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Jad Joubran

Jad Joubran

PHP and JavaScript expert. Le Wagon Amsterdam, Brussels & Lisbon instructor. International Conference speaker

Amsterdam (+01:00)
Arabic, English
7+ years experience in PHP & JavaScript Technical Consultant & International Conference speaker.
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
I have been using PHP for the past 7 years. I also spoke at 2 international PHP Conferences: Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam and NorthEast PHP in Boston
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
I have mastered HTML/CSS because of my extensive use for these technologies over the past 5 years. I use them almost every day.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
I've worked with JavaScript on the web and on Mobile devices. Used Angular and Ionic framework on mobile, jQuery, zepto and others on the web.
No icon Angular - 2 years experience
I've used AngularJS in a mobile app (currently in Production) and 2 other websites in Production.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
I have been using jQuery for the past 5 years and I have solved many advanced issues in it. I am up to date with the current version splits in jQuery. And I don't use jQuery in all scenarios.
No icon Ajax - 5 years experience
Relied on Ajax a lot mainly for API integrations
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I am currently using Git in a team environment.
No icon Bower - 1 year experience
I have set up Bower for a team of 5 developers. Wrote the Getting started with Bower article on codementor.
No icon Pusher - 2 years experience
I've worked with websocket connections to develop chat clients, video call conferencing (with Web RTC), who's online features and real-time timers
Seo expert help SEO - 3 years experience
I developed a white hat SEO strategy that helped triple organic visitors in 9 months
Mysql expert help MySQL - 4 years experience
Used MySQL in very complex queries in a Q&A website similar to Stackoverflow
No icon Search engine - 2 years experience
I have worked with search engines for over 2 years. From mysql full-text search, to SOLR and finally Algolia. I have also written an article on codementor about it.
No icon Ionic - 2 years experience
I've used ionic to develop an android and iOS app.
No icon Cordova - 3 years experience
I've used cordova to develop 5 mobile apps currently on both the app store and play store.

I'm 22 years old and I'm the Founder & CTO of eTobb. A startup that connects patients & doctors. Ask Me Anything

I founded eTobb at the age of 19. eTobb is currently connecting thousands of members with certified Medical Doctors in the MENA region. At 22, my experience revolves around managing a team of 4...

laravel5-angular-material-starter 1500   391
Get started with Laravel 5.3 and Angular (material)
CSS PHP Vue HTML ApacheConf JavaScript
angular-material-design-lite 198   37
A tiny Angular wrapper for Material Design Lite
laravel-ng-artisan-generators 85   17
Laravel artisan angular generators
Android-Toast 26   10
An HTML5 replication of the Native Android Toast http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/notifiers/toasts.html
CSS JavaScript
laravel-angular-recipes 17   3
Community recipes for Laravel & Angular material starter
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Jad was awesome at integrating current location and Google maps into my Ionic app
Tyler Dec 20, 2015

Very helpful. Thank you.
raffi Nov 19, 2015

Jad was awesome. Very knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommended.
Dustin Fraker Oct 11, 2015

Another great session with Jad! Thank you.
Robert Jul 27, 2015

Jad is helpful.
Vina Melody Jun 13, 2015

Jad was brilliant. A quick reviews of some very complex code and he found three main areas that needed work. Professional, attentive and incredibly helpful. We will definitely be talking to Jad on a more regular basis
Greg Kockott May 22, 2015

I honestly need an extra star.... 5 start review fall short for the quality work Jad provided. I appreciate the attention to detail which help us find the well hidden bug. Thanks again!!!!
Robert May 18, 2015

Professional, problem fixer... it saved the day! Thanks Jad.
Robert May 04, 2015

Jad is awesome! Very helpful and understanding with great suggestions!
Rebecca Cook May 02, 2015

Knowledgeable problem solver
Ruben May 01, 2015

Great Job. Saved the day
Robert Apr 14, 2015

Very understanding and helpful. Gave great insight and really helped me out in a timely manner.
Julien van Putten Mar 26, 2015

Jad was very helpful and even without my screen share working could fix my problems quickly and teach me why it was wrong.
Jacob Sherman Mar 14, 2015

Jad was very helpful in getting me out of a tight space. I would highly recommend him for Angular related issues.
Rick Arthur Feb 28, 2015

Jad was very helpful and solved a problem an better way than all the people on stackoverflow suggested.
Jacob Sherman Jan 27, 2015

He is good attitude for helping
tomohiro Jan 18, 2015

great work!!
rob Jan 11, 2015

miracle worker
rob Jan 11, 2015

He is very helpful Person , with great Knowledge, Thank You Very Much Brother for helping me
nadeem Jan 05, 2015

Great mentor! He stuck out a 2 hour session with me, stayed patient and never got frustrated with any questions I had. He was able to clearly answer my questions and we were able to do everything I asked.
Peter Jan 04, 2015

I would definitely seek help from him again and recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat! He really is willing to help and doesn't hold back good advice.
Ralph Jan 02, 2015

Jad was very attentive and helped me correct and optimize my code. I would definitely consider him for a long-term mentorship!
Chris Wynne Jan 02, 2015

this guy is awesome! not only at helping on your issues but at supporting. He is there to help anytime!
Cem Bakar Jan 01, 2015

Excellent work as always!!
rob Dec 30, 2014

He is the best!
Cem Bakar Dec 30, 2014

Really great guy. He coded a complex page faster than I can type an email. He understood and communicated with me at a blazing fast speed. 5 tool product and dev skills.
rob Dec 30, 2014

He was great. I'll call him every time I need help!
Cem Bakar Dec 30, 2014

Jad is clearly a php/server expert and it didn't take him long to explain my problem and explain the solution.
Jacob Sherman Dec 17, 2014

Jad was brilliant, solved a jquery issue within 15 mins which India had been looking at for hours! Very quick, polite response - will use again if needed.
Andrew Risbey Dec 02, 2014

Jad came to my rescue late at night and was able to explain the intricacies of php, javascript and apache. He really know the ins and outs coding and servers.
Jacob Sherman Dec 02, 2014

Jad was amazing. He responded quick with great manors, very polite, very knowledgable, very professional, and on top of it all - a great teacher! I couldn't say enough about Jad and his worth towards my project.
Kirk Love Nov 30, 2014

Jad is a great guy. Very helpful and knowledgable. I have needed some help on a Cordova app, lots of JS, jQuery etc, and to me it seems like he really knows his stuff. We have made some good progress, and he's given plenty of extra advice on debugging which will be really useful for me when building web-apps in the future.
Jonas Bolin Nov 27, 2014

Jad is rad! He quickly figured out my problem and i was able to solve it after our session. Thanks!
Andrew Nov 26, 2014

Amazing job! Half way through the process, we found the bug was a lot more difficult than what we thought. Even though we spent a lot more time on the matter, we ended up doing this outside of the paid session. He has always been very nice throughout the process
Angelo Nov 22, 2014