ionic. I am only moderately experienced, but have enough familiarity to troubleshoot issues.
No icon Heroku - 3 years experience
I host a variety of my personal apps on Heroku: Django, node/express, and basic Python. I currently have automatic deployment set up from my github repositories to Heroku via circleci, and I have created automatic deployments using travis as well.
talkbackbot 181   21
IRC bot that responds to selected phrases with a quotation from a notable woman (defaults to answering "that's what she said" jokes)
Shell Python
ionic-angular-google-maps-example 30   17
Example of using angular-google-maps in Ionic
CSS HTML JavaScript
eggtimer-server 24   9
Server for online menstrual tracker
CSS HTML Shell Python JavaScript
heartbot 11   2
Tweet compliments when tweeted to
Shell Python
twitterbot 7   2
Configurable bot that replies to mentions and posts messages to twitter
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

There was a whole section of unit testing that I didn't understand, and reading multiple sites didn't help. Jessamyn got me to the point where I could write and run my test in an hour, and also took me through several other pieces along the way that I didn't even realise I needed, such as FactoryBoy. Well worth the investment, saved me a lot of frustrating dead-ends.
Danny Bradbury Jan 16, 2017

Jessamyn was super patient with me and is very knowledgeable. I will definitely choose her next time I need help!
Kayleigh B Jan 16, 2017

Friendly, understood my overall NodeJS app and what I was trying to do very quickly. Gave me very a clear answer and reasoning behind it. Recommended!! Thank you!
Phil Dub Jan 12, 2017

Jessamyn was a great help with my python project, she explained everything and simplified my code so I am able to continue by myself and finish the assignment.
Helen Flynn Jan 06, 2017

Extremely knowledgeable, and was able to assist on both what I knew I didn't know, and what I didn't know I didn't know! She stepped right into my problem, got up to speed, and got me going in the right direction.
Aaron Jan 05, 2017

Jessamyn was fantastic! She has great eyes, meaning that she was able to pick up what's wrong with my code very quickly. She was also very concise and clear in explaining concepts.
ch lo Jan 03, 2017

Very nice mentor and what I liked in particular is how fast and straightforward she is about solutions. The solutions are very easy to understand and not overly complicated. Will definitely ask Jessamyn for help again and look forward to future sessions.
Shezan Kazi Dec 30, 2016

Always super helpful, and really easy to work / communicate with
Mike Hinckley Dec 22, 2016

Excellent Mentor! Highly Recommended!
Pythoneer Dec 22, 2016

Today was our first exploratory session and it went very well. Jessamyn is going to be an excellent resource for our team. Thank you! :)
Elijah Blanton Dec 22, 2016

She's good even if she can't see your screen.
Stephanie Dec 21, 2016

Tremendously helpful. 10/10
s c Dec 20, 2016

Amazing help! She was very understanding and genuine and even thought we didn't solve my issue 100% I feel like now I'm on the right path to solve it.
Gabriel Dec 20, 2016

Great!! I will be requesting Jessamyn again soon I'm sure
Brandon Demonbreun Dec 16, 2016

Great as usual :)
Rob Holzman Dec 16, 2016

patient and explains how to think a problem through. Learned some new ways to inspect my code.
Victoria K. Dec 09, 2016

Great as usual :)
Rob Holzman Dec 08, 2016

i really appreciate Jessamyn to gave me a little amount of time and solve my problem,She is a very knowledgeable person and helped me a lot where i was stuck. if any of you need any help without hesitate contact her
Frrank Nov 29, 2016

Has been good and very helpful
Aditya Seshan Nov 22, 2016

Jess has never let me down.. She has always completed everything i needed!
Angelis Pseftis Nov 21, 2016

Great mentor!
sam q Nov 14, 2016

Jessamyn is awesome!!! Knowledgeable, patient, caring.
sam q Nov 10, 2016

Awesome as always!!
MarinIrem Oct 31, 2016

Fantastic as usual. Very helpful. Great session! She is a true expert with ionic, angular and mobile app development. Incredibly helpful setting up file downloads and making my ionic and angular app look professional and efficient. Cleaned up code, fixed bugs and did it very quickly and very with best practices. Thank you so much.
Rob Holzman Oct 30, 2016

Dan Rusu Oct 29, 2016

Great! very helpful, knowledgable.
Dan Rusu Oct 27, 2016

Jess is always great. Highly recommend!
sam q Oct 21, 2016

Very helpful and friendly, highly recommended.
Nico van Niekerk Oct 21, 2016

Jess did a code review of my django website and found many places where the code could be better formatted and optimized. I've learned so much in working with Jess. Highly recommended.
Bill Tibbs Oct 19, 2016

Tried the impossible-finding a solution with something she's not expert in. Jessamyn did find a solution.
Miriam Oct 18, 2016

An amazing job as usual. Very knowledgeable and a true expert in the field. It is a true comfort to work with this mentor.
Rob Holzman Oct 13, 2016

Helped me with my project that uses Django framework.
Rafeh Qazi Oct 12, 2016

Jessamyn was incredibly helpful in helping me refactor my code. She taught me how to profile my script and showed me several tricks that made my code run 20% faster. Definitely plan on having another session to keep the learning going!
William Trautmann Oct 12, 2016

Maya Oct 12, 2016

Great session. I learned a lot and problem was solved quickly. Thanks!
Tiffany Sumuel Oct 12, 2016

I think she is awesome and tried different methods to test the requirements I presented to her. I Thank her for her help!
natashia bryson Oct 11, 2016

Wow...Really how does it take a person 5 minutes to fix something I took 3 hours..Ridiculous!!! You are amazing
Sankalp Sharma Oct 11, 2016

Nailed it. I now understand static files in Django a whole lot better.
Danny Bradbury Oct 11, 2016

Jess is a fixing machine (when you mess up your own code...)!
John Shields Oct 08, 2016

