suresh atta , Javaee freelance coderView Profile
suresh atta 5.0
Freelance Javaee developer in Secunderabad, India

Sr Web and Java Developer by profession, your friend by nature. 1000+ sessions completed so far.

Woking in this area from last 5 years and very comfort with that.
Mathi Fonseca, top Javaee developerView Profile
Mathi Fonseca5.0
Freelance Javaee developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

Software Architect and Developer for 8+ years

I teach classes using this technology, although I don't like it so much
Jolaade Adewale, Javaee software engineerView Profile
Jolaade Adewale5.0
Freelance Javaee developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Devy stuff. Full stack Web & Mobile developer with 10+ apps

Let's fix/ build it. ( Devy stuff ).
Harikishore Tadigotla, Javaee coder and developerView Profile
Harikishore Tadigotla5.0
Freelance Javaee developer in Bengaluru, India

Software Architect (Java, Groovy/Grails, Docker, AspectJ, AngularJS, Google AppEngine)

Software Architect and experienced developer on the Java Platform. Skillful in Java, Groovy/Grails, AspectJ and web technologies. Proven expertise in building enterprise grade distributed applications for large institutions like JP Morgan and HSBC .
Lucas Vicente, top Javaee developerView Profile
Lucas Vicente
Freelance Javaee developer in Curitiba, Brazil

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer with a lot of experience in developing web applications using .net and java technologies
Lucian Brancovean, Javaee freelancer and developerView Profile
Lucian Brancovean
Freelance Javaee developer in Sibiu, Romania
Application and Website Developer in multiple fields. Internet and Software Consultant. Continued interest in all Computer Science and Engineering developments. Specialties: Java, JEE, Web Applications Others: Visual C++ / MFC application development. JSP, Struts, PHP / MySQL internet development. Linux installation and maintainance.
Ehsan Zaery Moghaddam, Javaee coder and developerView Profile
Ehsan Zaery Moghaddam
Freelance Javaee developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Senior Java/Web Developer

Senior software engineer with 13 years of professional experience in developing Java/JEE, Web and JavaScript applications • Known as a skilled troubleshooter and problem solver able to quickly identify and eliminate the root cause of software problems • Extensive experience in choosing, customizing and using open source tools
Adam Kövári, Javaee freelance programmerView Profile
Adam Kövári
Freelance Javaee developer in Brdo, Czechia

Functional Programming, DSL Development

Senior Software Engineer focused on functional projects in Scala/Akka and Erlang/OTP. Enjoying Elm in the front-end
Lucas Zulpo Pasa, Javaee dev and freelancerView Profile
Lucas Zulpo Pasa
Freelance Javaee developer in Cascavel, Brazil

Javascript and Java developer

I'm a Brazil based freelance React and React Native Developer. I build easy to manage, secure websites and apps that are lightning fast and top ranking.
Thomas Kioko, Javaee freelance coderView Profile
Thomas Kioko
Freelance Javaee developer in Nairobi, Kenya
I tend to think of myself as a simple guy who loves what he does. I’ve specialized in Mobile Development, and I mostly focus on simplicity, ergonomics, responsive design. Specialties: Mobile Application Development Experienced mobile developer and consultant with a good eye for detail and design. Passionate about the latest mobile technologies. Excelled in building proof of concept applications as well as end-to-end solutions.
André Thieme, Javaee freelance coderView Profile
André Thieme5.0
Freelance Javaee developer in Marbella, Spain

Engineer, Entrepreneur and Thinker of solutions that work

Get support from one of the first professional full-time Clojure experts in the world – possibly THE first. I will help you to progress with your projects in Clojure, ClojureScript, Java, Jave EE (JEE / J2EE), JavaScript and Common Lisp. Want mentoring on machine learning and AI? Want to learn about functional programming, lazy sequences, transducers, multiversion concurrency control, fully persistent data structures, neural networks or bayes classifiers? I’ll teach you how to do this! Backend? Frontend? I’ll help you with both! Some example backend server technologies: Clojure, Java, JEE, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, WildFly (JBoss), Immutant, Ring, Compojure, etc. On the frontend I will support you directly in JavaScript, or do you work on your super modern single page app ...
Dugeri, Verem Daniel, Javaee programmer and consultantView Profile
Dugeri, Verem Daniel
Freelance Javaee developer in Suleja, Nigeria

Intrigued by the why and how of everything.

A developer who aims to be boundless. I value quality above quantity. I understand that talent is important but I also understand that dedication can bring out the best in everyone. I am passionate about anything technology and it's inner workings.
Eddy, top Javaee developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Javaee developer in Karlsruhe, Germany
My name is Eddy and I am an experienced software developer. I work in an agile team of 10 members.
Vladimir Poluch, Javaee software engineerView Profile
Vladimir Poluch
Freelance Javaee developer in Bratislava, Slovak Republic


I love my work and I want to share my experience with you everytime I know answer ;)
Jin Mingjian, Javaee freelance coderView Profile
Jin Mingjian
Freelance Javaee developer in Beijing, China


Phd and experts at kinds of languages, systems, baremetals

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