Why I went multilingual (programming)...

Published Nov 29, 2017
Why I went multilingual (programming)...

1. I can't focus....
I have a terrible time focusing on stuff. I think it has to do with Attention problems I have struggled with my whole life. I was told by different developer friends of mine that I wouldn't get anywhere as a programmer if I didn't become an expert at one specific programming language or framework.

I just could never stick with one. I had to try them all! 😃

2. I always wanted to be able to speak any programming language.
I have found that now as a developer, I can pick up coding languages I have never ever used before and quickly figure out what is going on. It has proven to be useful as a Programmer at the University of Montana where I work full time and as a Freelancer as well.

3. Setbacks
There are times where I feel like the "jack of all trades, but master of none". I sometimes wish I were more of a master at one skill (programming language)

4. Takeaways
I'm not sure I would even recommend going multilingual to anyone. Study JavaScript or ROR.

It has, however, paid off for me. I can code whatever needs to be coded at my full time job and I have been able to take on unique challenges as a freelancer and I wouldn't trade the path I ended up going on for anything!

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