Awesome session! Jessamyn is really helpful and gave me great solutions for the project.
Chris Ekin Oct 07, 2016

she looks fine and have a excelente patient for the people, highly recommend
Mike Olivera Oct 07, 2016

Explained how to solve my problem, then helped me to clean up the code that I'd written, then explained how to do the whole thing more effectively anyway. Good session!
Danny Bradbury Oct 06, 2016

We get stuff done!
Stephanie Oct 02, 2016

Jessamyn did a great job helping me find my bug.
Caleb Cordry Sep 30, 2016

Fantastic, Very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable.
Rob Holzman Sep 30, 2016

Jessamyn was super helpful and patient, and helped me to figure out modeling in Django!
Quux Sep 29, 2016

We work well together.
Stephanie Sep 27, 2016

Jessamyn is totally accommodating and friendly and hope to work with her again in the future!
John Shields Sep 25, 2016

Jessamyn was very knowledgable and helpful and I look forward to more mentoring sessions with her in the future!
Christopher Comella Sep 25, 2016

Super knowledgeable, fast and easy to work with! Thanks!
John Shields Sep 24, 2016

Jess is awesome. Very thoughtful, encouraging, super patient, and just overall a fantastic cheerleader for people who are relatively new to coding but want to learn, like me. I think one of her biggest strengths is how genuinely supportive, trustworthy, and reliable she is. She is on time for sessions and will follow through on any requests you ask. She will be my go-to for questions going forward, for sure!
Yuri Sep 24, 2016

Jessamyn has been helping me refactor some nightmare code rife with for loops, if statements, and hack-y logic. She has been really patient and has done a great job illustrating the thought process of working through code to establish understanding, annotating that understanding into the code with comments and improved variable/method names. From there we've been applying various refactoring techniques to whip the code into shape. Our work has been focused and she does a great job of keeping progress on track.
Gregory Santone Jr Sep 24, 2016

Jessamyn is a pleasure to work with and always helps me find a solution. She also takes great care in making sure that you are using good coding practices.
Amanda Sep 20, 2016

Jessamyn was very helpful with Heroku. She pointed out something that wasn't covered in any online tutorials that would have taken me hours to figure out.
Frankie Hayward Sep 20, 2016

Excellent mentor with huge knowledge base in listed expertise areas.
Miriam Sep 16, 2016

Awesome!!!! She is the best...assisting and teaching!
sam q Sep 14, 2016

Excellent. Used a methodical approach to troubleshooting and helped me debug a config issue that I had been staring at for days. Huge thanks. I will use Jessamyn again.
Marvin Fuller Sep 04, 2016

Love working with Jess!
Stephanie Sep 03, 2016

Wonderful! Jessamyn is great! She helped me successfully develop code for a Python-based web crawler! She is a great teacher and explains things very clearly! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!!!!! Thank you Jessamyn!
lulu mars Sep 03, 2016

Patient, articulate, had a great session. Jessamyn gave me some useful suggestions around my project. Looking forward to working with her again.
Danny Bradbury Aug 29, 2016

So helpful, always willing to explain things thoroughly and patiently -- or to dive into the details if needed!
Mike Hinckley Aug 29, 2016

Rafael Aug 24, 2016

Great help and very easy going
Josh Ferry Aug 23, 2016

Amazing help. Thank you so much.
elliot Aug 22, 2016

Wonderful to work with Jessamyn. Highly thorough and great teaching style!
MarinIrem Aug 20, 2016

Incredibly helpful and willing to stick with a tricky problem till the end. Thrilled with what I have now, and Jessamyn is a great source for ideas and advice. Thanks once again!
Alex Trost Aug 12, 2016

Jessamyn was very helpful and easy to work with. She has a broad knowledge and I'm eager to work with her again. She debugged the issue and got the file working again!
Amanda Aug 11, 2016

Extremly knowledgable about django, python and general computer science. She is able to solve my issues and explain in a way that a more junior programmer with no formal education such as myself, can understand. I highly recommend!
Warren Kushner Aug 11, 2016

Helped me get a virtual environment up and running, despite a very muddled system, to make my project much more doable. Thanks for making my future progress much more efficient!
Alex Trost Aug 10, 2016

sam q Aug 09, 2016

Very friendly and helpful! Put me on the right path with my project. Highly recommend.
Alex Trost Aug 09, 2016

Jess is very supportive, knowledgeable and patient. She's a great mentor!
Deemah Ali Aug 01, 2016

nice, patient and really helpful
Julian Galvan Jul 26, 2016

Very patient and understanding of my issues, many of which were of my own creation. Will use her again.
Nat Colley Jul 26, 2016

Jess was very knowledgable and quickly help to resolve my REST API python script.
Timothy Lombard Jul 19, 2016

Jessamyn helped me parse through some very complex node code and root out a circular dependency issue that was plaguing me. Thanks!
Carvel G Avis Jul 15, 2016

Jessamyn was great! I've been working on this for 2 days non-stop with other engineers and we could fix it. It only took her 30 minutes to make it work. Thank you very much!
Abner Jul 15, 2016

Great mentor
ned Jul 14, 2016

Quick, simple, and friendly advice. Helped a ton when I just a had a minor error to fix :)
Stefan Kapetanovic Jul 14, 2016

Great experience as usual. Always has good ideas and suggestions if first attempt is unsuccessful. She's mindful of my time and I love using her for my projects.
Josh Stilwell Jul 14, 2016

Great session
ned Jul 06, 2016

Jessamyn fixed my node and homebrew install and gave me some pointers for best practices along the way.
David Gariepy Jul 02, 2016

Jessamyn was incredibly helpful with my JavaScript code. She helped me to understand the big picture of what I needed to accomplish and explained to me how the different specs fit together. She's awesome, patient, friendly, knowledgable, and explains things in plain English. Highly recommend.
Jennifer Noborikawa Jul 01, 2016

Jessamyn debugged by heroku deploy within the first 2 minutes of our call (my main problem). She also gave me some great tips on organizing my codebase to be more testable and shared some of her own work on Github that is similar to what I'm working on. Great working with her!
Reilly Sweetland Jul 01, 2016

