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Software Engineer
Java expert help Java - 15 years experience
Although Pascal was my first love, Java is in many ways the best programming language I know.
No icon Xslt - 5 years experience
Michael Kay, the author of the best Java XSLT processor (Saxon) and a large part of the XSLT specification, also wrote the best books on the subject. Very accessible, very precise, very thorough.
No icon XML - 10 years experience
XML didn't live up to its expectations, but I still like it.
Sql expert help SQL - 10 years experience
SQL is useful. What else can I say?
Scala expert help Scala - 4 years experience
After the initial excitement wore off, I feel that Scala is not as huge an improvement over Java as it's made out to be (especially since Java 8 introduced lambdas), and Scala has a few disadvantages: compilation often takes much longer and is less incremental, and some language features can actually lead to reduced code quality.
Python expert help Python - 4 years experience
I once had to work with Zope and didn't like it, but Python was love at first sight. I never had an opportunity to build large Python applications though.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 10 years experience
MySQL was the first SQL database I worked with, and it's still my favorite, although I also enjoyed working with PostgreSQL and Derby. Oracle is an old-fashioned monster.
Android expert help Android - 2 years experience
As far as building apps is concerned, I prefer Android to iOS, mostly because I prefer Java to Objective-C.
Php expert help PHP - 4 years experience
Built several small websites. Maintained DBpedia code (information extraction) before we switched to Scala.
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
Git is fast, robust and simple. If you're coming from server-based versioning systems, you may need to somewhat change your thinking though.
No icon Spring - 5 years experience
Want to learn how to build super-clean and well-designed Java frameworks? Read Spring source code. Best code base of all open-source projects.
No icon Soap - 5 years experience
SOAP is never simple, rarely about objects, and doesn't provide access. It's not great as a protocol and even worse as an acronym. I debugged and maintained SOAP interfaces for dozens of large financial institutions and want to help the unfortunate souls who have not yet migrated to JSON. ;-)
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Christopher is an experienced, and focused software engineer.
Noah A Oct 16, 2016

Faraz Fazli Sep 22, 2016

Great Service, Thanks Chris
Anton Grant Jun 04, 2016

Christopher quickly helped me resolve an issue I have been sitting with for a while. He also provided me with insight into areas I did not have any experience with before. Great mentor!
Peter Poulsen May 06, 2016

Christoph was very helpful in getting at the core of my intially pretty vague request. He was of great help for my project in python.
diffractionmachine May 04, 2016

Christopher was very helpful and professional.
Phil May 02, 2016

sara Apr 30, 2016

This is one of the most eye opening experiences I had online learning java with someone. He really goes over everything and explains why these things work. Will be working with him again soon enough. Thank you friend.
Dane Muller Apr 10, 2016

Great help with PHP!
Liv V Mar 20, 2016

Very nice consultation with Christopher who is experienced and professional.
Vivienne Feb 26, 2016

Appriciated the extra set of eyes
Mark Murphy Feb 22, 2016

Super skilled. Christopher excelled in helping me with xpath, xslt, and shell scripting to get data across hundreds of URLS. Thanks!
Marjorie Roswell Feb 21, 2016

rob Feb 01, 2016

He just gave me some hints and how to solve the problem I was trying to solve. Thank you man!!
mike Jan 19, 2015

Chris, has been very helpful. Went out of the way to help me. Will take his help again.
ankur Jan 04, 2015

Was a big help. To invest this hour saved me probably 10 hours. Thank you.
Daniel Jan 01, 2015

Christopher was awesome! Very patient and thorough - he explained every last detail and really helped me through with my understanding of algorithms & recursion. Highly recommended.
Draisy S Dec 25, 2014