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Javascript expert help JavaScript - 1 year experience
I spent a year working primarily in Node.js writing scrapers, and I've built an entire company in AngularJS.
Python expert help Python - 8 years experience
Python is my best language and I've done everything in Python--from web scraping to web development to data processing and machine learning.
Django expert help Django - 6 years experience
I've built a number of very complex websites in Django, and have dived deep into the source, writing patches using metaclasses when the built-in functionality was insufficient.
No icon Elasticsearch - 1 year experience
No icon Twilio - 4 years experience
I've built a number of applications on top of Twilio for clients ranging from startups to huge businesses.
BashWeather 10   4
A Bash script to add regularly updated localized weather icons to your bash prompt
CouchQueue 7   1
CouchQueue is a module that enables queuing systems to be built out of CouchDB databases.
DoorDuino 4   1
C++ Arduino Processing
PrettyTime 4   0
Python PrettyTime - A Python module allowing Rails-style pretty times like t(3).days.ago
hebrew-webapp 2   2
CSS Python JavaScript
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Awesome job - Debugged the problem quickly
Patrick Jul 27, 2016

Exactly what I needed, thoughtfully communicated and damn quick!
Nick Reed Jul 16, 2015

Great mentor, highly recommended. Helped me diagnose issue quickly and efficiently.
zach marburger Feb 03, 2015

Great mentor, he knew right-away what our problem was and was able to quickly help us solve it.
Morgan Linton Feb 03, 2015