Really helpful with figuring out how to test our Node.js apps once again - thanks!
Tanner Jones Jun 30, 2016

I received good information on laying the coding foundation for my app. Nice to get know what I should be using as my editor, database, and language version. Now I'm onto the next step!
Boun Vilailath Jun 30, 2016

Jessamyn was clear and concise at explaining the fundamentals to get me started on my project. Looking forward to my next session with her.
Tim Chen Jun 29, 2016

Jessamyn was very helpful, and was able to solve my issue with AngularJS application. She was able to explain the issues I was having and let me know how I could improve my code going forward.
Josh Kneeland Jun 28, 2016

Another super helpful session!
Aaron Walker Jun 11, 2016

Really easy to talk to. Good at explaining things and has vision!
David Jun 10, 2016

She's super helpful and knows her stuff! def recommend her!
Joe Morales Jun 10, 2016

She is by far the best person on this site.. I will use noone else. She has never let me down!
Angelis Pseftis Jun 08, 2016

Jess came through again.. I cant say enough about this girl!
Angelis Pseftis Jun 08, 2016

Jess is the best Python Mentor on this site ... She is my go-to girl for all my projects!
Angelis Pseftis Jun 07, 2016

Jess and I have been working together for over a year.. She has always been a life savor! She is one of the best mentors on this site! I have never had a single bad experience with her!
Angelis Pseftis Jun 06, 2016

Jessamyn was a great help. Before I spoke to her, I was kind of on my own. It was noce to talk to someone and she gave me a really big push to pursue programming!
Assma Al-Adawi Jun 05, 2016

Jessamyn is absolutely terrific. I had hit a wall in my project and was stuck on trying to integrate Fullcalendar.io into my Python Flask app that uses a postgres database. She was able to take me through the Fullcalendar documentation, teach me about RESTful API's, help me edit calendar events, and much more within just an hour! She also explained to me the benefits of using Django for my particular project over my current Flask framework. The thing that I loved about her lessons beyond her technical competence is her social skills. She is very personable, humorous, and friendly. This led to genuine discussions and will definitely lead to a longer student-tutor relationship. I would highly recommend Jessamyn to anyone. My only regret is that I wish I had found her sooner!
Rafeh Qazi Jun 05, 2016

Jessa was great to deal with. Helped me out quickly and easily.
Bruce Jun 04, 2016

Fantastic Mentor! Walked me through every part of my code patiently and then directed me on how to continue as I write the remainder of the code to make sure that I understood it.
John Skoziak Jun 04, 2016

Excellent session, debugging was quick! Thanks!
Brian Deutsch Jun 01, 2016

Excellent mentor.
Brian Maimone Jun 01, 2016

jessamynsmith is very smart, knowledgable, an excellent communicator, and also very pleasant to work with -- thankyou!!
Robin Chauhan May 31, 2016

Jessamyn was awesome! She was extremely knowledgeable and broke things down for me very nicely! I would absolutely recommend Jessamyn!
Ryan Michael May 30, 2016

Jessamyn was great to work with and understood our application and the considerations for our database design very quickly. She had some good suggestions and we look forward to working with her throughout our project.
Christopher Castellano May 27, 2016

Great job!
CA May 26, 2016

Excellent help on Django/Python
Brian Maimone May 26, 2016

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!!! Great session!
ade May 23, 2016

Great as always. Jessamyn is my first pick when I need help on Codementor. I have used her many times. Thanks again!
Josh Stilwell May 13, 2016

Very good and knowledgable!! Highly recommended!!
Michael May 10, 2016

Very good at explaining postgresql concepts and working with DB's in the terminal. Helped me do exactly what i needed, will recommend and use again
Nate Welling May 03, 2016

Very helpful, Jessamyn is very good at breaking down information into digestible pieces.
Adam Petherick May 02, 2016

Jessamyn is the best code mentor I have worked with. I fully recommend anyone to use Jessamyn in their next project.
Matt Apr 29, 2016

Jessamyn worked with me to debug some issues in a project I am trying to deploy. She was very good about providing documentation with her solutions and offering references to help me out.
Kerrin Arora Apr 26, 2016

Very good in knowledge. Definitely work with her.
Ronak Apr 22, 2016

Jessamyn got straight to the point on the major questions of app architecture and was very efficient in helping me think about optimal schema design (which had been my primary question for the session). Great session!
Robyn Allen Apr 20, 2016

Another excellent code mentor session with Jessamyn.
Matt Apr 20, 2016

Thanks Jessamyn for the script , she is a good problem solver and have patience to understand the requirement. Thanks for your help. Really like to have a few more sessions with her..
Satej Ramdin Apr 19, 2016

I recommend Jessamyn as your Code Mentor to solve any of your coding questions or issues.
Matt Apr 15, 2016

My second time with Jessamyn and just as happy and thankful for her expertise as the first time. Highly recommended.
Josh Stilwell Apr 12, 2016

Lifesaver! Jessamyn was awesome! She helped me fix a feature on my Ionic app that I have been struggling with for days. THANK YOU!
Josh Stilwell Apr 07, 2016

I fully recommend Jessamyn as your Code Mentor go-to problem solver!
Matt Apr 06, 2016

Very good and smart!
Kehlin Swain Apr 01, 2016

I can't say enough. Jessamyn is Great! Quick on her feet and very knowledgeable over many subjects.
daniel Apr 01, 2016

Jessamyn is a fantastic mentor. Highly knowledgeable and patient.
Matt Apr 01, 2016

Jessamyn really took the time and effort to get a solution to my issue. I look forward to working with her again!
Michael Reynolds Mar 29, 2016

She is very helpful, patient and helps you figure out the problem very politely. She is wonderful at what she does. Keep up the good work..
Sukhmeet Singh Mar 28, 2016

