How and why I built Build your own System Management

Published Jan 06, 2018
How and why I built Build your own System Management

About me

I'm a Developer Full Stack. Since 1992 I design software. I became with Clipper and today I develop with C#, ASP.NET AJAX, WinForms, ADO.NET, Html5, CSS3, JavaScript.
I do study a lot what each tecnology offers, so I can asp for my customer: WHAT DO YOU WANT. So I do it. The most of the people don't ask what the customers really wants. And when I do, I do beyond his expectations.

The problem I wanted to solve

Manage multiples modules, versions, customizations and tools.

What is Build your own System Management?

So since the begining I do a system to manage the source code generating templates based on database dictionary. With this solution I can write fastest my code and implement what the customers really need.

Tech stack

I use the same language of my product. Nowadays I use C# 7.2, Windows Forms and Telerik by Progress.

The process of building Build your own System Management

I desing the database. So I implement how it will be updated in the production. All customers has the same database structure, so it became easy implement new modules and versions.

Challenges I faced

The big challenge is the time that you 'll need to do. I work for needs that are not need today. So when I have the situation I already have the solution. So I have more time to build for my own needs. BE FAST AND DO WHAT YOU 'LL NEED NEXT WEEK, SO YOU WILL BE ALLWAYS ON THE SCHEDULE. I did this last dezember, I build a report without no body ask for it, and impressivily in the next day a Customer ask for it. You can feed your brain to think in the future needs of your customers.

Key learnings

I learn that you 'll rebegin every thing every 5-7 years. You 'll get the best that you had and build another thing, thin, fast and advanced, based on your own knowledge about your self needs.

Tips and advice

Be cool. An empire begins with a small step, see biografy from Steve Jobs on Apple. Do and redo every time you need. Build this with structure simple and that you could change any time.

Final thoughts and next steps

The new step is the retirement, let me explain, with A.I. I think that my actual job could be make by machines, most of all, not all. Since 2K I desing structures that 'll be easy to machines learn. So I 'll become an adviser from A.I. that 'll decide the directions to go.
I think that AI and Q# will be the future, So I'm excited about the future.

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