Eugene Hauptmann, Isomorphic dev and freelancerView Profile
Eugene Hauptmann5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Union City, United States

Tech Enterpreneur, Co founder

I strive to live by GTD philosophy combined with entrepreneurship principles. I did a dozen of startups over last decade. My best skill is to develop MVP out of idea and bring it to market. I build tech teams and business products.
David Furlong, top Isomorphic developerView Profile
David Furlong5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Munich, Germany

React.js/Redux specialist

Hi! I'm a full stack developer who can help you with a variety of technologies. I have a degree from the University of Oxford in computer science and philosophy.
Tom Chen, freelance Isomorphic developerView Profile
Tom Chen5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Taipei, Taiwan

PureScript/Haskell/React enthusiast, author of react-google-maps

Tom is a JavaScript expert who has passion in creating reusable UI components with React.js. He also likes to use flux to organize complex business logic using unidirectional data-flow. He has backend experience in node.js and Ruby on Rails.
Amadeus Junqueira, Isomorphic freelancer and developerView Profile
Amadeus Junqueira5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Senior Engineer

I've been working at startups for the last five years doing agile web development. While my most consistent core competency has included front end development, I've also been using Node.js for full stack development over the last 3 years.
Bojan Đurđević, senior Isomorphic developerView Profile
Bojan Đurđević5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer

I am an experienced and passionate developer with a degree in computer science. My expertise is in the field of Web applications with a focus on architectural design, user experience, and performance.
Ezra Chu, freelance Isomorphic developerView Profile
Ezra Chu
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Ellenwood, United States

Product-centric, data-minded, full-stack engineer with a passion for OSS, functional programming, microservices architecture, DevOps automation, and Agile/Lean methodologies

I have designed and executed a variety of products in my professional career, including web-based eCommerce solutions, native and hybrid mobile apps, command-line tools and utilities, APIs and SDKs, single-page applications using JS frameworks (React/Redux, Backbone, Angular), ETL systems, and CI/CD using Docker, just to name a few. I have implemented various greenfield projects using microservices architecture, as well as transitioning existing monoliths to containerized microservices. Having worked in various research settings, I have experience designing and implementing experiments and data analyses, including experience with data mining techniques and neural networks. I have contributed to open-source packages such as [amqp10-link-cache](
Stephen Rodriguez, Isomorphic freelancer and developerView Profile
Stephen Rodriguez
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Malmo, Sweden

Fullstack Developer and Passionate Open Source Engineer

The world of web development is an ongoing and constantly changing mess. However, I enjoy mucking about the mess of it as I believe change is good. I am passionate about building interesting products and actively seek out great startups and inspiring projects. I envision myself as someone who can provide guidance, and vision in building an amazing product while reducing overhead costs. I embrace failure and see this as a growth point. I look forward to all new projects that I work on and give my absolute best effort in making it a great success.
Viktor Yarmak, top Isomorphic developerView Profile
Viktor Yarmak
Freelance Isomorphic developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Experienced consultant/Project manager

Professional with 17 years of IT consulting and software development experience in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico) and strong technical background (software development, infra-structure, telecom) and excellent negotiation and relationship skills. Field of acting covers from software development/architecture till definition of strategy/budget of IT department and product/services to be commercialized. Strong experience in multidisciplinary team management, including teams from various countries. Solid experience in project management starting form pre-sales and going through post-implementation. Worked with markets of e-commerce, financial (cards), construction, hospital/health care, services and logistics.
Donald Whyte, Isomorphic freelance coderView Profile
Donald Whyte5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in London, United Kingdom

Software Engineer | Data Enthusiast

I'm a software engineer based in London. I have over 7 years experience coding. I have a first in Computer Science and have worked with the British government, IBM and the leading financial data provider (Bloomberg L.P.) . I'm now doing some freelance work now alongside my work in the fintech space.
James Leckenby, senior Isomorphic developerView Profile
James Leckenby5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Wakefield, United Kingdom
I'm a professional and experienced developer working with web systems for my day job. For over two years I have led and deployed high-usage, critical React applications and websites to large businesses across the UK. My passion lies in JavaScript, and I'm here to help you and do what I love best - problem solving! Please view my linkedin profile for more details and recommendations.
Emil Hagbarth Rasmussen, Isomorphic engineer and consultantView Profile
Emil Hagbarth Rasmussen5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Aarhus, Denmark

CTO at Pento

I spend most of my time working on my startup Pento where I am the CTO. I have run 2 other startups in the past. One of them got accepted into 500 Startups in Mountain View CA which as a great experience. I love problem solving and finding the root of peoples problems. We regularly hire interns at Pento and I love helping them better solve problems and understand code.
Sabine Schmaltz, Isomorphic software engineerView Profile
Sabine Schmaltz
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Mainz, Germany

Loves to figure things out and help you get things done. Currently a SAHM.

I've been dabbling in technology since I was a kid, and later went on to get a PhD in Computer Science. After leaving academia, I started building a website with Django. I made my fair share of mistakes and have been refactoring whenever I learned a better way to do things. Recently, I've started to catch up with modern JavaScript development, i.e. embracing the concept of single page applications, CSS in JS, component-based architectures. Motto: It's better to code and refactor than to never code at all. ;)
Shawn Freyssonnet-Inder, Isomorphic engineer and consultantView Profile
Shawn Freyssonnet-Inder5.0
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Montreal, Canada

The web is my oyster

I'm a long time web developer who feels the time has come to pass my hard-earned knowledge along to the next generation or society-changers. I will forever remain a student of the web of course. There will always be more to learn and I love it. But I've learned enough through the years that I can also be a teacher. In my mind, this dual role of teacher and student is the perfect balance for an interesting life :)
Eugen Lysokon, top Isomorphic developerView Profile
Eugen Lysokon
Freelance Isomorphic developer in St Petersburg, Russia

Javascript expert

Welcome with any questions about node.js, javascript in browsers, modern frameworks, like react, or angular, mongodb, HTML5, CSS3, or others web depended thems.
Justin Ko, freelance Isomorphic programmerView Profile
Justin Ko
Freelance Isomorphic developer in Castle Rock, United States

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