Jessamyn went above and beyond! Just amazing!!!
Kelly von Borstel Mar 26, 2016

Jessamyn was very patient and helpful!
Kelly von Borstel Mar 25, 2016

Really nice and friendly!
Ashton Miles Mar 25, 2016

Jessamyn is always helpful and knowledgeable.
Matt Mar 22, 2016

Jessamyn was great very knowledgeable. Not only did she resolve my current issue but made recommendations on how I code continue to progress.
Ramon Thomas Mar 21, 2016

Still my go-to.
Stephanie Mar 21, 2016

very smooth problem solving. impressed!
Udo Schochtert Mar 18, 2016

Thanks Jessamyn! Prototype ... complete! Thank you for helping me get a lot (in areas I wasn't familiar) done in a little bit of time.
Charles Starnes Mar 18, 2016

Had a delightful session with Jessamyn who is patient and generous in sharing her experiences, and clearly puts her heart into making sure that the session is helpful. Really appreciate her teaching with practical examples which makes things easier to understand.
Vivienne Mar 18, 2016

very helpful.
Austin Carpenter Mar 18, 2016

Very patient and knowledgeable. Jessamyn helped me to understand what I was trying to do, even though I couldn't articulate it. Really Happy with our meeting!
daniel Mar 17, 2016

I would recommend Jessamyn to all code mentor users.
Matt Mar 16, 2016

super helpful!
Aaron Walker Mar 15, 2016

Thanks Jess - great update to the model to get it on the right footing. Caught important things I missed.
Charles Starnes Mar 10, 2016

She is a great problem solver. I really enjoy working with Jessamyn to do code reviews and discuss things like software architecture concerns as well as best practices and ways to get bet better at git-based version control in multi-programmer environments.
Aaron Walker Mar 08, 2016

Thanks - good input on updating my model.
Charles Starnes Mar 07, 2016

Jessamyn is a fantastic mentor and an awesome problem solver. It is always a pleasure to work with Jessamyn.
Matt Mar 07, 2016

It is always a pleasure to work with Jessamyn.
Matt Mar 05, 2016

Thanks again Jessamyn - I should get a lot done over the next few days working off this session. Cheers!
Charles Starnes Mar 04, 2016

Second session with Jessamyn, and it was great! She's very helpful and has saved me a lot of time.
Chris Ekin Mar 04, 2016

Jessamyn is not only a technical teacher, but really helps in strategy sessions and more general software development best practices.
Aaron Walker Mar 04, 2016

Thanks Jess! Good data modeling and architecture feedback for my new web app.
Charles Starnes Mar 03, 2016

Jessamyn was great. Her sheer unwillingness to let a problem remained unsolved combined with her patience and rational approach to problem identification, isolation, and resolution made working with her on an emergency code bug a really rewarding (and ultimately educational) experience.
Aaron Walker Feb 27, 2016

Completely happy with mentor session. I now have a direction to go to solve code issue.
sam q Feb 22, 2016

Jessamyn is an excellent problem solver - very intuitive. I thoroughly recommend Jessamyn.
Matt Feb 18, 2016

Quick help and solved the issue. Great mentor!
Gene Billingsley Feb 17, 2016

Always able to help solve my problem
Ryan Feb 12, 2016

Awesome mentor.
sam q Feb 12, 2016

Jess is really fast.
Stephanie Feb 12, 2016

She is the best! This was my 2nd session with Jess and she has proven to be very versatile with Ionic/Angular.
Tyler Feb 09, 2016

I keep coming back.
Stephanie Feb 08, 2016

Jessamyn is great at solving problems.
Matt Feb 08, 2016

Outstanding! I cannot recommend Jessamyn highly enough.
Matt Feb 05, 2016

That was brilliant! Bugs fixed, and pitched at just the right level. Much appreciated.
Chris Ekin Feb 01, 2016

Jess is great, great, great with Django.
Stephanie Feb 01, 2016

Thank you Jess! Sneaky error database error solved! As usual, very quickly.
Charles Starnes Jan 29, 2016

Jessamyn is friendly and does a great job guiding me to ask the right questions to my team when she can't answer them herself. Recommend! :)
Katy Herrick Jan 28, 2016

Jessamyn is super helpful and always patient and friendly. I fully recommend Jessamyn.
Matt Jan 27, 2016

Jessamyn was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with Ionic & Angular, and helped me connect my mobile app to my API!
Tyler Jan 19, 2016

Jessamyn is very friendly and helpful. I will highly recommend her.
Shankar Jan 19, 2016

Excellent & Friendly.
Matt Jan 18, 2016

Highly recommend!
sam q Jan 14, 2016

My go to mentor. Patient, knowledgeable, teaches content and best practices.
sam q Jan 13, 2016

I call her the bug boss. I spent hours. She slapped together a solution for me in literally 10 minutes (between other sessions). Always the best!
mikiah Jan 07, 2016

Jessamyn was great. Very attentive and professional.
Omer Tadjer Jan 07, 2016

Thanks! Exceptionally helpful! =D
Richard Thomas Jan 07, 2016

Adam Jan 05, 2016

Quick work helping me find and fix a Javascript issue... Jessamyn's great!
Gene Billingsley Jan 05, 2016

Jessamyn's ability at applying her knowledge is in an easy going manner is outstanding.
Matt Dec 23, 2015

Jessamyn was incredible. We were able to troubleshoot quickly and I was able to solve my problem. A huge Thank You!
MarinIrem Dec 23, 2015

Thanks again for all the help Jessamyn. Great stuff for me to continue to work on.
Charles Starnes Dec 22, 2015

Excellent as always.
Matt Dec 22, 2015

Jessamyn has a vast knowledge and is always helpful.
Matt Dec 21, 2015

More productive and beneficial help than I could have imagined. Highly recommended.
Charles Starnes Dec 14, 2015

Awesome work on permission system and helping me with django-filters, and additional styling. :)
Charles Starnes Dec 09, 2015

Thanks again Jessamyn!
Charles Starnes Dec 08, 2015

Good stuff! Nice, kind and super patient! Looking forward to next monday session :D
elena sanna Dec 07, 2015

