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I am a software engineer with over 10 years of experience. I am passionate about software development and constantly try to learn and improve. I enjoy mentoring other developers and helping to solve problems.
6 C#
4 .NET
4 JavaScript
3 Bootstrap
Csharp expert help C# - 10 years experience
Primary development language on various projects during 10+ years of professional experience.
No icon .NET - 13 years experience
Extensive professional experience using the .NET framework on various projects. Thorough understanding of the .NET Framework libraries.
Sql expert help SQL - 13 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 13 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 13 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Excellent guide in my software dev life.
BachOfCadence Oct 25, 2016

Jeff were able to fix multiple in short period of time! Truly a Guru!
mark Oct 20, 2016

Thanks Jeff!
BachOfCadence Oct 18, 2016

Jeff taught me how to work with API today.
mark Oct 01, 2016

We have quite a difficult problem today but as always Jeff manage to troubleshoot.
mark Sep 19, 2016

Really a good session today, Jeff has been working with me for months and I feel I've learned so much with about proper development and professional implementation in the C# console, WPF, MVC and MVVM architecture, and i really only owe that to one guy... Thank you Jeff !
BachOfCadence Sep 13, 2016

In one short session with Jeff, I can cover about a months worth of individual learning, and leave with a better understanding than i could have ever mustered up. Im so thankful for Jeff's mentoring!
BachOfCadence Sep 06, 2016

He got into the problem in detail and displayed and explained multiple ways to solve it. Wonderful! Anytime again..
Lutz Sep 05, 2016

Five Star Mentor!!
BachOfCadence Aug 30, 2016

Excellent DBMS theory knowledge, really helps to put things into perspective for anyone new in this industry. I find no topic to be unknown by Jeff.
BachOfCadence Aug 23, 2016

Great Mentor!
BachOfCadence Aug 19, 2016

Super knowledgeable and very patient and helpful. Would highly recommend.
Chad Aug 12, 2016

Thanks for yet again another brilliant session!
BachOfCadence Aug 09, 2016

BachOfCadence Aug 05, 2016

The best mentor I know and I use all of them...
BachOfCadence Aug 02, 2016

Simply, Jeff is Great
BachOfCadence Jul 26, 2016

Jeff was able to help me quickly with an Entity Framework problem I was having. He has excellent troubleshooting skills and I'd highly recommend him.
Larry Eisenstein Jul 19, 2016

One Of The Most Informative Hours Of My Life! Thanks Jeff!
BachOfCadence Jul 16, 2016

Trust me, use Jeff as your code mentor.
BachOfCadence Jul 15, 2016

Jeff is built for mentoring. As I keep saying, Knowledgeable, Helpful, Professional. Thanks Jeff!
BachOfCadence Jul 04, 2016

I highly recommend Jeff, Great at mentoring and very knowledgeable.
BachOfCadence Jun 26, 2016

Jeff continues to be a significant help to our project. He is always on track, on focus, and knows how to create solutions that are learn-able and work for our specific requirement. I'm looking forward to his continued involvement with us and CodeMentor.
Steve Jun 09, 2016

Great at helping me to understand C# code in depth, fast, knowledgeable. I recommend you use Jeff. Best money you'll ever spend.
BachOfCadence Jun 05, 2016

Great session as always. I highly recommend Jeff.
BachOfCadence May 08, 2016

I highly recommend Jeff, can't sing his praises enough!
BachOfCadence Apr 30, 2016

Jeff is knowledgeable, patient, and gets things done quickly. Excellent help!
Chad Apr 28, 2016

I appreciate Jeff's effort so far in our project. We started off with some tricky code requirements and after our code session Jeff had taken some time offline on his own to find a solution. Because of this, I will continue to work with Jeff via CodeMentor and look forward to his mentoring on the project.
Steve Apr 27, 2016

Absolutely great, really helped me. I encourage anyone who see's this to try Jeff if you're in need of help. He was super quick, super helpful. I felt really nervous about hiring a "code mentor" to assist me, but I really sincerely encourage you to take the leap and try a session with Jeff. Cheers
BachOfCadence Apr 16, 2016

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Shanay Apr 16, 2016

Write a public review for this mentor
Shanay Apr 15, 2016

Excellent Mentor Highly Recommend
John Hanbury Apr 12, 2016

Jeff was Fantastic! really helped me debug an issue that was bothering me for a while. He has great knowledge of the area and I cannot recommend him enough. Great Mentor!
John Hanbury Apr 10, 2016

Jeff was awesome! Very thorough and knows his stuff.
Shanay Mar 12, 2016

Very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and gets things done quickly. Highly recommended.
Chad Feb 11, 2016

Great help, was able to help me clean up my code
corey Jan 06, 2016

Best mentor!!
Jack Sysson Dec 20, 2015