Olatunde Garuba, Jasmine software engineerHire Now
Olatunde Garuba5.0
Freelance Jasmine developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Developer

I've worked extensively with jasmine for unit testing in angularJs using karma as test runner
Mike Casey, Jasmine freelance developerHire Now
Mike Casey5.0
Freelance Jasmine developer in Easton, United States

Senior JavaScript Engineering at Aventr

Unit testing can be difficult to grasp and setup in an existing or new project. I can help you configure a unit testing strategy for your AngularJS project and implement best practices such as git pre-commits and Istanbul for code coverage tracking.
Julia Passynkova, Jasmine dev and freelancerHire Now
Julia Passynkova
Freelance Jasmine developer in Toronto, Canada

AngularJS and React Developer

Senior front-end developer with expertise in architecting and developing enterprise SPA using Angular, AngularJS and React. See my Medium: https://medium.com/@juliapassynkova. Send me a msg on https://ca.linkedin.com/in/juliapassynkova. Over the last 10 years I was building front-end solutions using ES6, TypeScript, Angular, Redux, Kendo, Knockout, JQuery, Dojo, ExtJs, Highcharts… Adobe Creative Cloud along with CSS3 and Bootstrap are my day to day tools that allow me to deliver pixel perfect UI . I also have CS education from one of the best Russian engineering university and more then 10 years of experience as back-end developer with Java, C, C++, Perl, Scala… before moving to front-end world.
Pedro Buzzi Filho, Jasmine freelancer and developerHire Now
Pedro Buzzi Filho
Freelance Jasmine developer in Joinville, Brazil

Full Stack Developer

Tested several components, applications, services from pure JavaScript and from Angular 4
Dale Lotts, Jasmine freelance developerHire Now
Dale Lotts5.0
Freelance Jasmine developer in Plymouth, United States

Software Architect and Entrepreneur.

More than twenty years of full-time, hands-on experience in software development and architecture Seven years of full-time, hands-on experience with XP/Agile/SCRUM software development methodologies Proven track record of envisioning tactical solutions that balance technical quality with delivering functionality on aggressive timelines Expert implementation of computer-adaptive scoring and selection Frequently selected by upper management to lead and implement business-critical initiatives
Mo Moadeli, Jasmine freelance developerHire Now
Mo Moadeli4.9
Freelance Jasmine developer in New York, United States

AngularJS/JS/OO/All around developer

Built commercial apps for major global bank
Matt Tanguay-Carel, Jasmine software engineer and devHire Now
Matt Tanguay-Carel4.9
Freelance Jasmine developer in Berlin, Germany

Senior Web Developer

I do consulting and web development. I've worn many hats but these days I tend to help startups and coach junior programmers.
Right Eagle, Jasmine freelance programmerHire Now
Right Eagle5.0
Freelance Jasmine developer in Berlin, Germany

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer with +5 years of experience. I've worked on various projects, using wide variety of frontend and backend languages and framewords Frontend languages and frameworks: - Css, Sass, Less, Bootstrap, and Semantic-UI - JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, React, React Native, Lodash, D3.jsand Vue.js - npm, Gulp, Webpack, Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, and Flow Backend languages and frameworks: - Firebase, MongoDB, MySql, and Postgres - Python, Scala, Nodejs, ExpressJS, and Django - Tools: Git, Bower, npm, Grunt, Gulp, JSHint, Eslint, Jasmine, Karma I have good experience in the CI and CD pipelines using Vagrant and Docker
Bojan Dragojevic, Jasmine dev and freelancerHire Now
Bojan Dragojevic5.0
Freelance Jasmine developer in Hamburg, Germany

Senior Frontend Software Engineer

I'm open for new interesting challenge, working as a contractor (freelance)! If you need experienced Frontend Software Engineer to help you build scalable SPA single page application react, redux, nodejs, be free to contact me. I worked on different projects in IT development, such as GoEuro, embraase, Applanga, Asuum, mbr­targeting, CollabMate, Kreditech, Home24. In general, I like to innovate, create and lead projects from scratch to success. I like to listen and build a team of strong professionals with whom I can achieve company goals. Agile is a standard process for me that allows us to focus on the task and achieve goals. I like to organize, lead as well as code. I am a reliable, innovative, responsible and an ambitious person, who, last but not least, is always driven by team f...
Michael Perrenoud, Jasmine freelancer and developerHire Now
Michael Perrenoud4.9
Freelance Jasmine developer in Johnstown, United States

Enterprise application developer with 15 years of experience in the industry.