The best coder I have worked with!
Matt Dec 07, 2015

Thank you again! Awesome help with refactoring my django app.
Charles Starnes Dec 05, 2015

Jessamyn is knowledgeable and always friendly and a pleasure to work with.
Matt Dec 03, 2015

Wow. You covered way more than I was expecting. Thank you!
Charles Starnes Dec 02, 2015

Jessamyn was great. She answered all my random questions really well and I'll definitely use her again.
James Docherty Dec 01, 2015

Great job again! Highly recommended.
Charles Starnes Dec 01, 2015

Another excellent coding session.
Matt Dec 01, 2015

Jessamyn is always a pleasure to work with.
Matt Nov 30, 2015

Excellent debugging session.
Matt Nov 28, 2015

Thanks again Jessamyn - got way more done than I thought. I really appreciate it.
Charles Starnes Nov 27, 2015

great teacher. great person. big fan.
Jazz Nov 25, 2015

Informative session
Matt Nov 23, 2015

She solved the problem efficiently and was friendly!
sean Nov 10, 2015

Informative and productive coding session.
Matt Nov 06, 2015

Excellent code writing session.
Matt Nov 05, 2015

Excellent problem solving!
Matt Nov 04, 2015

This girl knows her stuff inside and out. She was pulling out debugging tricks and explaining things I'd never heard of or seen before. Super helpful and always pleasant too work with.
mikiah Nov 03, 2015

Another excellent coding session.
Matt Nov 03, 2015

Jessamyn, has a knack for quickly orienting herself in my code, no matter how messy or off-base I am. I could not be more thankful for that! I am learning to code, so my code is messy and disorganized so much so that I easily get lost. Jessamyn, helps me get back on the right track while also educating me on where I've gone wrong and adhering to my strict project requirements. I've tried other mentors and I would say Jessamyn is the top for handling vanilla JavaScript in such a quick and adept manner. Without her, I would be beyond lost!
Claudia Nov 02, 2015

Jessamyn is always knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.
Matt Nov 02, 2015

Great start.
Bon Osonwanne Oct 31, 2015

Michael Rasay Oct 30, 2015

Jessamyn is always knowledgeable, insightful and fun to work with.
Matt Oct 30, 2015

Amazing again! Provided great insights in scoping out a project of mine.
Donnie Wang Oct 29, 2015

Super helpful and really knowledgable on so much. She's helped on backend and frontend issues within minutes. Really sharp!
mikiah Oct 29, 2015

Another excellent session.
Matt Oct 29, 2015

Jessamyn was very helpful and I will certainly be checking in with her again as I have questions regarding my project!
Amy Wright Webber Oct 28, 2015

Jessamyn was great, I needed some help with some career advice concerning getting my first web development job after starting as a batch analyst a long while back and being out of the tech industry for a number of years. She was able to give me actionable steps, some resume changes and good advice on how to proceed from where I am to where I want to be. She understood where I was coming from and was instantly able to help me work on a game plan!
Salvatore Allegra Oct 28, 2015

Great help and guidance on environment setup and wiring together together the code. This was a proof of concept project and Jessamyn was great end to end.
Gene Billingsley Oct 28, 2015

Jessamyn is great. She helped me get my database fixed and running again. Many thx!!!
Susan Weaver Oct 27, 2015

Jessamyn really knows her stuff
Hayden Oct 27, 2015

Amazing service and problem gets solved first time every time! Highly recommend :)
Ryan Oct 27, 2015

Jessamyn was extremely responsive and very generous with her time.
Hayden Oct 23, 2015

This was my first experience using Codementor, for better or worse I look forward to the next time I get to work with Jessamyn.
Colin Farmer Oct 23, 2015

Jessamyn is perfect. She has the capacity to just solve your problem if that's all you want or she can explain the "why" so that you can not only replicate her solutions but generalize them and solve related problems. Basically, Jess is a true mentor.
Miriam Oct 23, 2015

Once again, Jessamyn with her in-depth knowledge and experience has debugged my code.
Matt Oct 22, 2015

Happy to report Jess's methodical debugging resulted in success ;)
Donnie Wang Oct 22, 2015

Has a wide knowlegte of Django. Very Helpful. Goes very structured throug the code. Listens carfully and found a solution which I didn't expect. Thanks a lot :)
Sebastian Weiss Oct 22, 2015

Jessamyn is always cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable. Another great session.
Matt Oct 21, 2015

Awesome! Super helpful, really knows her stuff - talked me through the issue and helped me solve a problem I've been working on for hours. Highly recommend.
Chris Lewis Oct 16, 2015

This is the 3rd time I have used Jessamyn to solve my django/python issues. Each time Jessamyn has been knowledgeable, helpful and very easy to work with. I fully recommend Jessamyn as a codementor problem solver.
Matt Oct 15, 2015

As always, I come back to "What would I do without Jessamyn?!" She is tenacious and up for any kind of challenge while also being very personable and fun. Jessamyn is the best, you won't regret pairing with her!
Claudia Oct 14, 2015

Jeffrey James Oct 07, 2015

Jess is really effecient in her work. But I did banter with her a bit and she even gave me some consulting advice regarding competitor applications in the industry in which I work. I am an attorney so it was very well appreciated that she keeps all her work confidential. I hope she will be willing to help me in the future.
Kirk Kennedy Oct 07, 2015

Thank you so much for your help :)
Jennifer Mutasa Oct 05, 2015

Another great session!
Nikhil Oct 02, 2015

First, she fixed my config issue. She was patient and very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and was able to patiently walk me through what was going on.
Charles Starnes Oct 02, 2015

Nancy Oct 01, 2015

Jess is amazing, and very helpful. If you get the chance to work with her, do it!
Jay Wilson Jr. Sep 30, 2015

Fantastic mentor! Very helpful in walking through several issues and providing a better framework of debugging future code. Will be booking again!!
Nikhil Sep 29, 2015

