What holds for SugarCRM developers in 2017?

Published Jul 12, 2017
What holds for SugarCRM developers in 2017?

Technology is eating the world, has been popular (and true) for more than half a decade now. And Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwares have turned several startups into multibillion-dollar ventures.

According to Gartner Inc. "A world leader in information technology research, CRM will be a 36-billion-dollar market by 2017." Which means the industry is more likely to expand at a 14.8 percent compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2017 and upcoming years.

The following post emphasizes on the future of CRM and how it is going to increase its market-share effectively.

**## Mobile CRM in the forefront **
In the year 2016, we witnessed a major shift from desktop to mobile. This allowed many representatives to manage and track their sales prospects easily and effectively. Being able to access your sales from sales pipeline truly resulted in increasing the overall productivity and helped in converting leads to sales.

For 2017, mobile CRM remains the prominent factor for many businesses. Soon the team of SugarCRM developers will come up with innovations that accurately forecast sales for the upcoming quarter, track activity and adjust sales strategies, sales managers need data. Besides, we will begin to see a shift from CRM’s with mobile features and extensions to mobile applications that are already linked to your CRM.

As a result, the mobile CRM technology allows for:

  • Faster data collection and analysis
  • Sales representative to follow up with leads on the go
  • Effective lead management
    On and all, Mobile CRM can help expedite the sales process and increase adoption rates.

### Cloud CRM
CRM in the cloud isn’t new but experts continue to make efforts for cloud CRM options even in 2017. One of the main advantages of using cloud CRM is that the users will be able to access all essential information stored in the system at any point of time. This feature helps especially when if your company is switching over to Mobile CRM.

### Vertical CRM
The year 2017, we will continue to see CRM software move and tailor itself to specific industries. Now SugarCRM software development companies won’t be pooling all their resources into specific commercial enterprises. In fact, many large players in the business will offer additional software that can be a benefit for industries in particular.

### Artificial Intelligence Integration
The good news is that advancement in technology has enabled numerous software vendors to tap into an unprecedented wealth of customers data. For example, the smart chatbot software designed with human-centric focus will ensure the first point of contact for clients. In addition to this, the information gathered by the chatbots will be analyzed inside CRM to explore customer preferences, traffic trends, etc at a faster pace.

And while softwares such as marketing automation and integrations continue to simplify the marketing and sales procedure, the technology will take a notch further by saving marketing and sales departments hours upon hours of work.

#### Predictive analytics will take the center stage
Predictive analytics have been developing over the past few years. And 2017 will be considered as a truly marketable function. With effective predictive analytics, CRMs will now be able to offer you the ability to forecast sales on the accurate basis. In addition to this, it will allow you to determine what offers will work better at certain times of the year.

#### Focus on Agile and cloud solutions will continue to rise
The year 2017 in SugarCRM development will also see a strong emphasis on Agile and cloud solutions in order to find more efficient ways to reach their audiences. It is also revealed that companies will continue to embrace agile and take advantage of faster speed to market and resilience especially when it comes to adapting changes in customer and market demands. Last but certainly not the least, technology budget decisions will be weighted heavily towards these agile and cloud-based moves.

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