Alejandro Rivera, Jersey dev and freelancerView Profile
Alejandro Rivera5.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Barcelona, Spain

Principal/MTS 2 Software Engineer

MS in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Over 10 years of professional experience working for small and big names like Zynga and eBay. Passionate about programming since I was 11 years old. Love mentoring people who are truly interested in learning
Jaroslav Strouhal, Jersey freelancer and developerView Profile
Jaroslav Strouhal5.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Svitavy, Czechia

Senior Software Developer at SolarWinds

I am full-stack developer focused on software architecture. I am pleased to research new technologies. I have experience with agile development.
Christopher Gokey, Jersey freelancer and developerView Profile
Christopher Gokey5.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Shelburne Falls, United States

Software Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

I've had a knack for programming since I was in grade school. That was back in the days where memory in a computer was measured in Kilobytes instead of Gibabytes (first computer was a TI/99 4A). I have a masters in computer science and been working for NASA since '97. I've taught college courses in C, Java, relational databases, and just enjoy coding, problem solving and the artistic aspect of producing new, interesting, and innovative things.
Anthony Hicks III, Jersey freelancer and developerView Profile
Anthony Hicks III5.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Chicago, United States

Software Engineer

I have a Master's of Science Degree in Computer Science, and I have industry experience in Software Development. I understand programming on both a theoretical level and a practical level. I have knowledge of various topics such as Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and Web Development. I have experience programming with many languages such as JavaScript, Scala, Java, C++, and C. I would like to pass on some of my knowledge to others.
Vinicius Arruda, Jersey software engineerView Profile
Vinicius Arruda
Freelance Jersey developer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Full Stack Engineer / Entrepreneur

Computer Engineer with post-graduation in Software Project Management • Full-stack developer with 10+ years’ experience in development, design and Dev-Ops • Experience with agile teams (SCRUM\XP\LEAN) developing and leading using tools as Trello, Kanban, Jira, MS Team Foundation etc • Experience in designing scalable and distributed enterprise applications (cloud computing) using Amazon AWS-EC2, IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure • Proficient in C#.NET, JAVA SE/EE/ANDROID, SWIFT IOS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and several frameworks for distributed solutions (hardware/software)
Rashif Rahman, top Jersey developerView Profile
Rashif Rahman5.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Knowledge Engineer

I am a long-time open-source contributor and Linux enthusiast. In the past I spent most of my time staring at a black screen with green text scrolling endlessly for hours and days. I am now fully invested in semantic technologies and this thing called symbolic artificial intelligence (which is basically traditional AI). While I am inclined on scientific research, nothing gives me more satisfaction than leading a technology product from inception to production, more so if that product exploits bleeding-edge technology.
Jonathan Estrella, Jersey freelancer and developerView Profile
Jonathan Estrella5.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Sunnyvale, United States

Backend Engineer

An engineer focused on improving performance. Living in the startup space, and a constant learner. Queries starting to take too long? AWS costing too much? Are you worried about writing code that has a shaky foundation? Let me help you plan and learn, let's chat.
Thomas Theiner, senior Jersey developerView Profile
Thomas Theiner
Freelance Jersey developer in Dortmund, Germany

Full-hearted developer with a passion for helping

I have been programming on different systems using a wide range of programming languages since I was 13. So it's already been 34 years and still counting ....
Pablo Lalloni, top Jersey developerView Profile
Pablo Lalloni5.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Versatile and experienced full-stack software developer. Lots of technologies.

Hantsy Bai, Jersey freelance developerView Profile
Hantsy Bai
Freelance Jersey developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Self-employed technical consultant, solution architect and full-stack developer

Bai has over 16 years software engineering experience, including 7 years freelancing and consulting experience. He has significant experience in building large-scale distributed systems, design and implementing of RESTful application architecture, migrating monolithic applications to Microservice architecture, pragmatic agile programming coach etc. He has written lots of blog entries and sample codes to demonstrate the technologies he had used and he is interested in. Some blog entries were referred by Oracle blog portal. He is active in open source communities and he is always trying to introduce the new cutting-edge technologies in his new projects. In 2012, he was invited by Redhat to attend 2012 JBoss User and Developer Conference at Boston and received the 2012 JBoss Community R...
Swaraj Ramesh, top Jersey developerView Profile
Swaraj Ramesh4.0
Freelance Jersey developer in Villupuram, India

An automation tester and developer by profession. Programmer and fiddler by hobby.

A problem solver and a quick learner with a passion for technology and hands on experience in multiple platforms, from the really old to the reasonably new.
Carlos Macasaet, Jersey software engineerView Profile
Carlos Macasaet
Freelance Jersey developer in Los Angeles, United States

Director of Engineering

Dmitry Shaporenkov, Jersey software engineer and devView Profile
Dmitry Shaporenkov
Freelance Jersey developer in London, United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer

Senior technical leader / architect with many years of professional experience. Throughout my career, I've got exposure to a variety of technologies and programming languages, both on the back-end and front-end side. For the last few years at Microsoft, I worked on low-latency, high-throughput backend services supporting Office 365 applications. At JetBrains, I was one of the first engineers working on ReSharper, which is now a very popular IDE plugin for .NET. I have also published several research articles on database systems. I am interested in non-trivial problems in the space of processing massive amounts of data quickly, and using the insights thus gained to improve the product and/or make the workers more productive.
Md Samiul Alim Sakib, Jersey programmer and consultantView Profile
Md Samiul Alim Sakib
Freelance Jersey developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer having 5+ years professional android & backend application development experience with Java & Kotlin. Beside I love to play with Erlang. I have experience developing messaging application (Audio, Video, Text) using XMPP & WebRTC protocol, Data driven apps. I use JavaEE & Play Framework 2 for backend development using Java. Experienced on Kotlin side by side Java for android application development.I use SQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Sqlite, Riak to store data. Besides I am experienced with MQTT for IOT. I follow Agile Development methodology for software development.
Dominik Heine, top Jersey developerView Profile
Dominik Heine
Freelance Jersey developer in Rodgau, Germany

MSc in Machine Learning. Java Developer of nearly a decade.

I have a Masters degree in Machine Learning, Data Mining and High Performance Computing (University of Bristol, UK). I have been working in software development for nearly a decade in various domains from travel to education to banking, but one thing has not changed: Software development has always been an incredible tool to transform ideas into reality, which is why I am excited to pay that skill forward.

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