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Jad Salhani

Jad Salhani

Mobile Software Engineer. Expert in Ionic, iOS and Android

Athens (+02:00)
Arabic, French, Italian, English
Freelance Software Engineer 5 years in. Worked on around 10 mobile applications, spread out between Native and Hybrid. Designed several backend APIs in the most optimized way possible
I will setup an Ionic app project

I will setup an Ionic app project

$25 - Delivery in 1 Day

I will setup an Ionic project with a good development environment that contains all the tools you need.

No icon Ionic 2 - 2 years experience
Built 5 apps with the Ionic 2 framework, extensive development done on many betas and the RC's Example of apps built: ISAM Lebanon
No icon Ionic - 3 years experience
Created two full-featured apps with ionic, ex eTobb Handling cross platform native specifics Using Ionic-Framework components to create the app Optimising components performance through AngularJS code optimisation Publishing ionic apps to Google Play and Apple Store
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 3 years experience
Directives full understanding, single responsibility factories, distinguishing between services and factories and providers, managing controller logic, optimising digest cycles, ui-router integration, best practices and code styles, api endpoints with $http, Restangular integration, ionic integration, handling scope crossovers
No icon Cordova - 1 year experience
Android Build, iOS build, android platform setup, ios platform setup, plugin installation, plugin management, hooks
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
Branching, merging, pre-commit hooks, handling conflicts, tracing commits, reverting commits, reverting added changes, tagging, branch naming conventions, best practices
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
Basic Javascript operations, form intercepting, animations, transitions, api calls
No icon Laravel 5 - 2 years experience
Worked on a Social Constructor Site: www.buildify.com Created Backend APIs to work with Ionic mobile apps Created Jobs and Queues to work in parallel with API Created Models and Migrations for Databases and USed them Wrote tests for the APIs using ModelFactory and Mockery
Php expert help PHP - 1 year experience
Created multiple APIs using Laravel 5 Created multiple APIs using raw php OOP best practices Worked with simplexmldom to handle SOAP XML Responses SQL Database manipulation with PDO
Sql expert help SQL - 2 years experience
Insert, create, update, delete, joins, joins multiple conditions, selects, Laravel query builder, laravel eloquent
Jquery expert help jQuery - 1 year experience
Ajax, event handling, form handling, ajax calls, dom manipulations
ionic2-qrscanner-example 6   5
Ionic 2 App Example using BarcodeScanner
CSS HTML JavaScript TypeScript
ionic2-generator 6   1
Ionic 2 Generator for pages, components, services and much more
generator-ionizer 2   0
Yeoman Ionic generator with all the tools you could think of, beautifully structured with folder-by-feature architecture.
PCAT-Compiler 2   0
Compiler Project for the Computer-Science Compiler Course
Lex Java Makefile
blog 0   0
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Good to work again with Jad. He's always figuring out the trickiest things to get the code working. Thanks!
Alex A May 12, 2016

Thank you Jad! an other good session
Alex A Mar 20, 2016

Great session with Jad. A true expert and mentor. I will definitely hire him again!
Greg Harrington Mar 16, 2016

Even though Jad claim he didn't know NodeJs in depth he was able to help me with some AngularJS authentication and figure out the NodeJs back-end code to make it work on the front end.
Alex A Feb 28, 2016

Great mentor - great skills!
Lev Feb 19, 2016

Jad was patient in helping me refactor a mix of Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery into beautiful AngularJs code.. Also Help me refactor google map service. Thank you!
Alex A Feb 16, 2016

Jad is very knowledgeable and was able to introduce me to a number of new tools which would assist me with managing my development team.
Oladeji Famakinwa Feb 15, 2016

Alex A Feb 14, 2016

I was having serious issues with my command line and the Ionic CLI. Jad was able to make it work again and also helped me refactor some Angular Service to much better code. Thank you
Alex A Feb 10, 2016

Jad helped me fixed some annoying CSS quirks that were not showing up on iOS properly and helped me re-write some code very fast and clear!
Alex A Jan 31, 2016

Jad is a very knowledgeable and patient person. Would ask for his help again and would recomend to work with him.
Claudia Jan 29, 2016

Jad is great. We are continuing to work on the project to resolve my issues. He was able to look through the existing code and come up with a couple solutions right away.
David Jan 28, 2016

Jad really figure out some very annoying filters from different data sources and helped me tremendously to make my UI a lot slicker and practical. Highly recommend him! He also refactor some code and made it more DRY>
Alex A Jan 15, 2016

Very difficult and annoying task to do DB migration and set up new sever but Jad was able to do it and its great!
Alex A Dec 24, 2015

Very helpful and skilled at Ionic
Anthony Valente Dec 22, 2015

Again Jad was able to quickly and easily outline everything I needed to know. He knows the Ionic framework and AngularJs like the back of his hand
Alex McGo Dec 16, 2015

Once again Jad was extremely helpful trouble shooting a very odd issue with Ionic, simulators and plug-ins..
Alex A Dec 16, 2015

Jad knew exactly what to do and was very knowledgeable. Easy to talk to. Would recommend to anyone.
Alex McGo Dec 14, 2015

Jad really made a BIG positive impact on my app with this quick understanding of some odd documents for UI-Calendar and was able to help me connect their source code with my apps code. Very amazing.
Alex A Dec 11, 2015

Once again Jad's quick trouble shooting methods and attention to detail helped me figure out some login issues. Thank you!
Alex A Dec 09, 2015

Jad.. Patient.. Fast and Knowledgable..
Alex A Dec 03, 2015

Miriam Nov 28, 2015

Jad was able to dive in immediately and help me resolve my issue within 20 minutes!
Ralph Lewis Nov 24, 2015

Jad helped me solved a big problem that did not allow me to work on my app for 5 hours. He's great and he knows his way around Angular!
Alex A Nov 20, 2015

Very helpful, and patient. I am a noob, and he helped me through the entire process, explaining as he went.
Andrew Sibert Nov 19, 2015

Excellent mentor.
Miriam Nov 12, 2015

Jad was a big help. Thank you.
Daniel Nov 12, 2015

Jad is a flawless mentor, he makes learning fun. Cant wait until our next session!
Tyler Nov 11, 2015

Excellent, informative, efficient.
Miriam Nov 10, 2015

Jad is very patient and persistence. He makes sure to get the answer and is very kind. He even takes break from a session to study up if he gets stuck on an issue. He's a great mentor!
Claudia Nov 06, 2015

Jad is extremely helpful and determined :-) I have a very elusive problem on my hands, so we haven't solved it yet. But he has promised to do some research and testing, and we will pick it back up in a day or so. Very happy with Jad!
Kirsten Nov 05, 2015

Very knowledgeable about mobile apps and cross platform languages. Helped me install ionic and taught me the basics in 30 mins!
Tyler Nov 04, 2015

Jad explained a few core AngularJ principles to me in a understandable way and also provided me with code I can use on my application. Very calm and clear explenation.
Peter Boomsma Nov 03, 2015