I'm a consultant, mentor, and engineer with a calling and passion for teaching. For the past fifteen years I've been building enterprise applications for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. I've used that experience to perform hundreds of successful paired programming sessions with developers all over the world.
Christoph Wagner, Jasmine dev and freelancerHire Now
Christoph Wagner4.9
Freelance Jasmine developer in Long Beach, United States

Experienced full-stack developer. I see code as an art form.

"Whoever travels without a guide needs 200 years for a two-day journey." Whether you're just starting out on the journey to becoming a great coder, or whether you're somewhere in the middle and you just got stuck, don't let it hold you back longer than necessary. I have over 8 years of experience with multiple software stacks. I started on Java with Spring Framework, then switched to Ruby on Rails. These days I work mostly with Node.js and CoffeeScript. I've worked with 4-person startups, billion dollar companies and everything in between. My goal is to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible, and give you all the tools and knowledge necessary to *understand* why you had this issue, and how to prevent it going forward.
Jonathan M, Jasmine freelance developerHire Now
Jonathan M5.0
Freelance Jasmine developer in Durham, United States

Diversely experienced tutor and freelancer specializing in Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++, Java, and AutoHotkey.

Experienced Tutor with a demonstrated history of work in education. Skilled in Python, Javascript/HTML/CSS, Java, C++, and AutoHotKey, with experience in Ruby, Haskell, and C#/.NET. Strong education professional with two Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Mathematics and Physics from North Carolina State University, graduating as the valedictorian in Physics.
Raymond Gan, Jasmine freelance programmerHire Now
Raymond Gan4.8
Freelance Jasmine developer in Campbell, United States

Senior Software Engineer at Disney-ABC TV

Email: rayning@gmail.com. My LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/raymond-gan-0ba8011 9 yrs total software experience: 5 yrs Ruby/Rails. JavaScript, jQuery, Handlebars.js, Backbone.js, Jasmine, Java EE (JSP, servlets, Maven, Tomcat), AJAX, HTML/CSS, CoffeeScript, SQL, Octave, Unix, Agile, TDD, RSpec, MiniTest, Sinatra, Rails::API, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Linux, AWS S3/RDS, Pusher. YouTube API, Twitter Streaming API. DATABASES: Redis (NoSQL), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2. TOOLS: Git, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Eclipse. Senior Software Engineer @ Disney-ABC TV. Was @ iam+, FlashFunders, TrueCar, Guthy-Renker, & NY consulting firm (in Ecuador). Finished Flatiron School. 4 yrs spinal/vascular surgeries. 8 yrs tutoring college/HS students. 4 yrs web dev/consulting at IBM and startups. Studied...
Israel Tomilayo, Jasmine software engineerHire Now
Israel Tomilayo4.9
Freelance Jasmine developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Elite programmer with a passion for coding and mastery in Javascript

I am a software developer with a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am deeply into web application development using javascript and also on the side very interested in embedded systems and hardware programming.
Stephen Bunch, top Jasmine developerHire Now
Stephen Bunch5.0
Freelance Jasmine developer in San Francisco, United States

Full Stack Engineer

I'm a self-taught full-stack engineer with over 7 years of experience. I've worked in both startup and enterprise companies. I'm an expert in JavaScript and the web. I've built custom UI components in multiple frameworks including React and Angular, published my own modules to NPM, and built REST API backends in NodeJS. I'm currently a software engineer at Google in Mountain View and work on an internal tool written in Python and Angular. The last two companies I worked at are RideCell and Care Revolutions. I joined RideCell shortly after they raised their Series A round. I lead a project to migrate their front-end from Angular and Backbone to React and Redux. I worked with the UX designer and developed a custom component library. We used Webpack, Sass and CSS Modules, react-intl for int...

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