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James Jenkins-Yates

James Jenkins-Yates

New to Rails? Need some guidance?

London (+00:00)
I have good knowledge of both Ruby and Rails, I should be able to help those just starting out in Rails and Ruby.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 1 year experience
I have experience with Ruby and would be happy to help out. If I can't help, you won't pay.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 1 year experience
I am happy to help anyone out with Rails. I am free for pairing, problem solving and developing. If I can't do what you want, you won't pay a penny.
footy_predictions_rails 1   1
Football Predictions FB Integration App built in Rails
CSS Ruby JavaScript CoffeeScript
Airport2 0   0
bookmarker-manager 0   0
Bookmark manager similar to delicious.com
Boris_Bikes 0   0
A system to work the Boris Bikes system in London.