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Janos Gyerik

Janos Gyerik

Full stack developer, Java expert, Bash ninja

Paris (+01:00)
Japanese, English
I like to code and I do it a lot. Passionate polyglot programmer, generalist with specialties. Code reviewer, unit tester, driver of change. I like to teach and help programmers improve the quality of their code.
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
Java is the main language I use at work currently. I advise on high-level design, detailed design, usage, testing and build automation.
No icon Code review - 3 years experience
Every line of code should be reviewed by +1 developer other than the author. I constantly push my peers to adopt this highly effective quality improving practice. I teach how to implement it, especially the good practices in development style that it requires.
No icon Unit testing - 3 years experience
Writing unit tests is not nearly good enough. Like code, unit tests can be written well and written poorly. Poorly written tests quickly become a maintenance nightmare. Well-written tests help you work better in every way. I can help you write better unit tests.
No icon Bash - 5 years experience
I've been using Bash as long as I can remember. I seek to automate repetitive tasks, and in my experience command line tools trump graphical tools almost every time. The desire to maximize productivity has naturally drove me to mastering Bash, without looking for such skill.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Git is my current choice of VCS tool and it's awesome. I've been expert of other VCS tools in the past, such as CVS, Subversion, Arch, Bazaar, until I finally ended up with Git. The VCS is the first thing I setup in any environment before writing a line of code. It's that important.
bluetoothviewer 102   82
A simple Android app to debug Bluetooth connections: 1. Connect to any Bluetooth device, 2. Display incoming raw data, 3. Send raw data to the Bluetooth device. You can confirm successful pairing, monitor incoming raw data and see exactly what is being transmitted from the Bluetooth device.
Java Shell Makefile
bashoneliners 85   23
A collection of practical or just pure awesome bash one-liners or shell script tips and tricks for GNU Linux, UNIX or BSD systems. Open, collaborative system, user friendly, with functions to contribute one-liners, request one-liners, search, rss feed, commenting, Open ID login. Open-source project, using Django, Python, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap from Twitter.
CSS HTML Shell Python Makefile JavaScript
jquery-upvote 76   37
jQuery Upvote generates a voting widget like the one used on Stack Exchange sites.
CSS HTML JavaScript
shellscripts 36   10
Convenient shell scripts for everyday use, written in Bash, Perl, awk, Python
Perl Shell Python
capture-the-flag 33   6
Helper scripts to remaster Linux Live CD images for the purpose of creating ready to use security wargames with pre-installed vulnerabilities to exploit.
C CSS Shell Python JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

I rate Janos very highly, great communicator, effective teacher, good mentor. I used Janos for bash scripting, but look forward to using him for Java some day soon.
BachOfCadence Jun 05, 2016

Knows his stuff with Bash, got me all set up with Bash and using a nice intellisense, as well as showed me modern techniques. Really Appreciate it.
BachOfCadence May 25, 2016

Explained to me how the code works. Easy to understand, thanks again
Matt Dinatale May 15, 2016

This guy is just smart and help me alot !!! Everyone should ask him for programming
Tarou May 15, 2016

Very helpful and walked me through instead of just doing
Luc Renault May 10, 2016

Janossgyerik was very patient in teaching me how Git and Github works. Not many I know can explain Github very well but he did, clearly and concisely. Highly recommended.
Dennis Clemente May 07, 2016

mentor was really good, he was really patient. he helped me with all my doubts ,explained the ideas in details. i would prefer him again for any help.
tejas l May 02, 2016

Amazing! He knew exactly how to help me out and could explain what he was doing so I could understand
Brett Thomas May 01, 2016

Jesse Greco Apr 29, 2016

Very nice Mentor! Didn't charge for not understanding the problem first. Then once the problem is understood went onto real-session. Also gave very nice strategies on solving the problem! Will be back again!
blateebla Apr 25, 2016

Jesse Greco Apr 24, 2016

Awesome. He was of great help to me and solved my coding problems pretty quickly
syed Apr 21, 2016

Great mentor, He looked at the code first and after understanding the problem he fixed it quickly. He got an good english, he was very easy to understand.
Oliver Nybroe Apr 18, 2016

servel mentors try.... and wont solved my prob until this mentor!!!
ido Montia Apr 17, 2016

I had some code I wanted to review. We went through it together and he came with helpful tips and suggestions.
Thomas Apr 03, 2016