Jordan Réjaud, top Java developerHire Now
Jordan Réjaud5.0

Software Engineer; Mobile and Backend

Hi, I'm Jordan; Freelance Software Engineer based in San Francisco, California. I've architected and developed mobile apps and backends for startups including those in the self-driving car, drone, on-demand, and athletic performance industries. If you have a project you're working on that you'd like to speak about, feel free to reach out.
John Skilbeck, top Java developerHire Now
John Skilbeck5.0

Clojure enthusiast, obsessed with computers

Code therapist here, talk to me about your code! I am here to help. I am a backend software engineer, and use my bash/Clojure ninja skills to write fault-tolerant data processing applications; wrap in docker, and deploy on a distributed systems Unix environment.
Robert Krahn, Java freelance coderHire Now
Robert Krahn5.0

Software engineer

I have ten years of professional software development experience in full stack development (JavaScript, node.js, HTML/CSS, Python, C/C++). Besides, I'm very interested in learning new technologies and technology stacks. I am experienced in developing interactive, compositional systems. Projects that I've designed and implemented can be found at and
Jessy Diamond Exum, Java software engineer and devHire Now
Jessy Diamond Exum5.0
I have done various projects in the past in Java, including Android work.Though I do not do a lot of active development in Java in recent years, I am still able to help friends out with structuring code and lots of problems. I understand how the Java memory model works and know how to do JNI to talk to C. My limits come in the form of unfamiliarity with Swing and details of other widget sets. The 13 year old I mentioned teaching to program in the first part of this application learned Java so he could do minecraft mods. I should have put Android as a expertise.
Jon Weisbaum, Java freelance coderHire Now
Jon Weisbaum5.0

I build tech products that users love

I love building stuff and have about 7 years of mobile and web development experience. I am most knowledgeable about iOS (Swift and Objective-C), Ruby on Rails and Node. I've worked for some of Silicon Valley's most interesting startups and have numerous apps in the app stores, many with 5 stars. I'd love to help you build something cool!
Patrick Lie, Java freelance programmerHire Now
Patrick Lie4.7
At TokBox most of our API servers were writting in Java, I am familiar with syntax, debugging, performance tuning, etc.
Peter Metz, Java freelance developerHire Now
Peter Metz

Polyglot Full Stack Software Engineer / Architect

Zane Williamson, Java software engineerHire Now
Zane Williamson

System automation and tooling expert with focus on Continuous Deployment

A problem solver who loves a little Ruby, DevOps and large data sets. I build software release systems.
Haider Khan, Java freelance programmerHire Now
Haider Khan5.0

Lead iOS and Android Engineer @ One Inc. Made an app that hit Top 10 on Social. San Francisco Bay Area Native :)

Have a strong background in java, and most of the language. Knowledge of graphs, data structures, and algorithms.
Ellen Spertus, top Java developerHire Now
Ellen Spertus

Professor of computer science with industry experience at Google and Microsoft

I've been programming in Java for more than 20 years, including as a Google software engineer and research scientist. I have taught programming at the college level for almost 20 years and keep up with the latest changes, such as lambda expressions.

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