Top Senior Java android Developers - Dec 2017

Android developer with 6+ apps!

I am an Android developer and my portfolio includes the official Android app for one of Nigeria's most popular TV game shows amongst other apps like a photo (and shot video) sharing app built upon Firebase

Android Engineer at Andela

I'm Semiu Hassan an Android engineer. I simply like solving challenges and helping people. - Experienced in Java. - Experienced in Android - Experienced in Kotlin - Surface experience in JavaScript - Surface experience in Swift

Senior Mobile Developer en Koombea SAS

I have experience (5+) developing mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms, also I have knowledge on RoR, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JS. I like to have and enjoy time with my family, soccer lover and also like to listen music. :D

Software Engineer Backend

I am a cross-functional software engineer with over 3 years of experience in the field. During this time, I've worked with different technologies, nodejs, php, java, android, Microsoft dotnet framework, message brokers like rabbitMQ and more. I have experience working with teams using the Agile workflow.

Software Developer / Front End Developer

I have more than 2 decades experience of Software Development and a wide array of languages, frameworks, and technologies. Java, C++, Python, .Net, ActionScript, Android, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, and React development. My specialties are Angular Development and Angular Testing.

Android Developer

Having 3+ Years of Experience as an Android Developer, Worked on many applications over various industry and Single handedly delivered apps, Also having deep knowledge of Backend, APIs (Web Services) & UI UX. Following latest coding patterns and technologies to build the code. Very much concerned about Quality of work than Quantity. Ping me for more details.

I will face new challenges every day, that's why, my activity is supported fully in the investigation.

• My experience in software development is more than ten years. All this time I devoted to the production of final products for the market. • In all these years always use tools provided by Microsoft (Visual Studio .NET). • In these sixteen years also use Web development tools. • It took eleven years using JAVA. In his first time using clones for Nokia, and now with Android. • I've been developing for eight years IOS. • My orientation in software development is aimed at using tools native (Win32 C / C ++, Java Android SDK Studio, Objective-C and Swift with XCode). • The development I've done has more experience in managing external devices. Handling scanner for biometric recognition. Sensors and controllers handling of light, sound and communication. Connection with measurement indicators. • In recent years, I am dedicated to the development of products for use with Machine Learning in mobile applications. My latest success is the development of a health application that predicts the possibility of cancer using with Regularized Logistic Regression • My ability to work longer has limits my stubborn attitude to finding solutions to the proposed goals. • I compete in permanently. • My Teamwork is very collaborative and detachment. Stimulation of performance, Organization and collaboration, Distribution of work.

Test-driven Android Java Developer

Hi, I'm Alan, I've been a professional software developer since 2001. I'm a British expat living in Canada. I have extensive experience in Java and Android. I work producing Android apps for some top household names and have done so since 2014. In addition to that I have some successful personal apps with over 2.5 million downloads. I have a degree in computer science and enjoy coding puzzles and contests, like Google codejam and Kattis. I have over 33K reputation on Stack Overflow because I love helping other developers with their problems. Oh and I enjoy a good nights sleep, so I practice Test Driven Development!

Full Stack Engineer / Entrepreneur

Computer Engineer with post-graduation in Software Project Management • Full-stack developer with 10+ years’ experience in development, design and Dev-Ops • Experience with agile teams (SCRUM\XP\LEAN) developing and leading using tools as Trello, Kanban, Jira, MS Team Foundation etc • Experience in designing scalable and distributed enterprise applications (cloud computing) using Amazon AWS-EC2, IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure • Proficient in C#.NET, JAVA SE/EE/ANDROID, SWIFT IOS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and several frameworks for distributed solutions (hardware/software)

Love solving problems and challenges, I want to help you create the next best thing in minimal time, with undivided attention to your needs. Co-Founder and CTO DropBuddies

You need someone who's fast at understanding, grasping problems then I'm your guy. I'm passionate about solving problems and developing news ideas in record time. I want to help your startup create new ideas, test your new ideas and ship to market as soon as you can, you don't wanna be late to the party, better still, get there before everyone else.

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