Marcelo Teixeira de Melo Filho, top Jboss developer for hireView Profile
Marcelo Teixeira de Melo Filho5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Brasília, Brazil

Software Architect

Have migrated applications from JBoss AS 4 to AS 5, 4 to AS 7 and AS 5 to AS 7. Can solve a lot of deployment problems.
Steve Gibson, Jboss freelance coderView Profile
Steve Gibson5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Holland, United States

Software Development Coach

Generalist Software Developer and Software Development Coach. I think testing is very important; a tight development process is key; and that reviewing your requirements regularly for completeness, consistency and accuracy will minimize the cost of "surprises". I like to know the big picture, am detail oriented and love the challenge of jumping into projects where I know little or nothing about the problem domain or technology stack. I believe in learning something new every day and that process improvement is all about being intentional with your time and effort. Schedule an appointment with me now at: Please note: I am not prepared to do assignments or coding challenges for people. I feel I can add much more value walking you through a proble...
Maxim Baev, Jboss freelance developerView Profile
Maxim Baev
Freelance Jboss developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Full Stack Developer

I'm professional back-end and front-end developer with 9+ years of experience. Has architected and implemented lots of web apps. Always keeping in mind client needs, deadlines, and proactively suggesting best ways to achieve customer goals. Passionate about new technologies and best software design practices.
Kiran Babu, Jboss freelance developerView Profile
Kiran Babu5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Hyderabad, India

Expert AngularJs/Spring/VueJs/ReactJs Developer

I am full stack developer with 13 years of industry experience with Enterprise application development. I had worked applications with 160 million userbase, I am self motivated to learn new technologies by delivering the things successfully, As part of my experience i have learned and mastered many things like mobile development, front and backend applications, SEO development I am independent developer to push the idea into implemenation Hands-on software development and troubleshooting experience Highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software End to end experience Develop, building, shipping, and maintaining of web/mobile products
Ahmed Majeed, Jboss freelance coderView Profile
Ahmed Majeed5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Kano, Nigeria

Fullstack developer, Excellent communicator.

Hi! You can call me Ahmed. I am a full stack developer and I have been programming fulltime since 2012. I have extensive experience building projects on both proprietary and open source platforms. I currently lead a development team and what I love most about what I do is mentoring while still actively contributing code to different projects that we work on. My philosophy towards programming and development is that languages, frameworks and technologies that exist are only here to serve as tools to solve our problems. As long as you can conceptualize your solutions, you can implement elegantly. I'm a native English speaker. I particulary enjoy the process of contributing to the learning journey of developers that are just starting out. I make time for freelance projects that are exc...
Ami Solomon, Jboss freelance programmerView Profile
Ami Solomon4.8
Freelance Jboss developer in Phoenix, United States

Software Architect at American Express

I am an experienced software architect with 15 years of experience delivering a wide variety of business solutions. I have a special interest in emerging software technologies and designing intuitive and easy to use applications. Application Architect, Application Developer, and Database Administrator. JavaScript, AngularJS, .NET, SQL, SOA, NodeJS, Business Intelligence, Usability, SharePoint, Agile Software Development (XP, Scrum), Distributed Systems Architecture, Information Security, Cloud Computing
Chirilov Adrian, Jboss software engineerView Profile
Chirilov Adrian5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Constanța, Romania

While ( true ) { Teach ( "C++ / Qt" , "Java" , "Python" , "Php" , "Www" , "Unix", "Automation" ); }

Let's do amazing things !
Djordje Stojanovic, Jboss software engineer and devView Profile
Djordje Stojanovic5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Niš, Serbia

Founder at Ursus Software

I am a Backend Developer from Nis, Serbia. Passionate about open source software. I mainly develop in Python and Java, but I am also good with other languages and system administration.
Joe, senior Jboss programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Jboss developer in Los Angeles, United States

Multi-startup technologist who loves talking to people and troubleshooting

CTO of ARM Technology. Principal at Boken Group. Former VP Technology, Director of Engineering, Chief Enterprise Architect, and programmer of all sorts. Mostly start-ups, recently, including an Inc. 500 topper, with F5 and Gov't background. I trained in maths-based CS; I value correctness and rigor in the systems I design.
Pujan Srivastava, Jboss dev and freelancerView Profile
Pujan Srivastava
Freelance Jboss developer in Hyderabad, India
Maxim Sharai, Jboss freelance coderView Profile
Maxim Sharai5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Hrodna, Belarus

Java developer with 8+ years experience

I worked with a wide range of java enterprise level projects in several IT companies. I customized such java opensource projects as Centric CRM, Liferay and Alfresco
Renan Schroeder, Jboss software engineerView Profile
Renan Schroeder
Freelance Jboss developer in Joinville, Brazil

Full-stack developer JavaScript, Java, Python, AWS

I am an experienced full-stack software developer with over a decade.
Prafull Kotecha, Jboss software engineerView Profile
Prafull Kotecha
Freelance Jboss developer in Perth Amboy, United States

coding <--> learning

"Software is eating the world", as a16z said in 2011. And, these are very exciting times for software developers. But, I strongly believe in socially responsible software development. E.g. I would never be a part of team that develops a High Frequency Trading algorithm for a financial institution.
Júlio Cardoso Vidal de Figueiredo, Jboss developer for hireView Profile
Júlio Cardoso Vidal de Figueiredo
Freelance Jboss developer in São Luís, Brazil

Senior Software Developer (Java)

Ten+ years experienced software developer and systems analyst. Technology and programming languages teacher, expert on Java Platform. Dedicated, studious and really enthusiastic professional, focused on delivering results and entrepreneurial attitude. Causing positive impact on as much people as possible, mainly through technology and education, is my biggest purpose in life. I intend to do that by making use of all technical knowledge I am able to accumulate in practical situations and keeping me surrounded by good people. I really enjoy putting myself to test into new challenger situations and I try to keep constantly searching to work with people and institutions that are in sync with my most appreciated values of ethics, meritocracy, respect for each other, collaborative spirit and mos...
Pablo Lalloni, top Jboss developerView Profile
Pablo Lalloni5.0
Freelance Jboss developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Versatile and experienced full-stack software developer. Lots of technologies.

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