Use CSS3 & jQuery Customization For Browser's Scrollbars

Published May 08, 2017
Use CSS3 & jQuery Customization For Browser's Scrollbars

Did you know you can customize the way a scrollbar looks on your website? Custom scrollbars are getting pretty popular these days. I am sure you must have come across several websites comprising of unique scrollbars that make the site feel and look different. Some scrollbars might be sleek with the colors that blend perfectly with the website while others are just meant to enhance the user experience.

Now styling your scrollbars is pretty easy. There are basically a few ways to custom a scrollbar, in this post, we will be using CSS3, which is the most straightforward way and make use of jQuery plugins to develop a cool looking scrollbar.

So, let’s hop into the coding stuff and then perform the scrollbar styling.

CSS properties are mostly built for the WebKit-based browsers such as Google chrome for Desktop and mobile, Apple Safari, Flock web browsers. But your jQuery developer in India is not allergic to make some use of jQuery plugins, you can get ensured that every single visitor will get attracted to your beautifully styled scrollbar.

Not just the main window, scrollbars can be found anywhere. For example, if the length of the content exceeds the width of the container window, you get an option to style the iframe window, div elements, and input text area fields. Your browser will automatically append a scrollbar at the bottom as the content seems to be flowing out of the visible region.

Start with WebKit browsers

A way back, Elements of CSS Pseudo were introduced in WebKit browsers to target scrollbars allowing the developer to style their page according to the theme. However, it was not just limited to colors and maybe that’s the reason why even today it is still considered better than the browser’s default scrollbar. With the help of WebKit browsers and CSS, you get lots and lots of styling options to choose like changing the colors, width of the scrollbar, trackers and thumbs.
The below-mentioned pointers are suggested by some of the best JQuery developers in India :

-> webkit-scrollbar : This Pseudo property will let you customize the default scrollbar in terms of width and color. Here is the time when WebKit turn off its built-in scrollbar rendering and just make use of information provided with CSS. Don’t forget to ask your JQuery developer to apply his pseudo-property to a particular element you wish to style.

-> webkit-scrollbar-track : this lets you customize the track of the scrollbar. In common language, the track of the scrollbar is the path of the movement of the scroll thumb.

-> webkit-scrollbar-corner : CSS also gives you an option to handle the situation especially when both the scrollbar show up and meet at the corner.

Style scrollbar with jQuery

Do you prefer hiring a jQuery developer in India who loves front end programming by using jScrollPane? The plugin is quite easy in terms of use where one just needs to download and include the relevant files in the head of the document and call one javascript function to initialize the scroll pane. Well, you can either style resultant scrollbars easily with CSS or choose from some of the existing themes. What I prefer is, choose the way that saves time and covers all browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer or Opera) in one shot.


The CSS way of customizing scrollbars is simple but looks a bit rough while JQuery may look difficult but is quite simple in nature. Like I said before, customized scrollbars aren’t uncommon anymore. Most of the websites and blogs feature such elements in order to attract their end users. I hope that you found this tutorial more interesting and informative. Keep watching the space to know more about the platform, extensions and jQuery developers in India.
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