Jessamyn rocks! She was totally up-front, saying she wasn't an expert in the framework I needed help with, and took the time to see if she'd even be able to help... and she was! Troubleshot like a pro and got my app up! Thanks again! :)
Andres Mendez Sep 25, 2015

Jessamyn was awesome and was able to assist me with my Django issues.
Khary Reynolds Sep 24, 2015

Jess is amazing!!! Not only is she a rockstar software engineer (She understand code backwards and forwards) she is a fantastic teacher! I wanted to work with someone who teach as well as they could code. Someone who could explain any concepts that were difficult for my mind to grasp in a easy way... I struck a goldmine with Jess! She is phenomenal and is now my go to developer on CodeMentor. If you get a chance to work with her, do it! You will be happy with yourself, she is the real deal. Thanks for all your help Jess!!!
Jay Wilson Jr. Sep 23, 2015

Jessamyn is great! Solved my problem quickly and efficiently.
Ray A. Sep 23, 2015

Very Helpful! Although the entire process is beyond my comprehension (because the weird situation of my Mac), the problem is solved. Thank you very much!
Lydia Chen Sep 23, 2015

Great mentor. Very helpful and informative.
Ryan Sep 22, 2015

Fantastic quick coder!
Anthony N La Rocca Sep 22, 2015

Jess is fantastic! Another mentor skipped out on our meeting and she was able to help out immediately. She worked in an environment that she wasn't used to and got my issue resolved super quick with no issues. Absolutely wonderful mentor. Thanks again Jess!
Chelsie Sep 22, 2015

Made debugging an infinite loop in JS fun! Better each time
Arjun Sep 22, 2015

Perfect !
jamy Sep 21, 2015

Very helpful and great knowledge
Derrick Sep 21, 2015

sam q Sep 21, 2015

Amazing session, looking forward to the next one.
Etta Wilson Sep 21, 2015

Really funny and optimistic!
Kehlin Swain Sep 19, 2015

Very helpful, exactly what I needed. She showed me how to figure out what was wrong. Understand not just do.
sam q Sep 18, 2015

Jessamyn has a wealth of knowledge, great communication skills, and is creative.
Miriam Sep 18, 2015

Jess is a fantastic mentor!!! She has the requisite experience, attitude and skill to help resolve the most difficult of issues. I've engaged several other mentors in the past but have come to rely on her since she has repeatedly proven how adept she is at quickly diagnosing a problem and helping me come to a solution that works.
Rodney Sep 16, 2015

Once again, great help with my jquery problem. Very quick & excellent knowledge. Thank you.
Nicola Skudder Sep 16, 2015

Really helpful in debugging php and jquery. Taught me a few nifty tricks as well. Will definitely work with her again.
mikiah Sep 16, 2015

Excellent! Very helpful and extremely knowledgeable and quick! Solved the problem with my site. I am happy! Thank you.
Nicola Skudder Sep 15, 2015

Jess is my fairy godmother of programming. I can go about with confidence because she resolves all the confusion around me and gives me what I need.
Wilson Mar Sep 13, 2015

Jess is always amazing to work with.. She never seems to fail and always come through to help me work though my problems..
Angelis Pseftis Sep 10, 2015

very helpful
don mclamb Sep 09, 2015

It was really awesome pairing with Jessamyn!!! So glad she is my mentor :)
Ekwenugo Mirabel Sep 09, 2015

Jess was really helpful troubleshooting my existing code and helping me find solutions to problems that came up along the way. She's awesome!
Rob Allgood Sep 08, 2015

Jessamyn Smith knows her stuff inside and out and can communicate to novices like me.
Miriam Sep 05, 2015

Awesome was that second set of eyes i needed.
steve portock Sep 03, 2015

Good insights despite being upfront about experience with one of the libraries, and offering to help because I was stuck and couldn't find anyone else available.
Brian Porter Sep 03, 2015

Jessamyn rocks! this is the second time she has helped me through a project! I highly recommend her!
Rebecca Cook Sep 03, 2015

Thank you! Job well done!
Sam Gabbay Sep 02, 2015

Jess helped me resolve my issue and I learned a lot. Thanks!
Rob Allgood Sep 02, 2015

Very good! Will use her again
Mohammed Sep 02, 2015

Excellent mentor. Highly recommend.
Orlando Disla Aug 29, 2015

Jess helped me figure out my issue. She's great!
Rob Allgood Aug 29, 2015

Fantastic mentor. Knows everything I've needed so far and so if correct, quick, with time to be nice. I'll be back until I'm the expert!
Miriam Aug 28, 2015

Jessamyn....what would I do without her?! Join her for a session and you'll feel the same way.
Claudia Aug 28, 2015

Jessamyn Smith was fantastic. She understood my problem; was able to provide answers effectively and efficiently; explained everything to me; and gave me lots of pointers. She is a Professional CodeMentor with incredible expertise in Software Engineering. I will definitely contact her again if I need more help.
Miriam Aug 28, 2015

Jessamy was Great! Very knowledgeable and fast. Can't wait to work with her again.
Ray A. Aug 28, 2015

Jessamyn was great to work with. She solved my problem and clearly explained what was happening. I'd definitely recommend her.
Susan Weaver Aug 27, 2015

Jess was proactive and very helpful in her approach to assist with my learning. I look forward to working with her closely in the future.
Brin Aug 27, 2015

Jess is always very helpful. I definitely recommend her.
Rob Allgood Aug 26, 2015

Absolutely excellent and would definitely recommend to other users. In just a short session Jessamyn was able to solve three major problems within my code that I would have spent days trying to find and fix. Thanks for everything!
Alexander Hay Aug 25, 2015

In only a brief session Jessamyn was able to quickly and methodically isolate issues to help identify the root cause. Will definitely be contacting Jessamyn in the future and as a long term mentor.
John Aug 25, 2015

Jess was super-helpful!
Rob Allgood Aug 24, 2015

Jess was ready to hop in and get into some code even with using standard Javascript. Got me a good chunk of the way through my problem.
Krys Aug 24, 2015

