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Kirill Shevchenko, Javascript(coffeescript/es5/es6+) freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Javascript(coffeescript/es5/es6+) developer in Dnipro, Ukraine

Ruby/JS developer. Interested in Full-Stack Development and DevOps.

Experienced Full-Stack developer and tutor with several years teaching experience online/on-site. I consider the most productive learning by doing real code tasks and get code review. I like to help startups develop MVPs from scratch to production and solve related technical tasks like API building, automation of deployment/infrastructure, development front-end apps and chatbots.
Phil, top Javascript(coffeescript/es5/es6+) developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Javascript(coffeescript/es5/es6+) developer in Brunswick, Australia

Frontend Developer

Update: I've discounted my rate from $120 down to $4 an hour in return for getting reviews on here. I love hearing great ideas, and I couldn’t help but notice that I was always ‘that guy’ in the group that helped everyone get projects off the ground. A highly experienced, multi-skilled developer specialising in a wide range of front-end technologies, specifically React.js, Javascript ES6 and PHP. Having run my own business for the past decade, I have provided a range of clients with flexible solutions to meet their development needs. A natural problem solver, my level head and creative approach to web development has seen my business continue to thrive and adapt to industry and technical changes. I'm always looking forward to solving a new problem. So, how can we help solve yours?

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