Fantastic overview of the my code. Really helpful and friendly.
Adrian Raudaschl Aug 22, 2015

Jessamyn quickly helped me understand my problem more deeply, and just as quickly, produced links to instructional content so that I could implement the solution on my own time offline. Awesome help!
Spyro Aug 22, 2015

Awesome!! Lots of great information across multiple platforms - gave me lots of advice on not only what to do - but also what to avoid as I planned out the project.
Jamey Grant Aug 19, 2015

Jess made my first experience on Codementor a joy! She didn't have the answer before we started, so she did some research on the subject and when she was ready, we started the session. It shows she is not only knowledgeable, but also intelligent. Thx again Jess!
Alex Taghavi Aug 14, 2015

Jessamyn is AWESOME! Thanks so much for helping me solve my PHP problem. We got on a call, I shared my screen and poof! The problem was solved almost immediately.. Thanks to her I can now move forward. Don't hesitate on having a quick session with her if you have ANY issues. She will get to the bottom of it, fast. I appreciate you Jessamyn! Keep Rockin, -Luke Davenport
Luke Aug 12, 2015

Like always Jess is amazing! She is an amazing mentor
Angelis Pseftis Aug 11, 2015

As always, Jessamyn is quick to find the origin of an issue and fix it. Despite how quick she may be, she always provides tips of and knowledge of how you may want to handle the issue and how to do so when you're on your won. Jessamyn, is definitely my favorite Codementor and I highly recommend her.
Claudia Aug 10, 2015

Jess is the best
Ed S Aug 06, 2015

Very clear explanation
Edoardo Aug 04, 2015

Great teacher, super patient and competent
Edoardo Aug 04, 2015

Yaay :-)
Enzou Aug 02, 2015

The best pythonic mentor one in Codementor :-)
Enzou Aug 01, 2015

Just sending a tip! (It didn't go through in my original submission) But seriously, this mentor is great.
James Arthur Jul 29, 2015

Polite, easy to work with, and got the job done quickly and with patience. Highly recommend!
James Arthur Jul 29, 2015

My mentor was outstanding! As a teacher, I needed help but didn't want it done for me. Jess took me through step by step and made sure I understood what needed to be done. I know that teachers are the hardest students and I'm probably the worst of them. She was very understanding of my concerns and desire to learn. I know I had some silly questions and I could see the frustration my dumb questions on her face. But she remained professional and continued to assist me. After 23 years in the military, I've seen some great professionals and some slackers. She would definitely fall on the positive side and you should be proud to have her on your team. I would use her again any time and recommend her to anyone needing her kind of help. She also understood that funds were tight for me and she did so much, in so little time, but still gave me the time I needed to learn. I thank Jess Smith for her help, her smile, and her attitude. And no, I don't believe we're related. MSgt Craig L. Smith USAF (ret.) Alternative and Adult Education RSU #74, North Anson, Maine
Craig L. Smith Jul 28, 2015

Really great first call with Jessamyn! She definitely knows Heroku and helped alleviate any concerns or questions I had.
Greg Crossfield Jul 27, 2015

Jessamyn is fantastic! I highly recommend her to anyone. She is patient, humorous and makes debugging a pleasant experience. The code I have inherited is absolutely terrible and instead of shrinking at the challenge, she dives right on in, figures out what's going on and works within those limitations. I have had several sessions with her and she hasn't been stumped in a single one! She has always come out with a solution for me. In addition to the coding tips she also provides me with general career advice. It is clear that she is not just here to make a buck, she is her to make an impact. She cares that I become a better developer, she cares that I am in a good employer environment and encourages me to seek out what I deserve. Even if I make a "stupid" mistake, she is nothing but encouraging. I appreciate the time she makes for me and her kindness.
Claudia Jul 27, 2015

great , helpful !
Aryan Jul 25, 2015

Jessamyn helped me with server side angularjs, she is very knowledgeable and I will definitely consider using her again.
Guillermo Ithier Jul 24, 2015

Great second set of eyes on my problem and helpful in discussing approaches to data modeling
Michael Jul 24, 2015

I have been working with Jess for some time now. She goes well over the call of duty to assist me. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help!
Angelis Pseftis Jul 22, 2015

Excellent. Always.
Leslie Bell Jul 22, 2015

Great mentor, all is perfect !
Jerome Jul 22, 2015

No wonder she's highly rated! Would definitely ask again for help.
Wilton Vargas Jul 21, 2015

Wow! Jessamyn was awesome on our call. I'll definitely be submitting another request for help very soon. Thanks for the help Jess!
Jeremy Biron Jul 20, 2015

She fixed my problems in a jiffy.

Jess makes CSS from a mess to LESS.

Super awesome!
. Jul 18, 2015

Outstanding as usual.
Kay Jul 16, 2015

Clearly Jessamyn is on top of her game, We talked the problem into a solution in no time. She is now on my short list for any other feature project.
Diego Jul 16, 2015

mike jones Jul 16, 2015

Jessamyn saves the day ! She was able to quickly provide me with solutions to get my services up and running again! She always has the answers - Thanks!
amanda webb Jul 15, 2015

Digs right in and get to the core of the problem
Armando Jul 15, 2015

Jessamyn is extremely knowlegable, professional, and very friendly. It was a pleasure working with her to solve my specific problems and I will definitely go to her again in the future when I need help. Thanks Jess!
Sean Miller Jul 15, 2015

Jessamyn has in-depth knowledge of Django, and superb communication skills, a terrific combination.
Marjorie Roswell Jul 14, 2015

Very helpful, articulate things well. Definitely will get mentorship again!
Richard Dilig Jul 09, 2015

She is always willing to take a look. Focuses on my issue and works for a solution. Thanks.
Clint Evans Jul 08, 2015

Expert knowledge and very patient! Would definitely use again for help!
Robin Jul 07, 2015

Jessamyn Smith is knowledgable, friendly, helpful, and got me through my stuck point.
Marjorie Roswell Jul 06, 2015

This is a high level Professional with an amazing grasp of her expertise. Highly recommend!
paul Jul 01, 2015

I am very thankful Jessamyn could help me with some obscure html/css work. In addition to helping me set an email. Thanks so much!
Marcela Jun 28, 2015

Jess makes my code from a mess to the best.
Japa Jun 26, 2015

Extremely Nice
john Jun 25, 2015

My Mentor is skilled in Python and Django. Her communication skills is also excellent. I am happy to be paired with Her.
Arinde Eniola Jun 23, 2015

She's a real problem solver.
Marcela Jun 22, 2015

Great help!
Marcela Jun 21, 2015

Jessamyn rocks!! She was so patient and sweet, and has a knack for explaining complex situations in a really straight-forward way. She helped me solve my issue so efficiently!! I am forever grateful!!!
Rebecca Cook Jun 20, 2015

Jess was a good guide to a part of web development that I am still not very familiar with.
Wayne Wakeman Jun 20, 2015

She was fantastic, helped me with my Postgres issue like a charm. -Adam
Adam McLean Jun 19, 2015

Quality recommendations. Smiling person. Reallys Nice :)
Vincent Jun 19, 2015

She is the BEST out there!!!
Enzou Jun 18, 2015

While she didn't solve my exact problem she helped point me in the right direction.
david morton Jun 18, 2015

Another issue solved, Thanks Jessamyn,
Vincent Jun 17, 2015

great work, friendly, problem solved well
Chris Lewis Jun 17, 2015

Jess is knowledgeable, a good listener and communicator, and a pleasant person to talk to.
Nathan Spears Jun 17, 2015

Jessamyn is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful - she really knows her code! She helped me troubleshoot several errors in a large application, and was able to find many bugs that I hadn't even seen yet. I learned more from her in the 4 hours that I spent with her than any other tutor or mentor I've ever had.
amanda webb Jun 16, 2015

Fantastic. Solved the issue almost instantly. Very pleasant to talk to.
Stephan Jun 15, 2015

Excellent coding skills, can handle complex subject matter, and I would highly recommend to anyone.
John Jun 15, 2015

Vincent Jun 14, 2015

Jessamyn is very smart, and knowledgeable. She helped me set up my deployment just the way I wanted it, and offered advice for the future. I would definitly like to work with her again! Highly recommended.
Jean-Philippe Sirois Jun 13, 2015

Excellent work! I had very limited knowledge of what the real issue was, but Jessamyn walked through various potential issues until we found the source of the bug.
Collin Adler Jun 12, 2015

Super helpful. I needed some guidance on setting up cron jobs for python script. Jessamyn helped me set it up, and gave great guidance around how to test and use it in the future. Definitely set me up for cron job success!!
tkazi Jun 11, 2015

Super friendly and super helpful! Saved my butt :) Time well spent.
Jon Nemeth Jun 11, 2015

She is the smartest kid out there :-)
Enzou Jun 07, 2015

Wow!!!! You ROCK!!!
Enzou Jun 06, 2015

Very friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommend!
Ryan Jun 05, 2015

Trey Hoover Jun 05, 2015

Jess is the bomb! She solved my issue, and she's very articulate and has a warm disposition. Great to work with!
Edward Babbage Jun 05, 2015

She is by far the best mentor I have had on this site! I have nothing but Amazing things to say about her skill as a programmer. She worked extremely hard with me to complete my project. Where others failed she came through. If you have a tough project you should hire her to mentor you! I know i will in the future!
Angelis Pseftis Jun 04, 2015

So nice, so helpful!
Ed S Jun 03, 2015

Nicest person, willingly jumped on to the chat to help me troubleshoot the problem I was having. Good, patient and friendly advice is hard to find. This is exactly what you will get....highly recommended.
Ed S Jun 03, 2015

This mentor is amazing and I will be coming back to them with the rest of my issues!
Angelis Pseftis Jun 02, 2015

Endlessly patient and so helpful!
Kirsty May 17, 2015

She was very informative and gave good tips on how to move around the IDE. Would recommend.
Edward Thai May 15, 2015

She was very helpful.
don mclamb May 13, 2015

Even with technical difficulties on the call on my end Jessamyn rolled with it and very quickly was able to help me solve my problem. Thanks!
JTony Smith May 11, 2015

Extremely helpful and very quick to diagnose and solve the problems
Jonathan Bryan May 10, 2015

Friendly and helpful. Thank you very much.
Madhavi May 08, 2015

Super friendly and helpful. Got right to the bottom of my issue and learned some extra stuff along the way!
mtmcphee May 08, 2015

Jessamyn was very patient, knowledgeable (she's working on a side project using similar technologies) and very friendly. I'll work with her again.
Jabari martin May 03, 2015

Jess was a great help. She helped me fix a problem I was working on for about 5 hours before contacting her. We didn't get it during our session, but she CONTINUED WORKING after our session ended and sent me a solution.
Tyler Goelz May 01, 2015

Explained what was causing my issues really well and fixed the errors quickly and effortlessly!
Teenum Applegate May 01, 2015

great mentor would recommend
Kirsty Apr 30, 2015

Jessamyn is very personable and helpful and will definitely work with you towards finding the answer.
Kirsty Apr 23, 2015

Jessamyn is incredibly insightful, intelligent, and kind. She explains things in many different ways to help reach/connect with you at whatever level you're at so that you will understand problems fully and completely. I'm glad I met her and hope to continue working with her in the future!
Todd Squitieri Apr 21, 2015

As usual, expert, knows her stuff and she's really good at understanding my problems. She's an exemplary reason to use a service like this. Thanks, Jess!
Kay Apr 17, 2015

Jess knows her stuff when it comes to Python and Django, and especially testing. Cleared a lot of fog for me in the first 30 minutes, offered great examples and explanations. Will definitely call on her in the future.
Kay Apr 08, 2015